6 Wicked Cool Hypnotic Phenomena When You Go Under

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This is a continuation of the blog post of 6 Things that Happens Under Hypnosis

So I mentioned previously that everyone experiences hypnosis differently and I illustrate the basic 6 things in the blog post linked above

And if you have not read it, go ahead and read it now

Anyway, here are 6 wicked cool things that can also happen when you go into hypnosis

1. Sensory Replication

Now what do I mean by this?

Basically, in the basic post, I mentioned 2 main senses that are very commonly experienced under hypnosis

By sensory replication, I mean the other senses too!

For example, I once had a client who (under hypnosis), went to a cafe with her friend, and ordered a beef steak

And she was describing the tenderness as her knife cut the steak, the aroma of the steak, and the texture and taste of the steak…

Even my mouth watered as I heard her description!!

Of course, not everyone can taste or smell cause it depends on the situation and scene too

Like I had another client who was at the beach for her hypnotic experience, and she could feel the warmth of the sun, the fine sand beneath her feet and in between her toes, and smell the salt in the air~

2. Energy

When I say energy, it’s actually kind of basic and advanced at the same time

Lee McKing yellow energy

It’s kind of quirky actually cause not a lot of people get this phenomena 

So an example of this phenomena was when one of my clients found a golden key, and upon holding it in her hand, she saw this golden energy spreading from the key throughout her body, feeling her with an energy of power and confidence!

Now I had another client who had this blue energy from her right hand and a red energy from her left hand, and both spread to meet the centre (so imagine as if someone is half red and half blue!)

In her case, the two energies combined and a new symbol was born! A blue crystal heart!

I love it when my clients see and experience these kind of energy hypnotic phenomena cause it’s always so amazing and beautiful!

3. Divinity

With this, it’s a combination of visual, auditory and energy phenomena

Basically, when a client experiences divinity or God under hypnosis

That’s a totally different experience!

For example I had a Muslim client see the Arabic symbol for Allah, and just had to prostrate before Allah and feel a sense of unbelievable love and forgiveness and awe

And I also had another client, a Hindu who was now in the sun, and with Lord Shiva and Lord Buddha with him (he literally felt at one with the universe!)

Not forgetting the client who met with Christ the King in Heaven!

Hence, divinity experiences are literally out of this world!

4. Time Travel

Lee McKing pocket watch time

Whether you believe it or not, some clients do go into past lives! 

But time travel is not just past lives, we can go back in our memories (known as a regression) or forward in time (known as a progression), while past lives is past lives regression

We can also go along genetics! Or ancestry

So I had this female client, who time travelled to her father’s childhood, and saw how he was being treated in order to understand why he treated her as such (then we did a forgiveness process to release and resolve the issue)

And I had this male client, who progressed in time, and saw his child being born, and his family was whole, with happiness and love!

Time travelling is a great way to find root causes to address issues and to progress in time to see how to solve certain issues!

5. Out Of Body Experiences

First of all, the soul does not leave the body!

It just feels that way hahaha

Some clients under hypnosis when they go to various places, they state that it feels like they aren’t in the room with me anymore

I even had a client tell me they are now in the corner of the room, looking at me and his body!

For the record, I turned to that supposed corner and waved but since he did not say anything, it was not a real out of body experience so his soul did not leave the body!

I cannot stress that enough lol

From past to present with Lee McKing

6. Accelerated Healing

Now this one is super cool!!!

Because I have used hypnosis to aid some of my clients with physical health issues and healed them

From colds, cough and even sore throats!

Like how I healed my mom’s physical injury of her wrist in a short period of time

And even recently I had a 83 year old man who had a rash all over his body and in 1 session, healed his rash to a large extent (testimonial here)

How is this possible?

Basically we use hypnosis to open the unconscious mind and use it to tell the body the necessary instructions for the healing of the body

Hope this post expands your knowledge of hypnosis!

And remember that not everyone goes through the same experience!

Especially some of these more advanced hypnotic phenomena stuff!

Hope you enjoy it and do comment below if you have any questions or comments! 😀

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