Just A Fear Or Phobia

Just A Fear or Phobiahow lee mcking hypnosis can help with fear

Yea right

We all know it’s not just a fear or phobia

It’s freaking scary shit!!

I mean, yea, we know it cannot hurt us but it’s still scary

Or who knows, it could bite and kill you

Are you having such thoughts in your head?

Or you know someone who has an unbelievable fear of cats

What’s A Fear?

Monday Hypnotic Fact by Lee McKing

F – False

E – Expectations

A – About

R – Reality

And that’s what fear really is

False Expectations About Reality

That’s what’s holding you back

From success, moving forward, getting the girl or guy

Or just standing in front of a live audience, or patting that dog

How Does Hypnosis Help Me?

I really enjoy working with fears and dissolving them

Most fears can be dissolved in a single session

Any more and we might have a trauma involved or multiple fears

Essentially, we are going to find the true meanings behind your fears and pop the fear away

If you have not already, read what happens in a hypnotherapy session here

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