How To Treat Anxiety With Hypnosis?

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Now of course, this is not a medical blog and I am not a doctor

So you can take this article with a pinch of salt if you firmly believe in Western medication

Or if you believe in alternative therapy or exploring for now, keep an eye open as you read this

Generally speaking, anxiety is simple enough to understand

However, because every person is uniquely constructed through their genetics, family upbringing, personal experiences etc

Therefore, the anxiety within everyone can be minutely different

Essentially, we have to understand the individual and tweak each technique accordingly

Once you can achieve this, resolving anxiety in anyone can be quick and easy

Here I am being interviewed by Luke Elijah and did some hypnosis with him


Because the mind processes information through symbols, using symbols are a great way to resolve problems

Of course, some people do have words in their unconscious mind instead, just that most people have an image or a symbol instead

If you watched the above Youtube video, I jumped directly into Luke’s fear of insects and the symbol of filth appeared

And if you continue watching, later on he shared about his phobia of flying and the symbol of it was him in a cage

So yes, a number of our issues are because the symbol of it represents something which we don’t like

Another client did hypnosis and had the nun (the horror movie) appeared!

Obviously she freaked out and was crying but when we ask for the intention of the nun, the nun replied “unconditional love”

Then we transformed it into a chihuahua

Essentially, because the intention of “unconditional love” was represented as “the nun” from the horror movie, she will run away from real love in reality

That’s why she married a guy who doesn’t love her, and found a boyfriend who abused her

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Ok fine this is Japan XD


Regression is also known as timeline therapy

A regression is a hypnosis technique which brings the client following their issues to the past where the first incident started

This is because the issue might have stem from childhood or family issues

And it doesn’t have to be a trauma, it could just be a simple or small incident that happened

It’s just that, to a child, that small or simple incident can be perceived as huge and overwhelming!

That’s why that incident imprinted into the unconscious mind and potentially develops into an issue as a teen, an adult etc

Now the standard regression in along your life but there are 2 more types of regressions which can be done (if necessary)

The one which people also know of is past life regression

Naturally, this is a regression into a past life where perhaps the issue first presented itself in a past life and has imprinted onto the soul

The other regression is lesser known, and that is ancestry regression

This is a regression following your DNA, your ancestry, back to the family member that had the issue or passed down the issue

A regression case study

This client came to me with depression, anxiety and panic attacks and when I chat with her, there didn’t seem to be any indicators of issues stemming from her family or childhood

When this happens, we might start with a symbolism or do a regression just to check

Anyway, so I did a regression and she returned to when she was a baby, about a month or two only!

She was crying because she was hungry but when her parents came to feed her, they argued about something instead

And while this seems like nothing to the average person, unfortunately, it planted something into her unconscious mind

The idea that she might “starve to death” because her parents are arguing

This little seed took root in her unconscious mind and grew over time, developing into depression, anxiety and panic attacks

Since we found it, we will resolve it and I also guided her to forgive her parents for accidentually arguing in front of her

That was only 1 session and the next day I checked on her

She reported no depression, no anxiety, and no panic attacks!

If you don’t believe it was possible, well she didn’t either LOL

So 3 months later, 6 months later, 9 months later, I checked on her and there was absolutely no relapse at all

Thus (although I know it worked), she can confirmed that it worked

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Parts Reintegration

To be honest, I seldom do this technique

This is because it has a unique condition before we can do this process

Essentially, the client who has a problem A, must have an idea that they want to keep problem A

So there are 2 opposing ideas here, they want to resolve the problem but they also want to keep the problem

When presented with this unique condition, then we can do a parts reintegration therapy

I had a client with anxiety and panic attacks and we went through the symbolism process, the regression, and I was about to do another technique but I noticed something and changed to the parts reintegration therapy

All this was done in 1 session

He realized that there is a part of him that wants to keep the anxiety, and it was in his hands!

So we had to take both parts, have them face each other and reintegrate into its whole again

Only then did he no longer suffer from anxiety and panic attacks

Now of course there are many other techniques I can do but the question remains

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Why Is Hypnosis So Effective?

As mentioned earlier, we have to understand each client’s issues and how their mind works

From there, we can proceed with the right technique to find the right solution

So while a conventional psychologist might be looking at big trauma (which most people are probably looking at as well)

I will be listening for any small incidents which could be one of the reasons the issue was developed in the unconscious mind

This is especially when there is no obvious big trauma (like in the above case as a month old baby)

And trust me, some of my clients do a regression and end up in a small incident, like in their bedroom and they can hear their parents arguing about something outside

They can share that they barely see the parents argue, but this one incident gave them a fear or anxiety and tada~

We got a problem

I even had a case where the girl was pinched playfully by her relatives during her 1 month celebration party but to her, these are scary people pinching her cheeks!

And yes, that was the problem

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A Word of Caution

You might notice that I share in brief today and not sharing the actual step-by-step technique and this is important

Because I want to open your awareness and at the same time, protect you

This is because if you were to attempt, say, a regression on your own, you might get into a bit of trouble

Depending on the issue and where it came from, some incidents might be considered heavily overwhelming for a child

And thus, if one were to do a regression on themselves without proper training, and get into such an overwhelming emotional state, what do you think will happen?

It will be frightening!

And sometimes might even re-traumatize or create a new issue

So yea, that’s why I share in brief

Feel free to share this with someone who might be curious about hypnosis and wondering whether it really works

Or PM me if you got any particular questions

Til then, take care and stay safe

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