The Story In Your Mind – The Ship

the ship

So the last Story in Your Mind I shared was The Golden Palace

While I also started another series called An Encounter With…, where a client met a White King

Stories are really cool experiences from my clients while Encounters seem to have divine or religious connections

And today’s hypnotic experience is called, The Ship

This client came to me with feelings of anxiety and negative mindset

Now please remember that everyone is unique

Which means even if we used the same technique to work through the same issue

You might not experience the same thing

This is because every one of us have different Perceptions, Mindsets, And Beliefs

Thus each of us have a unique world within us

That’s why everyone is unique

In their problems, solutions and life

So anyway, today we have Barbara (her name was changed to keep her identity a secret) who wanted to work through her anxieties

It was affecting her in work, and at home

We chat for a bit and while she was a bit apprehensive at first

Once she was ready, we went into the hypnosis proper

We went in and found herself at the beach at the beach

Barbara saw herself at the beach, facing the sea

She could feel the breeze and hear the waves

And although she could see the sun, she couldn’t feel the hot sun

She then noticed a ship coming towards her

It landed on the beach and she boarded it

The ship started sailing out into the sea

Barbara was curious, and yet afraid

Because she explored the ship and found no one

Suddenly, she saw a lady in white!

And she started crying

I asked, “why are you crying?”

And she replied, “because there is a lady in white”

“Ok so?”

“I think it’s a ghost!”

“Huh, what makes you think it’s a ghost?”, I asked

“Because it’s a lady in white”, She replied

To which I reminded her that we are in her unconscious mind, and we have not confirm the identity of this lady in white, and asked if she is ok to ask who is this lady in white before considering our options, which include continuing the hypnosis or even stopping the hypnosis

She agreed, and asked the lady in white, “Who are you?”

After which, Barbara started crying again

I was puzzled, and asked, “why are you crying?”

And she replied, “The lady in white is my guardian angel”

“Oh! That’s nice. So why are you crying?”

the guardian angel

“Because I’m happy”

That was quite sweet so I let her enjoy it for a bit before moving on

The guardian angel shared with her a few important things from how she has been watching Barbara and know what’s been happening in her life, and that regardless of the stuff that’s been happening, that she (guardian angel) still loves her (Barbara)

The guardian angel continued to provide information on the things to do and things not to do and meanwhile, Barbara was feeling loved and feeling happy, as she felt her weights and burdens gradually being released

Barbara realized there were loads of baggage falling off the ship, and while she didn’t know what it meant, she felt lighter and better

I can possibly deduce that the baggage was literally her baggage from her past, and being released into the sea from the ship, was her mind’s way of releasing the baggage from her mind and life

After everything, her guardian angel gave her a hug and said that she is always there and that Barbara was never truly alone

And then Barbara reappeared at the beach

To which, after checking whether her unconscious mind had anything else for her, I brought her out of hypnosis once all is done

And that was it  happy and free girl

She came out feeling lighter and happier!

A few months have past and recently I found out her family situation has greatly improved and there was peace, there is no trace of her anxieties anymore

After all, not everyone can encounter their guardian angel eh? 😉

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Til then, hope you enjoyed this story and if you know someone who might be interested to read about this, do share this with them

Cheers! 😀

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