The Grey Area Of Mindset

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So the other day I was interviewed with the topic of mindset

And I kind of realized not a lot of people know what a mindset really is

Go ahead

Pause here and think about what makes a mindset

And what your mindset is

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Hope you wrote something down cause I am really curious what you think a mindset is

And even what makes a mindset

But you see, my title is the grey area of mindset

And it’s a bit of a pun

Partly because the brain has grey matter

And I personally think people don’t really have very clear distinctions of what a mindset is all about

You see, people think a mindset is a set of assumptions

Or even just an individual perspectives of the world around him or her

However, from mindset, we also have the idea of a fixed mindset and a growth mindset

But wait a minute!

How does a fixed or a growth mindset, relate to a set of assumptions or an individual’s perspectives?

Curious, huh?

Of course, what I will be sharing today may or may not be the correct explanation of what a mindset is

But maybe you can learn a thing or two

And get some clarity

Hopefully 🙂

So first up, what makes a mindset?

A mindset is made up of an individual’s values, beliefs, attitudes etc regarding different aspects or areas of life

I’m going to use a metaphor and see if that helps

A mindset is like a building

A building needs a good foundation made of concrete, pillars, steel structures etc

The concrete, pillars and steel structures etc are the values, beliefs, attitudes, etc

The different aspects or areas of life, are the different floors of the building

Because if the base is weak or small, the upper floors cannot grow much more, can it?

And individual rooms are like mini experiences of the related aspect of area of life (of the floor)


That’s some metaphor huh?

Now I’m not going to restrict it by saying the first floor (and base) has to be family, and the second floor is about career etc

We are dynamic creatures, humans

So it’s quite flexible

Lee McKing the Hypnotist with his client having a chat

However, if the first floor is weak or small, such as cutting down of materials, or using poor quality concrete and pillars

Then the upper floors will not hold and the building will collapse

And that’s kind of true for life, isn’t it?

Ok fine, I shall use the example of family for the first floor for now haha

Imagine this

If a child is brought up in a family with neglect (cutting down of materials), poor or negative values (poor quality concrete), limiting beliefs (using unstable pillars) etc, well what is going to happen to this child as he or she grows up?

Of course, it’s possible for such a child to be barely sustainable in the career, earning just enough to get by

Or if it’s in a worse case scenario, the child might mix with the wrong company and get into terrible situations

The list might go on

What about the rooms?

Say the rooms of the family floor are like individual attitudes to different family members

Imagine if a room is to abuse your spouse and another room is neglect your children, because those were the same conditions, the same materials from when he or she was growing up

And that stacks up, doesn’t it?

The same goes for career, boss and colleagues and how you do your work

For money, earning, spending, or none at all

Personal development, skills, hobbies, passion

And that to me, my friend, is what makes a mindset

Hope that clarifies a couple of things for you 🙂

Now from here, we need to somehow be able to explain the fixed or the growth mindset

Naturally as the name implies

A fixed mindset is fixed, stuck or not wanting to learn and grow

While a growth mindset is one who seeks learning and continued development

Now think of it this way

Is it possible to have a fixed mindset about money, but a growth mindset for your career or business?

How about a fixed mindset for your family and a growth mindset for your money?

Lee McKing chatting with a female client NLB

It’s actually possible!

So what does this mean?

It’s like the individual floors of the building

Being able to expand, or add more rooms

To add more furniture and more decorations

That’s a growth mindset, with regards to that aspect or area of life

While a fixed mindset, regardless of that area, is still that

And that is why you might meet people who might be successful in their career, and yet have something negative or stuck about them

Due to the different fixed or growth mindset for the different floors

Now here is the key

unique key

And this is magic

Can you expand and have growth on the top floors, without growing the bottom base of a building?

More often that not, and no we cannot use technology when it comes to the mind here

The answer is mostly no

Try this

Look at your life right now

Please do this ok?

Look at the different aspects of your life

Here is a chart to show you

Which of these areas are great for you right now?

And which are not so great?

Which did you keep trying and trying to grow, and yet cannot?

And which can grow and learn so much more easily?

You might notice, especially if you have quite a few areas that are not doing so well

That everything overall isn’t doing that well

And you get stuck

Whereas if you find most of your areas are doing great

Then there is nothing much holding you back too ain’t it?

That’s the key my friend

Whatever else that is holding you back, you might want to fix it

If you have 5 areas great and 1 not so, resolving that 1 not so will make your whole life like fireworks

If you have 3 areas ok and 3 not ok, then you might want to resolve those 3 not ok before you relook into the ok areas to grow

Using the building as a metaphor again

It’s the base foundation that needs the most growth before you can grow the upper floors

Or the middle floors need to grow before the upper floors can grow

You get the picture 🙂

What if your base is small and you manage to grow your upper floors well?

Well my friend, if you seen those highly successful people suddenly have some trauma or incident, go into depression and stuff…

Yea, cause the base is not good or strong

Hopefully this sort of clears up your understanding of what a mindset is all about

Lastly, regarding your question of how to resolve those issues in those aspects or areas

You have options

There are always options

You can find various coaches, or therapists, or business consultants

And if you believe in metaphysics, you can find fengshui masters, bazi masters etc

And of course, you can always find me

You also have the option of self help

Whether it’s reading online, attending courses etc

Or even self reflection and meditation

There are 2 currencies at play here

Time or Money

If you have money, you save time

If you have time, you save money

Most important will be if you want to resolve your issues that are stopping you from achieving the best mindset for growth in the respective areas of your life

And that, is a question you must answer on your own

Til next time my friend

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