A Trippy Hypnosis Experience

So this is more like a record of hypnosis experience that I personally experienced

Although come to think of it, I will probably share some of the hypnosis experiences that my clients go through too! 😀

But today, it’s my personal experience

So anyway, you may or may not know but I can be busy on certain days and this week was similar

Every day I saw clients, attended networking meetings and had other events

So today I finally had no appointments Yay!

And I decided to take an afternoon nap

In fact, I really like to explore how far can hypnosis take me and I usually do hypnosis experiments on myself

Like an arm levitation on myself first and all

Anyway, so I was going to take an afternoon nap and decided to play with hypnosis for a bit

I closed my eyes and put myself into a self hypnosis state

And yes, in case you don’t know it’s possible, self hypnosis is possible

We actually go into a type of self hypnosis quite often throughout the day actually

Anyway, don’t try this by yourself ok?

So as I was putting myself into the self hypnosis state

I begin to hear a sound, a ringing sound

And it grew louder and louder

At this point, I decided to open my eyes and look at the world around me (it was my bedroom) through the eyes of a deep hypnotic state

Well, ok, deep may not be the right word for it because how deep is deep?

Anyway, I was looking at my ceiling and it was a white ceiling

Only this time there were spots and flashes here and there

Very mild stuff

I took out my hand and took at a look at it


It was red and blue

Like in patches and moving a bit

I turned the other side and it was also in patches of red and blue

I closed my eyes again and went deeper into hypnosis

Then this time when I opened my eyes, and looked at my right hand


It was giving a type of double image

Like it was splitting into two hands!

Here’s where it gets interesting

Cause I took out my left hand and looked at it

It was normal, a single hand with the normal color

hypnotic hands slide red and blue

And my right hand was splitting into two red and blue hands


And I closed my eyes again and went deeper still

Just curious how far I can go

And this time, when I opened my eyes, it felt like my world was turned over

I don’t know how to explain this part

I was lying in bed but it felt like I was standing on the wall

My light appeared to be a standing fan of sorts

This shift of reality was trippy to me

Anyway, I went to sleep and had some dreams and then I woke up

A couple of mini stuff occurred too just that I don’t recall when it occurred

Cause for a moment I think I heard a voice somewhere and saw a image of something but it didn’t stay

Anyway, this is one weird hypnosis experience!!

And in case you are wondering, this experience is really one effect of hypnosis

Like colors not being colors or the world doesn’t seem normal

Especially when we go into hypnosis without any focus intent to solve a problem

It will appear to be nonsensical or weird

So if you want to solve a problem, see a hypnotist!

Anyway, I shared this with one of my friends and apparently, this is similar to an experience of drugs

I have never taken drugs so I don’t know

Weird huh?

It is completely safe 🙂

But what do you think?

Leave a comment or question below and if you think this is a weird enough story to share, do share on social media 😉

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