What Lies Beyond Death?

Hold on hold on

This isn’t some ghost story ah~


Today I’m just sharing some thoughts and ideas of the world

And my opinion too of course

About death

And maybe life too!

A bit of background to why I suddenly want to write on this topic

It’s because of a couple of clients of mine and their experience within (using hypnosis)

Client A was concern of an unusual health issue – he had a fear of dying

And using hypnosis, we ended up back in several of his past lives where they had one thing in common – sudden death

A past life ended in Pompeii, another in his sleep, yet another was beheaded for science!

Little wonder how he got such a fear of death!

Once we resolved those issues, his unconscious mind gave him a message

To Accept Death




To accept the idea of death as part of the life cycle and that one day, everyone will be gone and in doing so, your (his) fear of death will be gone

Eh~ Luckily it wasn’t to accept death as it is if you know what I mean

Client B on the other hand thought she had a fear of pain or poor health

But once we peeled off the outer layers (like an onion!) we found the true problem!

It was the fear of living!

How bizarre isn’t it~

And yet we can see exactly how this fear of living can cause so many problems for her

Her unconscious mind gave her a message too

To Transcend Death

To not see death as an end, as the soul is eternal, hence, be free to surpass your limits

It was these 2 clients who happened to see me within the same week that got me thinking

happy death anniversary

Something weird is going on!

So I thought ok let’s write something about this cause it’s a fascinating topic to me

Although I am writing it during the 7th Lunar Month hahaha but once again, nothing to do with ghosts or spirits

You probably already know this but I nearly died in my sleep before at age 20

If you don’t know it, you can check out my story here~

Now what you probably don’t know is that wasn’t the first time I nearly died!

I nearly died at least 2-3 times already *sheesh*

Health, accident, etc

Anyway that’s not the point

The point is because I got so close to death more than once, I explored this topic quite a bit

I mean, to me, God (I’m Catholic) saved my life for whatever reason, whether it’s for one or all of the times

And I truly believe that if He wanted to take me away suddenly, so be it

So I live my life the way I want to live

Although you might say I couldn’t care less about suddenly dying today for example, I won’t be jumping off a plane for that experience either

Yea, you might only live once, or twice, or trice for me, but I rather do something more meaningful with my life and time

Like this trade or business or profession (whatever you want to call it)

I find it more meaningful to help people rather than try different experiences like bungee jumping or sky diving for example

That’s just me~

You do you~

Anyway, I digress

Now a lot of friends and clients mentioned to me, that they envy how free and happy I am

Because I’m doing what I love, and enjoying my life

And if we just ponder for a moment…

Presentation Lee McKing and positive
Volunteer Work in 2017

Is it because I’ve been through “death” so I know how to enjoy “life”?

This is a bit of the yin and yang concept I shared in a previous article

Funny isn’t it?

In fact, if you consider some of the successful people, they gone through some really terrible hardships or trauma or “death”

And using what they learnt or gained from those experiences, they grew and succeeded in life!

I sort of realized this some time back, like a couple years ago (before the two clients above came to find me)

And I Googled (Yay Google)

Now back then, I found some articles of psychological research into certain tribes that contemplate about death every day

Yes, they think about death every single day!

The curious thing was that even though they think about death so often, they seem to be liberated from it

What I mean to say is that they are happy

Truthfully, they were joyful, blissful, and in happiness

Those articles reaffirm what I went through, and what I’m experiencing at that time

I have to see if I can find those same articles again

But! I can find other supporting articles

Here’s an article about a man who realize how Bhutan thinks about death at least 5 times a day!!

Yet, they are such a happy people!

Of course, their reasoning for what thinking about death can make one free and happy is slightly different from mine

This is because they are predominantly Buddhist, and believe in reincarnation, and hence death is but a stepping stone to the next phase of life

The other reason they shared in the article is that they are surrounded by many things that can cause death – poison mushrooms, a bear, the weather etc

And so to them, facing the truth allows them to enjoy and experience life more

While the reasoning is slightly different, the end result is the same

How do we think about death?

More often than not, we think of death as scary

Like it’s the end and that’s it

Oh I don’t want to die alone, in pain, in suffering

And so on

Or even if we become a ghost or something

Now the key is focus

Where are we focusing?!

When we think of death, if we look at the above, we are focusing on the end

Which is fair to me

Where else can we focus on?

Go back to how I shared how I live my life now

If God want to take me back today, so be it right?

And so I live my life the way I want to live

Look at where I’m focusing on

If I were to die tonight, I want to focus on the now, the present, what can I do to live with no regrets (if I were to die tonight)

If I got someone to help, I help

If I feel tired today, I just laze and read my manga

If I want to meet my friends and have a good conversation, I do so

Etc etc~

In fact, that’s what I want to share with you today too

If you want to start a journey to be free from suffering and most problems (I say most cause there could be some problems where this is trickier to help in)

You can think about your death, and remember to focus on how you want to live today

Or how you want to live the rest of your years

Don’t say and don’t do ah~

Don’t think only and don’t do at all

Say what you mean, and mean what you say


Now this lady shared her activity for how thinking about death can make one happy

Although I don’t know how it will work for you, it’s still good to have different ways to think about death and what you can do to be happy

Presentation Lee McKing and exam anxiety
Scribble down notes

But why should I think about death?

Well what happens if you avoid death?

In this article by The Guardian, they described something called Death Anxiety and how it acts as the root or core for several mental health disorders ranging from depression, health anxiety, panic disorder

And Healthline adds on to the understanding of Death Anxiety with its relationship to other mental health issues such as separation anxiety, OCD, and more

Wait a minute~ those two clients A and B that I shared earlier!

They had specific health anxiety, pain anxiety, and depression too! (Ok I lump them all together instead of specifying who has what but you get the picture)

The funny thing about the human mind is, the more we want to avoid something, the more problems it can create

Fear of dogs? Oh I see dogs everywhere and they keep coming to me (said a client)

Claustrophobia? My wife avoids lifts and we stay on the 15th floor so it’s up and down every single day! (said another client)

Fear of not being able to sleep in an unfamiliar place? I can’t travel cause I can’t sleep in a place that isn’t my room (said a client who hasn’t gone on a holiday with the partner for the longest time)

The list can go on but I’ll stop

The fear of death, as also seen in the above two clients, can hold one back from doing things that they can otherwise enjoy

And it might even create other mental health issues or problems that affect other people!

Of course, it’s not going to affect everyone the same way

But it can affect in such a manner

Now, if you do fear death and find life is already good as it is, you don’t have to think about death the way I do

It’s your choice, and I’m just sharing my thoughts and various articles

Thankfully it’s not as bad as a delusion where one will attempt to lie to oneself to avoid certain realities

Maybe I’ll write about that some other time cause it’s another interesting topic

Presentation what lies beyond death

So what lies beyond death?

If we don’t count religious beliefs, I haven’t the foggiest idea

What I do know…

Is that if we can think about death and realize how we want to live our lives even better

We can live with no regrets

Truthfully as much as possible

Cause regretting not confessing to that girl or guy you like 20 years ago… well… you can’t do much about it now eh?

But if you are single, and the person you like is single, would not confessing give you more regrets?

And if understanding this helps you to live that one step freer

One step closer to true happiness


Why not right? 😀

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