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So the last Story in Your Mind I shared was The Reindeer and Santa Claus where a man encountered Santa Claus during his hypnosis

And the last Encounter was With Aliens where another man strongly believed his past life was an alien!

Such unique experiences!

Yet that’s how they are able to resolve their issues in just 1 session

Anyway, Stories are amazing experiences from my clients while Encounters are astonishingly out of this world!

And for today, this story is called, The Hall Of Memories

That’s pretty catchy if I do say so myself

This client came to me feeling overwhelmed with relationships

She shared her traumatic childhood experiences and how she was so scared all the time

In particular, she highlighted that she recognised issues of abandonment in herself and her relationships

And she wanted to let go and resolve them now

Now to remind you

Each person is unique

So each of you might experience unique things for the same technique with the same issue

Especially with this client

And especially since we all have different Perceptions, Mindsets, And Beliefs

And thus we all have a unique world within us

That’s why everyone is unique

With our different understandings and perceptions of the world around us

So anyway, today we have Sakura (her name was changed to keep her identity a secret) who wanted to resolve her abandonment issues and whatever else that might be in her

We chat for a bit and once she was ready (she needed some time to prepare), we begin the hypnosis

And there she was in her bedroom

Cause that was where she felt safe

Sakura shared how she was under her blanket in her bed, feeling safe and comfortable

She seemed to need some extra time before she was ready to continue, so I let her take her time

Finally, she was ready to open the door and go on to find and resolve her issues

She opened the door and walked down a dark tunnel

Towards the end, she could sort of make out someone or two

As she walked closer, she saw what was there and she screamed and cried!

She immediately opened her eyes and cried some more, saying it was so scary

I gave her some tissue paper and started to calm her down

And then I asked her what she saw at the end of the tunnel

She said she saw the Grinch, in fact, 2 of them

1 taller and slimmer Grinch and 1 shorter and fatter Grinch

Sakura started sharing how she first watched the Grinch That Stole Christmas and it freaked her out

I gave her time to calm down and she asked me, why she saw the Grinch? Like why is such a scary being in her mind

Since she seemed better now, I said, I honestly don’t know

In fact, we don’t even know yet if both Grinches are there to help her or harm her, I continued

All we know is that both Grinches are important and somewhat related to the issues she wanted to resolve

And then I gave her a choice, whether to continue or end for today

She can always pull out if the Grinches really want to harm her

She took a deep breath and said, ok, let’s continue, I really need to get this out of my system

And when she closed hey eyes, she was back in the dark tunnel

And both Grinches were there waiting for her

Just standing there

She was trembling and she gulped before asking them, why are you here?

One of them said, we were waiting for you Sakura

Yea, we are here to guide you to what you are seeking, the other Grinch added

Sakura went oh, and started to calm down

She realized they had no intentions to scare her and in fact, had kind looks and smiles

She took another breathe and said, lead the way

The Grinches gestured, and lead the way through a door at the end of the tunnel

And when she went through, she was astounded

“Wow… OMG McKing, you should see this…”, Sakura said

Since I cannot, I asked her to describe what she saw to me

“It’s amazing! I’m in a place, it’s very spacious, and there are many things floating around”

“Huh? Floating around? What do you mean?”

“I don’t know how to describe it… it’s just a huge white space and many items floating around… like I see some toys, some books, some furniture… they all are just floating around”

“Cool… so why did the Grinches bring you here?”

“Oh yea”, Sakura looked around but both Grinches have disappeared

“Oh well, it’s ok, your unconscious mind will know what to do next to help you”, I said

And soon, she was describing how a particular book was floating towards her and into her hands

It was an old brown leather book, and yet when she opened it, it was blank!

She flipped through the pages, but it was a truly blank book

Confused, she looked to me for guidance

And I asked her, “what do you think you need to activate this book?”

“A pen, it just came out in my mind, but I don’t have a pen”, she said

“Ok, how about you check your pockets first?”

Sakura checked her pockets and was surprised to find a feather quill

“McKing, this is weird, I found a feather quill in my pocket, what is it doing there?”

“Well, in the unconscious world, there are many interesting stuff that could happen”

“Yea! It’s been very interesting so far!”

“Know what to do with the feather quill?”

“I have no idea, I’m just going to put it on the book…”

The moment the tip of the feather quill touched the blank page of the book, ink magically flowed out of the feather quill and started to form an image

Sakura waited until it was formed before telling me it’s a tree

“Any idea why this tree appeared?”

“Hmm… I don’t know… funny though, cause this tree looks somewhat familiar… but I don’t recognize it… yet it looks familiar…”

She shifted her head and frowned in confusion due to this tree that seems familiar and yet not familiar

“OMG McKing!”

“What happened?”, I asked

“I don’t know! I think I just got sucked into the image of the tree! Like Harry Potter!”

“Oh that’s cool! So where are you now?”

“I see the tree! OMG I remember!”, she said as tears started flowing

“It’s ok, it’s ok… tell me what happened”

Sakura shared, through her tears, that she is now 6 years old and used to have a pet rabbit then

Her pet rabbit died and she was very sad

This tree, was where she was burying the rabbit

That’s why it looked familiar, yet she couldn’t place where or when cause it was so long ago in Japan

Also, while she was mourning of her recently dead pet

Her mum was around, but it was like she didn’t care

Her mum just walked away once the rabbit was buried and didn’t wait for her to say her last goodbyes to her pet

So it’s like a double whammy, first losing her pet rabbit and her mum abandoned her at the lowest point of her life of 6 years

(Children are delicate)

Once she was ready to continue, I guided her to resolving these issues of being lost and abandoned

And one of which was to forgive her mum

Regardless of the reasons for her walking away

Cause it happened so long in the past and it was time to let go

Once that was done, I brought her back to The Hall Of Memories (ok la that’s my name for it)

And soon after, out of hypnosis cause she was tired

Cause a lot happened for her and she will need some time to settle before handling other issues in her life

Her main issue she wanted to target is resolved and that’s good enough for her too

What do we learn from this case study?

Sometimes things that look scary are actually beneficial!

And we have many ways to resolve a problem

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I wrote it

Curious whether she goes back to The Hall of Memories?

Share this and if there is enough response, I’ll blog about it 🙂

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