The Story In Your Mind – The Cave To Another World

the cave to another world

Over the years I’ve collected stories of my clients’ hypnosis experience, usually when done with me and have shared them with you

For example the last Story in Your Mind was about a lady who transformed into Thumbelina and went on a journey of self discovery

Travelling through the maze and flowing down the river to discover her real authentic self was a truly magical experience!

Whereas the last Encounter was with The Arhat or Louhan

This powerful experience reconnected him with his higher self, and showed him how to be a more present and wholesome being

And for today’s sharing, we have The Cave To Another World

*cue isekai song*

Many years ago, a man came to see me as he felt stuck in his career and he didn’t know whether he should stay or leave to start his own business

It was such a conundrum!

And he was curious to use hypnosis to resolve this issues since he tried everything he knew

From coaching, to therapy, and seeking friends and experts advice

The feeling is still very knotted inside him!

Now I wish to remind you everyone views the world in unique ways

Due to all of us having different Perceptions, Mindsets, And Beliefs

Which means one technique or advice cannot solve everyone’s problems

Hence after going through the conventional route, he came to me

And also, since his experience will be unique to him, it doesn’t mean you will experience the same

Now, once Ali (his name was changed to keep his identity a secret) was ready to be hypnotise to resolve his issues, and feeling safe and comfortable

I invited him to…

Lee McKing and Steve

Close your eyes and enter inside

Ali is talking to me under hypnosis

It started out dark, he couldn’t see anything

But he could feel his surroundings

Ali was in a cave

I asked what does he feel emotionally at this time

And he said he was feeling safe, he felt safe in darkness

Now remember, we are all different, so one person feeling safe in darkness may not be the same for another person

He wandered deeper into the cave, deeper into the darkness

Hearing the occasionally drip drop of water

Until he reached the end of the cave

I was curious whether he will find anything there…

But there was nothing?

He looked around and saw nothing…

Until he looked up and saw something!

It was an opening, with a ladder

Somewhat excited, Ali begin to climb the ladder…

When he came out, he was shocked

“Gasp, OMG McKing…”, he choked on his words a bit

“What? What is it?”

“I’m on the moon! And it’s so beautiful!”

“What? You are on the moon?”, I said in surprise

“Yes! And space is beautiful!”

“Well…”, I smiled, “I can imagine that…”

I gave him a moment to enjoy the sight

“Ok, once you are ready, I want you to look around the moon, cause there must be a reason why your unconscious mind brought you here”, I guided Ali what to do next

“Ah yes, erm what should I be looking for?”, Ali inquired

“It will catch your eye, you will know what you see it, it may even seem out of place”, I answered

Presentation Lee McKing god of hope

“Hmm… I think I found it”

“Oh what is it?”

“A jewel”

Huh? A jewel? What kind of a jewel?”

“Yea… like a diamond, this giant diamond”

“Cool… I wonder what is it doing there…”

“Well, it’s floating in front of me now”

“What? It’s floating in front of you?”, I asked

“Yea… McKing, what should I do now?”

“Hmm… well since it’s floating by itself, I trust it knows what to do next in order to help you resolve your issue”

We waited for a while before Ali replied…

“McKing, I’m floating with the jewel… and we are now floating in space… this is amazing!”

“Hahahah damn that sounds like an awesome experience~”

“Hahahah yea it is, I didn’t know I can feel like this… ah we have arrived at a planet”

“A planet?”

“Yes, an ice covered planet, I’ve just landed on it”

“Oh wow not just a planet but an ice covered one, I’m curious why your unconscious mind brought you here”

“Me too… I’m looking around and all I see is ice and snow”

“Ah… Anything else?”

“Yea… on my left that is a snowman”

“A snowman?”

“Yea a snowman”

“Is that all?”


“Huh… how interesting… I want you to just focus on the snowman for a bit and see what happens”

“Ok… hmm…”

“So, Ali, did anything happen?”

“Yea… the snowman is talking to me now…”

“Oh cool, what is he saying?”

“Actually McKing… I have no idea”

“Huh? Why do you say that?”

“Because it is talking philosophy with me and I don’t understand”, Ali giggled a bit

“Ah… well I don’t understand philosophy too”, and we both giggled and laughed, “And well, maybe after it has finished it will all make sense”

We waited for a bit…

“Ok it just finished its long winded speech and ended with a single sentence”

you are the master of your own destiny 2

“You are the Master Of Your Own Destiny”

Now I don’t know about Ali, and I don’t know about you, but when I heard that from him

I was like woahhhhh

I had goosebumps and all

And felt this surge of energy rising in me

For the record, this hypnosis session was done early in my trade, one of my first few clients in my first year

It was so apt, that this deeply resonated within me too

Anyway, Ali feedback that he felt his mind blew to outer space

Because that was exactly the answer to his issue!

The snowman had vanished immediately after giving this message and it was soon time to bring him out of hypnosis

Suddenly, I had a weird thought

An insight if you will

I asked Ali to ask the floating diamond this question

“What else do you have for me?”

And while this symbol didn’t speak, it showed 3 images to him

Kinda hologramlike images in fact

The first image showed the moon

The second image showed the ice covered planet he was currently on

The third image showed a war torn battlefield

My mind was thinking, wait hold up say what??

At this point I got to think on the spot

You see, the floating diamond was like a transportation device and will bring Ali to areas to resolve his issues and come back to a safe place

That’s the moon, the starting safe place

And he has gone on a journey to the ice covered planet in the second image already, which was to resolve his dilemma

But what about the third image of the war torn battlefield?

Yes, you are right, it definitely sounds like there is another issue there for him to resolve

However, what we do not know is this

Is he ready for it?

After all, just because the floating diamond showed him this new world, does not mean he has to go there

Although some other hypnotists may ask him to go there

I decided to trust his unconscious mind, and the floating diamond

I told him to ask the floating diamond to bring him where he needs to go next

That way, if he is ready, he will go to the war torn battlefield

And if he isn’t, he won’t go there at all

And he saw himself flying through space and back on the moon

Which means he wasn’t ready to face that place yet

He found the ladder, and crawled back down

Back into the cave where I begin to bring him out of hypnosis

Ali felt extremely empowered when he came out of hypnosis and we had a laugh talking about the snowman

And he did decide to leave his job and start a business

happy death anniversary
What a journey~

What a journey!

You know, sometimes through unexpected circumstances, you learn from various things

And today, I learnt from my client’s hypnosis experience with his unconscious mind

A talking snowman even

You are the Master of your own Destiny

That is so true

Your future is not in your future, your future is today

What you decide to do today, will determine your future

That was my takeaway

And also how amazing the unconscious mind is in knowing how to solve a problem, and even when to solve it!

Among other things 😉

I’m curious though, how did this story impact you today?

What did you learn from it?

Share with me in the comments below!

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