All About Anxiety

All About Anxiety

how lee mcking hypnosis helps with anxiety

(Well, ok, not really)

Here we explore a little about how anxiety works and a tip or two to calm those nerves

First up, what is anxiety?

Anxiety is defined as having feelings of worry or nervousness, or maybe even unease about an uncertain situation (this was taken from the dictionary)

And in fact, it’s perfectly ok to have such feelings of anxiety once a while

It’s only when such feelings of worry or nervousness gets in the way of stuff

Like disrupting your relationship, work and life in general

That’s when the anxiety you are experiencing, can be potentially defined as a disorder

And we have quite a few types of anxiety disorders

Types of Anxiety Disorders

Separation Anxiety Disorder is when one experiences anxiety when separated from a person or place of comfort (usually for kids)

Social Anxiety Disorder is when one experiences anxiety or even fear in social situations

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is when one experiences anxiety in general situations

Panic Attack is when one experience sudden and overwhelming emotions of fear and/or anxiety, and may have physical symptoms like pain, breathlessness or shivers

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is when one has to do certain behaviours repetitively for a very strong reason

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder usually occurs after a trauma and the memory or emotion (in this case fear or anxiety) replays in the mind

And there might be more (or sub-types) but these are the common few

So How Do I Stop Anxiety?

And that’s a great question!

If you are experiencing normal anxiety, it’s much easier to stop by doing this

Breathe. Deeply. Like 3 counts or 10 if you like.

You can begin to calm down already! Yay!

If you are still experiencing anxiety thereafter, you might want to check if it comes at a common time, place, situation etc

And you can contact me with that information and any information you think is useful for me to know

If I can help you, I will

If I cannot, or you need a full diagnosis (I don’t do diagnosis), you can go to see a doctor at the Institute of Mental Health

How Does Hypnotherapy Help?

What we will be doing (and I use “we” because it’s you and I working together) is use hypnosis to find the root issues and causes in your unconscious mind so you can consciously work it out and resolve it cleanly

You can read more about what will happen in a hypnosis session here

You will be aware

You will be safe

You will be comfortable

If you are ready, you can contact me here