Testimonial 27 Mar 2019

Dear McKing, ⁣

Thank you for making me realise I am on the verge of suicide. I know I was depressed but I didn’t know i was even thinking about suicide. ⁣

Beginning I was skeptic about it but after chatting with you before the hypnosis, I could feel your honesty and willingness of really wanting to help others.

After that 1 session it really “wake me” up and I stop having those suicide thoughts totally. I am able to progress better in life. Move forward and those depressing thoughts never came back. ⁣

I cannot thank you enough and I am very grateful to have cross path with you. ⁣

By the way, 2 years later, i realize you not only saved my life, but also my marriage.

Thank you <3

JC⁣, 38 female, Singaporean Chinese


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