Acting On Procrastination

Acting On Procrastination procrastination

Wait what?

Like, how do you act on procrastination?

After all, it’s usually when you got to do something but you didn’t

Or you drag and find something else to do

Now that’s procrastinating!

It’s the lack of action

Or to delay or postpone a task or action

So what’s Procrastination All About?

In fact, why do people even procrastinate??

Well let me share an interesting fun fact

As it turns out, it seems that when you need to do a task right?

And you delay or procrastinate

Basically, you sit on it and do nothing

Psychologically (or maybe chemically), it’s because your pain receptors are being activated


Yea I know…

The task you are suppose to do, is actually activating the pain receptors in your brain

Which means, your brain thinks the task is painful

And since we are naturally adverse to pain and want to avoid it…

We avoid doing the task and thus, we procrastinate

Weird huh?

Here’s The Conscious Way To Handle Procrastination

In order to teach or train your brain to not activate the pain receptors

We got to do it step by step

So basically, the conscious way is to just do a tiny bit of your task

Lee McKing memory palace

For example, say you are procrastinating on doing house chores 

A tiny bit might be to tidy up your work table

And then gradually your room, and the rest of your house

Or perhaps you might be procrastinating on your school assignment

A tiny bit might be to turn on your laptop and open word document

Then later on, type your title, or even research a bit on Google

Doing so will allow your brain to learn the said task is not painful and you can start doing

But there is a slight catch…

This does not mean you overcome procrastination in your whole entire life!!

Heck it might not even mean you overcome it in an area of life!

You overcome it in one task

That’s pretty much it

You got to do this over and over and over again each time it happens

So now what??

Can My Procrastination Be Cured with Hypnosis?

Short answer, yup!

A single session is surprisingly enough to overcome procrastination in a huge way

We will be deconstructing the issue of procrastination and reconstructing it into positive resources to help you

So if you have not already, read what can happen in a session of hypnosis here

Or just contact me directly here