It’s All About The Gratitude

Lee McKing reading on happiness

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

As quoted from Google dictionary

So what’s so special about gratitude?

Today we are going into the science and spirituality of gratitude

And first we have science!

In our human psyche, if we have gratitude, what happens is that it starts to rewire the brain

Ok you might be thinking that I am kidding you right?

Well, research on gratitude shows that it can change your brain

Here is an article citing that just “writing 3 things you are grateful for 21 days can increase your optimism for 6 months”

From writing thank you notes, to being grateful for being alive, 3 things is easy peasy

Another article cites that “gratitude releases you from negative emotions”

Can you imagine no longer feeling negative just by being grateful?

Of course, this process does take a bit of time

Lee McKing with Yin Yang

What about spirituality?

You see, the Universe is believed to give you what you focus on

It’s sometimes known as the Law of Attraction

So when you focus on what you are thankful for, it is believed you attract more of it!

On top of that, being grateful fills your body with positive energy which helps to protect you

Having a spirit that is good will attract more good people in your lives too!

On top of that, the feelings of gratitude will vibrate your energy on a higher level, unlike the lower energies of hate or anger

Thus changing your energy to one of higher vibration

Lee McKing pondering about hypnosis

So what now?

Recently I was at a networking event and we had a Christmas gift exchange

And each of us were asked to share something about Christmas, or what we are thankful for

It was a beautiful networking event filled with joy, laughter and fun!

(Let me know if you want to know more about it)

Anyway, you wouldn’t be able to guess what happened

A friend of mine shared that she was thankful for what I shared with her and how it helped to change her life!

That was quite a shocker because I did not expect that!!

And the next 2 after her also thanked me for sharing my knowledge!

By this point, the networkers were looking at me, smiling and laughing

And probably no one realized this but I actually teared from the emotion

I didn’t cry! I just had a couple of tears! XD

You probably would too if some people suddenly gave you a public testimonial!!

That was filled with love, sincerity and gratitude

Lee McKing playing

Anyway, I decided to share my interpretation of Christmas when it came to my turn

Briefly, what I shared was this:

Christmas is a season of thanksgiving, of fun and laughter, yet why do we only do it during Christmas?

What if we did it every single day?

Every single day of thanks, fun and laughter?

To be thankful for simple things, like the food we eat or the air we breathe?

To be thankful for being alive and able to do what we want?

What would happen if you were thankful and grateful every single day?

I guarantee you, your lives will change

You can begin to attract more of what you are thankful of and begin to be more positive in life

So my friends, be grateful every day

(ok fine I cannot remember exactly what I said, but it was something like that ok? hahahaha)

So yup

It’s all about gratitude my friends!

Be thankful and grateful for the smallest things, and you can see positive changes in your lives! 😀

Oh, and have a Merry Christmas everyone!!

Pssstt share with your friends too will ya? 😉


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