Testimonial 27 Jun 2019

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All my life I’ve been an optimist and felt that no matter what challenges life throws at you, you just got to refuse to quit, put on a smile and keep going. But lately, i was going through a lot of issues and a really bad breakup. With everything coming together, I felt like I hit rock bottom and lost all purpose of living, that I would rather die than lose that person. I was being soo emotional and irrational. I couldn’t get suicidal thoughts out of my mind and knew I desperately needed help. By some miracle, I stumbled upon McKing’s website and upon read his blog, I felt really intrigued and decided to schedule an appointment. Initially I was skeptical but kept an open mind as I was desperate enough to try anything that could help me let go and move on.

McKing was so nice and so easy to talk to. He made me feel comfortable, that I could trust him. During our first meet-up, I felt like we’ve known each other for ages and he was sent by God to help me.

Immediately after the therapy, I was in a state of confusion because the results was so crazily good and instant! I felt reborn. McKing have managed to help me let go of all the hurt and pain. I was ready to move on and have a real shot at happiness.

I highly recommend McKing to anyone facing mental issues regardless of it being small or big. The therapy was life changing. He helped me overcome something I thought I could never get through. Thank you so much!

CL, 26 female, Singaporean Chinese


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