Can Hypnosis Solve My Problems, Like Now?

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Well the short answer is, yes and no

Alright, you might be thinking I’m contradicting myself so just hear me out for a moment and read what I have to say

Why no?

First off, I would need to know the context of the problem 

You see, even if people have the same “problem”

They can have different constructs or context

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For example, the issue of anxiety can come from multiple sources 

So it’s not just because they have low self esteem or overly anxious

For example, Client A had a fear of flying and anxiety, and realized through a regression that her anxiety was genetically from her mum, and her fear of flying came about because her sister accidentally hypnotised her by saying to her cousin, “I think my mum is afraid of flying”  

Client B on the other hand, came from an abusive (mainly verbal with some physical) and with such upbringing and childhood, she developed low self esteem and anxiety, as well as social anxiety

Now Client C experienced a social bullying and trauma and he developed social anxiety as well as a fear of contact with people

Client D felt fear and anxiety her entire life, and upon regressing, she found out that her mum did not want her and wanted to force a miscarriage (hence, if she was not wanted in the womb, she will not be born into a life of love)

As you can see, just anxiety alone can have multiple different root causes and even if it all stems from family upbringing, the difference of abuse from a parent or an accidental phrase means every issue is so unique   

So what’s next? Lee McKing shrug presentation

When we understand the unique constructs, we can decide on the possible techniques 

Which fall into 3 main categories and within each category, there are several techniques

And how do I know what technique to choose?

Well, based on the client who is sharing the issues, family background, etc etc

I will understand the person, the issues and how everything might be linked 

Eh… there are possible gaps when a client does not share something important or forgets to share something

Other than that, if and when I understand as much as possible, I will figure out a couple of possible techniques to use to help the client resolve the issues

So a technique called a regression, helps bring the client back to the original roots of the issues so as to understand and resolve it

Let’s talk about Client E for a bit

She’s bulimic and came to see me for hypnosis

She initially shared that she started when she was 14 or 15 when she felt shame with her weight and yet, the regression revealed that when she was 9 years old, she saw her mum vomit


Interestingly enough, the original root is actually her learning how to vomit from her mum (which by the way, could be because she was bulimic too, had food poisoning, or just ate too much) which is so different from what psychologists think cause bulimia ain’t it?

Anyway, Client E solved her bulimia issue within 1 session and said there was no pain in her stomach and she doesn’t vomit anymore

Another process that I might use is a forgiveness process, which is great to help people heal from hurts from other people

Client F had a lot of anger and resentment towards her father and a forgiveness process completely resolved her anger

She will usually spew vulgarities upon seeing her father’s text and yet, immediately after the single session with me, she did not feel any more anger upon seeing his text

Now I got a lot more other techniques of course but let’s carry on for now

Finally! Lee McKing memory palace

After all that, we can find the right solution

And there isn’t a one size fits all solution if you realized by now

Anxiety does not always need calm, relax or happiness as a solution

Sadness isn’t always happy, love or letting go of the past

Another example, the issue of procrastination is not necessary the lack of motivation or not being proactive

And thus does not mean we need motivation or proactive as a solution

I can share about 3 clients of mine that worked on procrastination and their solutions

Client G felt like it was a barrier blocking him, and wanted an intense amount of energy to break it down; it came in the form of the sun and he worked on his projects within the next 3 days

Client H wanted to start a business to provide for her family, yet wanted to slack and relax; so I amplified her purpose and slack and relax disappeared

Client I had to talk to a symbol, of her dining table, to understand how she procrastinated and thus, how to resolve it

As you can see, the 3 unique constructs for the problem of procrastination required 3 different techniques and found 3 unique solutions 

Long explanation short, we cannot generalize all issues into 1 category

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We need to look at the person and understand his or her life starting from childhood, and note what may have happened along the way, whether it’s family upbringing, social issues, environmental, trauma etc and then we can help the person to resolve the issues, if the person wants to resolve them

And that’s probably the biggest takeaway here

Because I cannot control whether my client wants to change and be helped

And that’s probably the biggest resistance to solving problems too

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