Is Hypnosis Even Real? A Look at Science and Non-science

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This is probably on a lot of people’s minds – “Is hypnosis real?”

Is it a form of black magic? Is it just a con job?

Now before you jump to conclusions, or even attempt to form a judgement regarding hypnosis, you need to first know and understand what is hypnotism all about

It’s just like there are people in America who jump into the idea that Singapore is in China or even part of India, when they didn’t attempt to study or learn about geography

Before you also say there are no studies that support the idea of hypnosis, there are

Just that, with so many new studies about all sorts of topics, would anyone have the time to keep up to date with all of them?


If you are interested in technology, you will know the latest updates in technology

And someone who isn’t interested in technology wouldn’t know those updates, would they?

Yet it isn’t their fault for not knowing because they lack an interest or knowledge or understanding of it

So put on your learning cap, and let’s take a look at the science and non-science of hypnosis!

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Is hypnosis fake to begin with?

No it is not and like I said earlier, there is research to prove it

An article by illustrated the usefulness of hypnosis in modern psychotherapy and compiled a few notable mentions

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is backed by evidence and research and proven effective for depression, weight loss, anxiety and more, and yet, when people go through CBT and hypnosis together, they lost nearly twice the weight within the same period of time

Kirsch’s research has also found that the weight was kept down whereas those that took CBT only tend to regain some weight

It was also noted in the same study that those having depression found relief from their mental health issues as well

Back in 1956, Pope Pius XII saw hypnosis as a way to alleviate the pain of childbirth and thus, it was permissible

In a more recent study, hypnosis was found to reduce the pain for children undergoing surgery or other medical treatments, and of course, proven again to assist in labour pain

So in fact, you can search and find evidence of hypnosis being real, valid and useful for several things, such as mental health, or even physical health

Gruzelier did a study on using hypnosis to boost the immune system and found that it can reduce viral infection and improve general health and well-being

But how can hypnosis be so powerful?

Not only can it boost and help in mental health, it can also work wonders with the physical health?

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It sounds like magic!


Imagine couple hundred years ago where science and research and psychology was still opening and because they didn’t know much or were just developing ideas, they couldn’t fully explain what is happening to someone under hypnosis

So it was easier to call it magic or even black magic

I personally found that when people don’t know about something, they tend to fear it due to it being unknown

Fun fact: Fran Mesmer was an Austrain physician who started researching into “mesmerism” in 1770 while psychology started in the 19th century

Fun fact 2: Ibn Sina (or Avicenna) was a Persian psychologist and physician who published a book “The Book of Healing” in 1027 and he defined the differences between sleep and hypnosis

In fact, I personally think that hypnosis in some form have been around for thousands of years!

It’s just that we didn’t know how to put it into words, or form a structure to better use this powerful understanding

Of course, we have a better understanding of the mind and thus a better understanding of hypnosis now and if you too can have a good grasp of this, you will learn how to power up your mind

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So, what is hypnosis all about?

Truthfully I have a bunch of articles in my blog which you can read in depth all the different elements and aspects of hypnosis from parents and family, to relationship, from self-hypnosis, to words and language and so on

So go read those articles if you are really interested and want to learn more about yourself

Just the brief for now

There is a conscious mind and an unconscious mind

Imagine the conscious mind is like a logical gatekeeper, you choose what information to go in and what to reject

Like you can logically choose to keep reading or not, right now

If you do continue to read, the information to go through what I call a secondary filter, before it enters the unconscious mind

I won’t touch on the secondary filter for now as it is more to explain certain things like relationships, career choices, etc so search this in my blog and read up on my other articles

The unconscious mind is like an emotional sponge, it just absorbs everything and integrates into its system, of mind, body and heart

Everything from your belief system, to your emotions, to your memories, etc are all in your unconscious mind

Hypnosis or trance is to connect the conscious mind to the unconscious mind

The connection between the logic and the emotion

Wait a minute… don’t we do that every day??


Every day we are already connecting our logic and emotions for various tasks throughout the day

Sometimes we use more logic for this task, sometimes we use more emotions for that task

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Oftentimes, it is a combination of both

If you have to cook dinner for a special date, you might imagine how the date will go, what ingredients to get, the emotions you might feel, as well as logically what you need to prepare

And that, my friends, is a very simple and mild state of hypnosis within

Now we are not talking about hypnotherapy yet!

Hypnosis with the intent for therapy is a different ball game compared to general hypnosis for fun or daily living

This is because when it comes with the intent for therapy, then more questions will pop up

Are you ready to face the issue?

Especially if it is something from the past, potentially dark and scary

Whether it be an abusive parent, or a trauma of a car accident

To the child, that was freaking scary!

The unconscious mind might attempt something to safeguard the self – like causing childhood memory loss – if it is really bad

And so when I get clients coming to me to resolve this issue or that issue, I will want to preempt the client to ensure they are ready to face whatever happen in the past

If it was nothing that will be great!

But I rather err on the side of caution to ensure my clients remain safe

When they are not ready to face it but open it anyway, it might potentially retraumatize them, which is what I want to avoid

And when they are ready, and we face it and we resolve or release it, they are healed from their trauma effectively

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Now what about the physical health?

Going back to the conscious mind and unconscious mind, I want you to think about the last couple of minutes

What did you consciously do in the last couple of minutes?

Play with me for a bit ok?








I assume you have a few ideas of what you consciously did in the last couple of minutes

And this is you choosing it so it came from your conscious mind

Now what did your unconscious mind do then in the last couple of minutes?

Your unconscious mind handles all the other background processes without you knowing, hence unconsciously doing

Such as your blinking, heart rate, digestion, temperate control, breathing and many many more!

Your unconscious mind handles all those automatic processes so you can focus on what needs to be done

When they say we are only using 10% of the mind, this is refering to the conscious mind

The 90% of the mind we are not actively using is the unconscious mind, which is handling automatic background processes

You can attempt an experiment

Control your breathing

Now I don’t know about you but when I initially controlled my breath, I found myself getting tired easily at first

Not only that, I was not able to focus on my other tasks at hand!

However, the more I practice controlling my breath, the better I get at it

Until it becomes an automatic process for the unconscious mind to handle

Just like when you first learn how to ride a bike, you need to learn so many things

From the right muscles to control, the right strength to push, the angle of the feet etc

But once you got it, it becomes automatic!

As if, it is so easy and you’ve been doing it your whole life!

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How can you help yourself now?

In one of the above articles, the researchers used guided imagery to improve their health

That is another way which taps into the unconscious mind as well – imagination

So if you imagine bad things happening, what might happen in your mind and to your emotions?

Inversely, if you imagine good things happening, how does it feel now?

Depending on what you want to achieve, you can use the power of imagination (which taps into the power of your unconscious mind) to either solve issues, find solutions and achieve success in life!

So yes, be aware of your thoughts, but be aware of your imagination more!

Now of course, if you have attempted a few times and yet nothing seems to be happening

Fret not

One possibility is that you are relatively new to this and thus, need some time to practise and grow

The other possibility is that there are deeper rooted issues which are holding you back

For example a limiting belief is a belief you believe to be true, but it limits you

So usually it has a negative association

If you have tried and found that you cannot release this limiting belief, feel free to drop me a message

Because yes, you might need a session if you want to resolve it fully and cleanly

Until then I hope you have fun and achieve great results with this newfound understanding!

PS. Share with your friends so they can learn and grow too~

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