Testimonial 24 Mar 2020


Alternative solution that you might want to try.

As recently I got married and with all the new housing things and preparation, i have been swamped with all the different kind of stress that comes in between. With it, it triggered my anxiety that caused the argument with my husband.

All along I have something in me that I’m fear of but I just can’t explain or I not even can explain to my husband of what happened with me. And I know only hypnotist can help me to dig it out, settle it and get it done with.

So I decided to go for my long waiting hypnotherapy session to clear it off.

Many thanks to McKing (the hypnotist), he chatted with me before the session to let myself see where my issue came from and how my life cycle have linked me to who I am today.

After the amazing session, I don’t feel angry when I chat on those sensitive topics anymore and I do feel relax and calm to face the issue. It help me to look at situation clearer too.

With the positive outcome I got, I would like to share it to others too. If you want to find out more on how I feel during the session, please do feel free to pm me. I’ll love to share to you.

SQ, 30 female, Singaporean


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