The Story In Your Mind – The Shapeshifting Master

Presentation Lee McKing and minced

The previous story was about a guy who Visited the Underworld in order to resolve his issue for feeling unnaturally out of his body~

Which was rather apt to share for Halloween last year hehe

While the last Encounter was about a lady who was touched by 2 Gods/ Deities as she revisited the past in order to heal her tissues of anxiety

Although it might have started out a bit frightening, it was all good at the end~

Now of course, each client can experience different things under hypnosis

Due to the unique Perceptions, Mindsets, And Beliefs that constructs a unique world within ourselves

And creating such personalized hypnosis actually can aid them in resolving their issues in 1 session of hypnosis

The Stories that I share are usually fascinatingly unique experiences from my clients while Encounters are with higher or or even God-like beings!

And for today, this story is about The Shapeshifting Master

Kelly (name changed to protect identity) came to me with an inner struggle of fear and anxiety

She shared a number of issues ranging from squabbles at home, communication break down etc which cause her to have fear and anxiety that is holding her back

For her, we focus on helping with her fear and anxieties first

So once she was ready…

We started the hypnosis…

Presentation maze white

And she saw herself in a white room

It was just an simple, empty, white room

Kelly looked around for a while before noticing a door on the side

With nothing else to do, she decided to go through the door

What was behind the door was a corridor

And as she walked down the corridor, it started to change

Gradually opening up so that when she reached the end of the corridor, she found herself in a pasture

She was out in the sun, feeling warm and bright

Kelly noticed a porcupine ball? at her feet

Well, she described it as a porcupine ball cause it was small, round, brown and a bit spiky

Turns out this little porcupine ball represents her fear

It signify how small her fear was, how harmless it was

The moment Kelly realized that her fear was baseless (pun intended from me hheehe)

The porcupine ball transformed into a rat sage!

Yes, it was what it sounds like *nod head*

Kinda like Master Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

It was a medium size rat, half as tall as she was, standing on his 2 back feet, wearing brown robes, holding a irregular stick in its right paw and its left paw behind him

As it transformed into this new figure, multiple rats fell from the sky like rain

Or perhaps like a celebration of a sudden revelation

Presentation Lee McKing and fireworks

Like those “fireworks” when you solve a puzzle in a game

Or got an achievement I suppose


Anyway, the rat sage started walking along a path

And after a while of just observing it, Kelly decided to follow it too

She asked the rat sage a few questions but was met with silence

Soon, they came to a castle, but instead of going through the main door, they went to the side

There was a dungeon door there

The rat sage entered and while the tunnel looked dark and gloomy, Kelly realized that there were torches in the walls of the tunnel

In fact, as the rat sage walked down the tunnel, the torches will magically light up one by one upon reaching it

Thus, she mustered her courage and followed the rat sage down the tunnel

Eventually they came to the end of the tunnel and there was a throne there

The throne seemed to be made of wood or brown stone, or perhaps it was dirt

But it was a really solid looking throne

The rat sage walked right up to it and sat on it, looking at Kelly

Kelly was confused… partially because she was expecting some big revelation to resolve her issues… partially because she hasn’t heard the rat sage speak yet…

I guided her to ask one question:

“What is your message for me?”

And while the rat sage didn’t speak yet, its face and head changed!

It shapeshifted into the head of a cow, and upon completion of the shapeshifting, it started changing again

Now it transformed into the head of a tiger, and once done, it transformed yet again

The rat sage, or perhaps we should call it, the Shapeshifting Master, now had the head of a rabbit!

From there, it metamorphed (if there is such a word) yet again, with the head of a dragon!

It shapeshifted again from the head of a dragon to the head of a snake (by now I had spotted a pattern, did you? Comment below if you got it)

Finally, I asked Kelly, do you know what it means? Like why is it doing this changing of faces?

Kelly was calm throughout… and she realized something interesting ~

Here she was in a dim tunnel with an unknown rat sage that she has no idea who or what is it, and it was changing its face and head multiple times like so “scary”… but she wasn’t scared

She realized that truthfully, she can remain calm even in the most dire of circumstances, and that was what the rat sage was showing her

That she has resolved her issues of fear and anxiety already, even though she had no idea how did it happen in the first place

The Shapeshifting Master changed back to its original rat head and now had a smirk or a smile, as if saying to her…

Lee McKing shrug presentation

“Took you long enough”

Then the whole scene brightened up and Kelly found herself back in the white room

Which indicated to me that it was time to bring her out of hypnosis

A week later, Kelly told me that she has found herself to have an inner calm and peace which she never experienced before, however she still wanted to test to see if it’s permanent or not

And a month later, she realized that she has indeed resolved her issues of anxiety and fear!

So now she is thinking about resolving her anger issues hahaha

Which I may or may not share as another case study 🙂

Anyhoo, wasn’t that interesting?

The entire hypnosis didn’t seem to solve anything but it did anyway!?

That’s how hypnosis can be you know

Illogical sometimes yet it works hehe

Before I end off for today, what’s your guess about the Shapeshifting Master?

Was there anything else that you spotted?

Comment below and let’s see if you have what it takes to be a hypnotist 😉

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