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Testimonial 24 Mar 2018

The hypnosis session with McKing was an experience like no other. The initial consultation was casual and comfortable, and he generously shared other client experiences (no names or personal details of course) to provide a deeper understanding of what can be achieved through hypnosis. Not knowing what to expect, I […]

Testimonial 20 Mar 2018

It all started with the feeling of anxiousness and fearfulness every morning on a transport. So I decided to seek help from Mcking. In just a single session, my problems were solved effectively. With his help, i also overcome the fear of public speaking. From someone who used to get […]

Presentation Lee McKing god of hope

An Encounter With… The God of Hope

The next in line for the series of “An Encounter With…” is about The God of Hope Which might be an inspiration story for all of us right now This is a story about persevering through hardship and darkness and emerging into the light And to receive love and hope […]