The Story in Your Mind โ€“ The Warehouse Within

Presentation Lee McKing and a warehouse

It’s December which means that Christmas is round the corner!

Christmas is celebrated as the birth of Christ, and a lovely story of a lady encountering Jesus can be found here

Now if you prefer to read a story about Santa instead, you can read this story of a guy meeting Santa and a reindeer

Stories in the mind are hypnotic case studies which are interesting, and help to debunk the idea that when you enter hypnosis you don’t know what’s happening!

The previous story involved Sofia wanting to resolve her issues of procrastination, however the real issue lies in her grief over her family’s passing, which was causing the procrastination

On the other hand, encounters are cases where the client meets a divine being, a higher source, a god – bridging a connection between the self and their god

The previous encounter I shared was about Amanda who had a variety of issues and a being from heaven came to give her hope

All these stories and encounters under hypnosis is because we all have a unique worldview within us

Made up of different and unique perspectives, beliefs and values

In today’s story, I will like to share about a case of a client who did hypnosis and entered a warehouse in his mind

Peter (name changed to protect his identity) has social anxiety, general anxiety, anger issues and an interesting issue

He has a fear of reading and writing

His father contacted me for help as Peter’s issues was preventing him from socializing, studying in school, among other things

Peter shared that his dad hired another hypnotist that went to his house but all he saw was darkness

After reassuring him we will test a few ways to continue with the hypnosis

We begin promptly…

And it was completely dark

However, the moment Peter saw it was dark, he opened his eyes and came out of hypnosis

I asked him why did he come out and he replied,”because I couldn’t see anything”

I reminded him on what we discussed earlier

Because sometimes the darkness itself is a symbol, it represents something like an issue to the client, it might not mean the client isn’t in hypnosis

So we need to test via a few ways

I gave him the choice to continue or end for the day

He decided to continue and we checked the sight again and it was still dark

Then we checked for sounds and noises but there was nothing too

Lastly, we checked for sensations and he felt something like he was in an enclosed space

He was in a box

So I asked him to asked the box, “What is your purpose for me?”

To his shock, the box replied “To keep you safe from people out there”

This box is a manifestation of his unconscious mind wanting to protect him from people outside, but in doing so, it creates a couple of negative side effects!

One being social anxiety, if you are anxious about going out, you won’t meet people, and thus avoiding whatever dangers they might possess (in his mind)

Two will be the darkness we experienced when we entered hypnosis

Because there is no light in a box, so he cannot see anything

I told him to thank the box for protecting you all this while but it is all negative and nothing positive for him now so time to let it go

And it disappeared!

He saw himself in a field with a pathway in front of him

Peter was shocked!

Never in his life did he expect to see so many things under hypnosis

In fact, when he didn’t see anything with the previous hypnotist, that hypnotist said “there is a lot of darkness inside you”

Which might suggest that he was evil or something

That’s not a good thing to say :/

On top of being a huge mistake, it might cause Peter to never want to do therapy, or even believe he was an evil person

That’s the difference between hypnotists

Anyway, now that Peter was in a field with a path, he followed it and came to a warehouse

When he entered it, all he saw were TV screens and computer monitors

However, upon a closer inspection, he realize each screen was playing a different video

Each of them were playing negative experiences of his life

All the times he was bullied in school

The times his parents scolded him

And the times of loneliness at home being neglected by his parents

We are getting a clearer understanding of the inner workings within his mind

Because of his parents neglecting him often, he was lonely at home

And when he attempted to get their love and attention, they scolded him instead

Looking for attention (or love) elsewhere, probably caused him to act in certain ways that got the negative attention of bullies instead

Or he has such low self esteem that his body language attracted bullies to bully him

All of these memories and experiences are kept in this warehouse

And his unconscious mind wanted to protect him by putting his mind in a box, away from this warehouse

We see how his social anxiety, and anger issues come into play

Presentation mental health care

Now it was time to heal

I guided him to release each negative memory and experience and one by one, the TVs started disappearing

Mind you, it doesn’t mean his memories disappeared!

It is a resolution, a release of the negative emotions

So yes, he can still logically recall the memories

Along the way, we found the root of his fear of reading and writing

Due to his poor performance in school, his parents hired a tutor

However, the tutor kept forcing him to erase his work and redo until it was done right and in neat handwriting

This caused him to hate reading and writing

I asked Peter to let me know once all the TVs are gone, and there were but a few left

He said the remaining 5 TVs are concerning his parents, and he doesn’t want to resolve them yet

At that time, Peter didn’t want to forgive his parents for their treatment of him, and hence these specific experiences cannot yet be resolved or released

He wanted to continue being angry at them

Since he resolved his main issues of anxieties and the fears, and I cannot force him to do something he doesn’t want to do, then it was about them to bring him out of hypnosis

I did a final check with his unconscious mind and there wasn’t anything else that he wanted to resolve so I brought him out of hypnosis

There is always a choice

Peter recognized that he wanted to continue being angry at his parents and thus, this will stay with him until he is ready to release this and forgive them

The main issues he wanted to resolve are his anxieties and the fear of reading and writing, which have been resolved

I asked him to pick up one of my books, flip to a random page and read it!

And he was fine~

Now there might be some clients who for whatever reason cannot be hypnotized yet, and this is ok

Personally, I like to test via sight, hearing and sensations before I can conclude that perhaps the client wasn’t ready to be hypnotized today

In other cases, it could be due to other reasons, such as a fear of seeing what’s in their own minds, or a lack of trust towards the hypnotist

If so then sometimes the solution is a matter of time

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