An Encounter With… Aliens

Presentation Lee McKing and aliens

Today for the series of “An Encounter With…”, we are sharing about a case study involving aliens

Wait what?? Aliens??

Hold your horses, my friend

While we do not know if they really exist or not, today is more about a client’s hypnosis experience and meeting aliens

Which involves travelling to other worlds, interacting with different alien species and even meeting royalty

The last “An Encounter With…” was with Lord Shiva, which involved epic fight scenes with a demon army

At this point, you might be wondering, what’s new?

Go read it if you haven’t!

And the last “The Story in Your Mind” had Santa Claus!

Although if you could meet this client, he will probably tell you the reindeer was more important!

Which had a bit of an interesting twist

Anyway, today’s encounter is with aliens we will call today’s client Matthew, and how he met some aliens

Matthew had depression for over 10 years now, his family couldn’t cope and they left him too

He also didn’t work during this time

However, he wanted to seek help and be helped

That’s how and why he found me

And this is his story

An Encounter With… Aliens

Matthew is talking to me under hypnosis

real path through the unconscious mind

Matthew is now in a field of grass

This was his safe place

He saw a winding path through the grass and proceed to walk

Soon, he came to a forest

He halted, and was surprised

Matthew told me he didn’t know what to do because he is seeing himself in the forest

To be precise, he is seeing a human who looks like him walking through the forest

While he is observing this human that looks like him

Matthew isn’t sure if it is him or not

How puzzling

Then he noticed some movements in the forests shrubs

He paused before telling me that he is seeing little creatures hiding and observing the human that looks like him

He tried to describe what they look like to me

They were short, barely knee high, with pale skin, 4 fingers, a flat nose and sharp teeth, and talking in gibberish

He decided to call these creatures aliens

Matthew was still a distance away since he halted earlier

And he found it somewhat amusing and queer that he was observing a bunch of small aliens observing himself (the human who looks like him)

Suddenly, one of the small aliens noticed Matthew, and appeared in shock

It’s reaction caused the rest of the small aliens to turn and they look like they are in fear of Matthew

Now he was truly puzzled!

I asked if he knew what was happening, and he couldn’t make head or tail out of it

I had a sudden idea and asked him if he could see his reflection

Matthew looked around until he saw a puddle of water nearby and gasped!!

“McKing, I’m an alien too! The most ugly, horrible looking alien!! No wonder the small aliens were afraid of me!!”

He said he was the color of sinister black, but couldn’t describe more except that he was tremendously horrible looking

He ran from the forest, into a desert plains

bench in desert

Where he encountered a lady, wearing a cloak and hood

Matthew approached her, and asked who was she

Before she could answer, he noticed that her skin was green in color

And when they were within close proximity, before she removed her hood, he saw a white gem in the middle of her forehead

She spoke, but in a language he didn’t understand

And she seem not to understand him either

Suddenly, more of other aliens appeared, in similar garbs of the lady

Then a giant 2 metre tall monster appeared!

The cloaked aliens seem to fear him and made way

The monster might be uglier than him, and while the language was still a barrier, Matthew could understand that this monster alien was like a master and the cloaked aliens were like his slaves or prisoners of war

He noticed the cuffs on the heels of the cloaked aliens when they moved out of the way for the monster alien

The monster alien barked at the cloaked aliens, and started walking away

The lady he first met, gestured for Matthew to follow her, and she brought him to a spaceship

Nothing much happened on the spaceship

He finally reached another planet, perhaps where the cloaked aliens reside

Upon entering the atmosphere of the planet, there was a strange familiar sense

Matthew didn’t know how to describe it, other than it being a strange yet familiar sense, like something that had been missing

He exited the spaceship when it landed and that strange familiar sense heightened!!

And almost immediately he saw a face, like a vision, of the alien queen of this planet

Matthew was stunned when he saw the queen

For to him, she was the most beautiful creature he had seen

The vision disappeared and he was momentarily at a loss of what to do

Suddenly, he could see the alien queen again

Only this time, she knew he was here

And she wasn’t happy

Matthew described it like a psychic connection, the alien queen and himself

And as he felt her anger towards him

His confusion about the whole situation gradually made sense

As past memories flowed into him

You see, it turns out that Matthew’s past life was this same alien that he looked like now

And this alien queen and him were lovers

He was a warrior

He went to wars and fought great battles

That’s how he won her heart

However, something happened

That’s where her anger started and his past memories got fuzzy

He seemed to have betrayed her over something

Like power almost

And that tore their relationship apart

That’s when the alien queen cursed him for eternity

To always suffer regardless where he went or who he become

That’s why he suffered so much in this life as a human

The memories faded and he looked upon her with love and regret

While she looked upon him with anger and scorn

Matthew knelt down and asked for her forgiveness

For a moment, he felt something give way

He looked up and saw that she still loved him after all this time

That’s why she was so angry

He shared that he was filled with regrets and was sorry even though time cannot reverse what he had done

(There was a conversation between them which I shall not mention)

After which, the alien queen finally forgave him and release the curse

However, he was banned from returning

Talk about a love hate relationship

real sun through forest

The queen disappeared and some soldiers came to escort him to a spaceship to return Matthew from where he came from

Matthew was back in the forest and gradually woke up from his hypnosis

He had a look of bliss

This was because he finally understood where his issues came from and was finally free from them

Fast forward to a week later!

I texted Matthew and asked how was he

He shared how he was putting his resume together and sending it out so he can start working again

He also felt free, and his depression was gone!

That’s just amazing, isn’t it?

Especially in just 1 session

I don’t know about you but whenever my clients share their results with me, it reaffirms how powerful our unconscious minds really are

How hypnosis can easily free oneself from their inner prisons and move them towards true happiness just amazes me each time!

happy and free girl

Truthfully though, your amazing potential lies in your mind

And hypnosis is one way to break those limits and grow 

Now anyway, if you got comments or feedback, go ahead and comment below

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And I will see you again next time!

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