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Now if you are only just reading this then you might want to read a previous article where I highlight the 3 main fears entrepreneurs need to resolve or remove in order to succeed in life

Go ahead and read it

I’ll wait 🙂

Once you have read it, then that’s awesome!

Because you have an idea of which of the fears you have and what’s stopping you

Although there are some other possible variables like money mindset or success mindset

But that’s a different ball game hahaha

Also if you are wondering if you are doing the right business trade as an entrepreneur, it’s this article that you might want to read instead

And today I will be sharing a simple technique which you can use to resolve or remove those fears one by one

Which means, if you have all 3 fears, you got to do the technique for each of the fears

Lee McKing shrug

By the way, I must warn you

While it’s possible for you to resolve or remove such fears almost immediately

That’s about 90% of the time

Or maybe I should say 90% of you

Meaning if 10 people use this technique to resolve a fear of failure for example

9 out of 10 will resolve it completely

While the 1 out of 10 might either unable to resolve it properly or unable to resolve at all

And that means we need a deeper stronger technique to resolve it completely

Ok since that is out of the way

Let’s get into the technique proper 🙂


Steps To Remove An Entrepreneurial Fear

  1. Identify one of the three entrepreneurial fears to see where does it exist in your body. Identify where it comes from and on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is really fearful and 1 is nothing, give it a rating.
  2. Now focus on the fear, the source, the root, and trusting your unconscious mind, allow it to have a symbol to represent the fear. It can be any symbol, and keep an open mind about it.
  3. Once you got a symbol, take it out of the body and take note of a few details about it. Whether there are any colors or is it black and white; whether it is big or small; whether it is moving or still; if you could touch it how does it feel, etc
  4. Now I want you to ask this question, whether verbally out loud or in your mind, ask this question to the symbol and trusting your unconscious mind to give you the answer, “What is your positive intention for me?” You can replace intention with purpose.
    a. Most people will get an answer. In which case, ask this question to the symbol and let the symbol respond, “If you can give me <answer1>, what else can you give me that’s positive?” Get at least 3 positive answers will be good. Continue to step 5.
    b. Some people might not get any answers. It’s very rare especially after asking for its intention and purpose. It could be that they do not trust themselves or their unconscious mind and this may require a deeper understanding of hypnosis and the unconscious mind. It’s also possible that we need a deeper stronger technique. Another option is to work through the fear of change first, as it might be holding the person back. Cause if you fear change, you don’t change.
    c. Very rarely too, some people might get negative responses. In this case, just repeat the previous question and remind the symbol and unconscious mind to give a positive response. If you get a bunch of negative responses and no positive, contact me for a chat.
  5. Now you can thank and ask this to the symbol, “Thank you for giving me <answer1>,<answer2> and <answer3>, but the thing is, do you know you have been giving me the fear of failure instead (or success or change)? So can you change to something else to give me all the positive and none of the negative?” and then wait for the symbol to change 100% before the last step.
  6. Ask for its positive intention or purpose again and once it’s all good, take the new symbol back inside the body, returning it to where it came from originally.
  7. Now try to find that fear you just resolved. See if you can find it or not.

Once done that’s pretty much it really

Then just repeat Step 1 to Step 7 for the other entrepreneurial fears

Lee McKing nature thinking

Is it really that simple?

Ironically, yes!

Except for the 10% of you where your entrepreneurial fear might be a bit more complex

Like if a symbol doesn’t appear, either you don’t trust yourself or your unconscious mind enough

And especially if you are handling something like the fear of change

As I mentioned earlier, if you fear change, you don’t change

If you did find it a bit of a challenge to handle this fear, then I have to tell you this

Change is growth

Change occurs all the time

Your cells continue to change from inside out

Now it may not be easy to get out of your comfort zone

And yet that is where your happiness or success lies

And of course, if you had issues with your other fears

You can always contact me for a chat

Otherwise, I believe you have done your best and will continue to do so!

Enjoy! 😀

PS Share this article with your entrepreneurial loved ones and friends because I know you want them to succeed too!

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