Happy Lunar New Year 2020!

Presentation Lee McKing and LNY 2020

Have you done your spring cleaning?

It’s about a week away right now so you might want to get started!

Spring cleaning is the task where each household will clean up the whole house!

The idea is that spring cleaning can wash away the bad luck of previous year

And allow good luck to come in during the upcoming Chinese New Year!

They usually do this by throwing away the old rubbish and stuff too

Now some people might not do it as it’s too troublesome

So, is it necessary or not to spring clean?

Surprisingly (Or unsurprisingly), there is a good cause for spring cleaning to be done

You see, our mind may be in our brain and body

However, it can be translated out into the environment as well

For starters, our emotions might show on our face, or even through our body language

Like if someone misses a deceased loved one, upon talking about it, the eyes might start to tear

Our thoughts can be seen and interpreted through our body language and our actions too

I’ll use the example of a terrible date, if the girl doesn’t like the guy, and the guy attempts to go closer, she will back away!

These are just some examples of how our emotions and thoughts can be seen

But wait McKing, how is this related to spring cleaning?

Well, interestingly enough, our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and more, can be interpreted through the stuff we own as well

Huh?! Are you kidding??

No! hahaha I wish i were…

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Now everyone is different ok?

Generally speaking, if one person were to live in a house, he or she can start to arrange the items in the house

Yes of course… so?

Well, I want you to see the house as if it’s the tenant’s mind

And each room represents an aspect or area of life

For one person, the living room might mean the career, yet for another, it’s the sitting room that’s the career

So it differs from person to person

And if the items in the house or a particular room is messy and cluttered, that means that particular aspect or area of life is messy and cluttered

Kind of weird huh?

I know you are wondering whether what I say is valid or not

Well, you probably don’t know this yet, but if there was a crime, and they are unable to catch the suspect, profilers might go into the suspect’s house to interpret and determine several things

Such as how he or she thinks, what emotional state he or she is in recently, any obvious patterns, any habitual behaviours or places he or she likes etc

Now once you realize this (and no you don’t need to learn how to interpret stuff in a person’s house haha)

Then you can start to realize why it might be important to spring clean

Even if it’s not once a while throughout the year, then it’s once a year during the Lunar New Year

Yes! You got it!

Cause that can indirectly clean up your mind clutter too!

That way, it will reduce the stress and anxieties that you are facing in your various aspects of life

Ranging from career, money, relationship, self etc

Lee McKing and japanese sakura
I cleaned up my life and found you

Now you might remember a lady by the name of Marie Kondo?

Yup! She gained popularity in recent years for her method of de-cluttering a home

Essentially, her method is to ask yourself whether this item sparks joy in your life

If it does, keep it; if it doesn’t, throw it away

You can imagine how a person can potentially throw away a lot of unwanted or unnecessary stuff in their house!

And this indirectly de-clutters their mind too!

So overall they feel awesome!

I might caution that this does not resolve tough issues, like trauma for example

So you can feel better overall, but in the long run, I will suggest you consider seeking help for certain deep rooted issues

But that’s a side track

Another thing I will like to share with you

Is that the above is not limited to your house

Or your room, if you are staying with others

It could also be a reference to your work station

If your workplace provides you a fixed table or station to use

The items in your desk can be used to interpret certain information too

Of course, it is less likely that your work station can be used to interpret your relationship issues hahaha

But hey you never know


Presentation Lee McKing and exam anxiety

One more thing I want to connect for you

Is the idea of fengshui

HUH? Isn’t that like metaphysics?

Well yea it is

Fengshui is essentially the understanding of how energy flows in a particular space

Ok that’s my “terrible” simple definition of it haha

So if you imagine a really messy cluttered house, and how the energy might get stuck as it enters the house and moves around

That’s bad fengshui

Whereas a clean and tidy house, with flowing energy that gets around easily, is so much better

That’s good fengshui

Whether you believe in fengshui or not, I believe certain practices and methods in fengshui are somewhat linked to modern psychology

Think of it as an ancient form of understanding that is similar to current modern psychology!

One of the best masters I met is Master Max Liang

Presentation Lee McKing and Master Max

After meeting and chatting with him

I realize he was able to tie in perfectly the art of fengshui with modern psychological understanding

So if you are curious, you can have a chat with him too!

All in all, while it’s not necessary to spring clean for the Lunar New Year, it might be good to consider doing it once a while especially if you feel like life is stuck for you

Whether it’s for KonMari, fengshui or the Lunar New Year, there are multiple reasons to spring clean!

Besides, it’s much better to live in a nice clean house!

Anyway, I wish you a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year 2020! May the year of the Rat grant you bountiful success, love and happiness! And lots of money too heheehe

PS. If you are a hoarder, or know a hoarder, it might not be easy to spring clean at all, hence, it might be better to arrange a chat with me especially if you (or your friend) is truly keen to resolve this issue of hoarding

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