Question: Can You Help Me Forget My Shit?


To be honest, this is a valid question that pops up once a while

Usually, people who ask me this want to forget their traumatic childhood experience, or a really bad relationship breakup

But first, watch this where I was asked to make some people forget Avengers Endgame

Are you done watching?

Ok great

So you might have noticed that some people did forget pretty much almost everything that happened in the movie

And some people still remember a fair bit

So what’s happening?

You see, hypnosis works best when the client or the subject wants it to happen

As luck will have it, a couple of the subjects here wanted to resist the hypnosis and hence, it didn’t go so well

And in case you are wondering, yes, one of the girls actually told me she was resisting throughout

Makes me question why but there are too many variables

Ego, wanting to prove something doesn’t work, etc etc

Anyway, that’s not the point

Here’s something interesting that happened

There was a fifth person being hypnotised that was not shown in the video

And she just watched Avengers Endgame the day before the hypnosis (she was also the producer) and it was tricky to make her forget the movie

Cause she needed to know the details of the movie to test the participants whether it worked or not

Makes sense right?

Click here if you want to watch the first time they tried hypnosis!

So anyway, I asked if she wanted to try something else

I will use hypnosis to make her forget every other Marvel movie except Endgame

She was game for it (Pun intended)

And it worked super well!

She was surprised that she cannot remember what happened in Avengers Infinity War

She thought one of the new characters introduced in Avengers Age of Ultron was called Precision or Thesis!

(Comment below what was his name)

She completely forgotten Captain America Civil War existed

And while she remembered the characters in Guardians of the Galaxy, she couldn’t remember the plot nor the new characters in Volume 2

Which by the way, she said she is a huge Marvel fan

So she was super shocked to have forgotten pretty much everything

Well, that was fun

Ok now to the serious stuff

Like snap and poof

So can I help you forget your shit?

Well yea I can, but I don’t recommend it

You see, forgetting a movie is safe, it’s ok


Because you can go watch it again

Now the problem is when it’s a trauma or bad experience that you want to forget

For example, let’s say a girl walks down a dark alley and gets raped

She finds a hypnotist to make her forget the experience

Now, she cannot remember what happened and continues to walk down dark alleys until she gets raped again

And the second experience will re-traumatised her

Causing a bigger hole, bigger grief, bigger self-blame etc etc

Now if she found me, I will have done things differently

I wouldn’t make her forget the rape

Rather, I will help her to resolve it

And resolutions that I do is clean, safe, and beneficial in more ways than one

For her, I will help her unconscious mind find the learning points

Whatever they are

And then help her disconnect and release the negative emotions associated with the experience

Once done, she can logically recall the rape if she wanted, but now no longer feels any emotion about it

That will help her to move on and yet, still remember the learning points

Whether it’s to walk down lighted alleys or to bring some form of protection

Presentation client chat

That’s much better isn’t it?

And I hope this sorts of explains why I will not be making you forget your shit

But will rather help you resolve them instead

Whether it’s a childhood trauma, bad relationship experience, physical or sexual abuse, or an accident etc

Contact me here if you are seeking help

PS All the Marvel movies add up to about 3000 minutes right? That’s about 50 hours of movies… that’s huh… quite a while to catch up *cough*

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