Why Can’t I See Under Hypnosis?!


Guess what?

You are not alone

Well, if you tried hypnosis and couldn’t see anything, I mean

There are several possible reasons why one might not be able to see anything when they go into hypnosis

And truthfully, it doesn’t matter too much whether you can or cannot see anything

Which you will read about later too!

So why would someone be able to see while another cannot?

Today I will be sharing 6 of the main reasons why someone cannot see under hypnosis

Let’s take a look at some of those reasons below!

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1. You aren’t ready to resolve your issue

You see, this might seem counter intuitive and yet it is so fundamental

If one isn’t ready to resolve their issues, then the hypnosis wouldn’t be effective to bring them to face their issues in the first place

Even if one were to book an appointment to see me for hypnosis, it does not mean they are ready to resolve their issue

Weird I know, but that is how it can be

Some people might book an appointment under pressure from their lover, their family, their friends

Others might book because they are desperate to resolve their issues

However, desperation doesn’t mean you will solve your issues

And then we have some people who book an appointment because they want to show their friends or family that they are interested in seeking help, but internally they might not want to

Of course there is a possibility they are ready to resolve their issues on the conscious level

However, their unconscious isn’t ready to resolve or let go of the issue

So you can imagine the layers within just one reason

I had a client who attempted hypnosis 3 times but each time she couldn’t see, feel or hear anything!

However, she realized it was because she didn’t want to face her issues

Instead, she wanted hypnosis to magically make the issues go away, without her needing to do anything

Unfortunately, this is also a misconception about hypnosis and about healing

You have to face the issue and work things through, whether physically or psychologically

Only then can you resolve and heal

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2. You aren’t ready to face your past

This is kinda similar to the above reason

The difference is that the issue stems from a clear point in the past

Whether it be from a childhood trauma, terrible family upbringing, etc

The reason for not wanting to face the past is understandable

Because something happened, say a trauma, and revisiting the trauma seems scary and hurtful

Hence, some people might not be ready to face their past

Yet, if they are unable to face their past, they cannot move forward into the future

The past trauma, whatever it may be, is now a chain, restricting and holding one back

Holding one back from success, happiness, and more

I had a client who claims he want to resolve a past relationship issue, to let go so he can move forward

And when we did the hypnosis, try as we did, he couldn’t see anything, couldn’t hear anything, couldn’t feel anything

Then I asked him if there was something that he didn’t tell me

He said he didn’t want to face it!

He didn’t want to revisit what happened, didn’t want to see the stuff, didn’t want to feel the hurt

If you were to imagine your mind is like your house

And you have some issue being represented as a cockroach in your storeroom

You need to get rid of the cockroach before it spreads and breeds to the rest of the house right?

That’s how issues are too

Leaving them alone and pretending they do not exist, will only allow them to grow in the background

Creating more issues and negative experiences for you

Whereas catching the cockroach, even if its just a moment of disgust or fear etc

Will allow you to be free of the issues

And be able to feel freedom, happiness and more!

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3. You’ve encountered the unconscious defence mechanism

Ok this is pretty interesting

In this case, the “darkness” or “lack of sight” isn’t bad

Although it ain’t necessarily good either

It can be said to be a bit of both

So what is happening is that we have an unconscious defence mechanism

This defence mechanism is to protect us, our minds, our life, and so on

In the event a trauma occurs, especially during childhood but it is possible to experience this during adulthood too

If the trauma was so bad, such that the unconscious mind deems it better to block out this traumatic memory

Then the defence mechanism of the unconscious mind will do so and block out that particular memory

And this darkness or lack of sight is what we may encounter as we do hypnosis

We have come to the traumatic memory but due to it being blocked, we are unable to see it at the moment

Think of it as entering a room, and it’s the right room to resolve your issues, but the light isn’t on

This is, most of the time, easily rectified

For the record, I will not be “hammering down the wall” ok…

That might cause more harm than good

We will negiotiate with the unconscious mind to release the memory

It is good that it wants to protect you but the negative side effect is that the trauma still leaks out to create an issue

During a regression, a client ended up in a dark space and after some negiotiation, the darkness went away

She saw herself doing some coloring and outside her room, her parents were arguing

That was all!

However, to her 3 year old self, the parents’ argument was considered traumatic

Which gave her anxiety and panic attacks

And we resolved within that session itself

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4. You’ve encountered the issue itself

This is a bit similar to the above, but yet very different

The above was talking about how the “darkness” was the unconscious defence mechanism at play

In this case the “darkness” is the issue itself!

You see, our minds usually processes information through images and symbols

Yes we got words too but you can pack a lot more information into a symbol or an image as compared to a word

That’s how something like a Memory Palace comes about

So instead of saying, “Oh the hypnosis isn’t working”, we have to resolve this issue in the form of darkness first

One such client couldn’t see anything and he popped out of hypnosis at first before going back in

Once we confirmed he couldn’t see or hear anything, he realized that he can feel something

He felt like he was in a box

When we asked what does it want for him, it replied that it wanted to protect him from outside people cause they are scary!!

Which made sense because one of his issues was social anxiety!

Naturally hearing the voice shocked him but because he wanted to resolve it

He told the box that he doesn’t want it anymore and it disappeared

And now he could see he was on a pasture with a path leading to a warehouse with a bunch of TVs playing a memory of negative experiences

We resolved all but 5 which came from the parents, he wasn’t ready to forgive his parents you see

However, that was a good session as we resolved the other issues that he wanted to resolve

Just a reminder that I cannot resolve issues that the clients themselves do not want to resolve

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5. You can’t see as well under hypnosis generally

This is pretty straightforward

You know how there are so many people in this world and we are all born with slight differences?

Different abilities or disabilities of sight, different range of hearing capabilities, whether we get a complete physical body or lack thereof or even extra stuff

You get the picture

Similarly, this also applies to our minds

Some can see better, some can’t see at all

Some can hear stuff under hypnosis, some cannot

Most cannot taste or smell but there are a few who can

Essentially, if someone is unable to see anything, we got to do a bit of testing

Like the earlier male client where we tested and he can feel himself in a box

There was a lady who said she couldn’t see anything and she wanted out

So I told her to come out of hypnosis and open her eyes

But she couldn’t open her eyes!

That was a sign for her that she was truly in hypnosis, just that she couldn’t see anything

The thing that worked for her was sensations

In fact, it was interesting to work with her because when we focus on her anger issues, her face will turn red!

When we focus on her anxiety, her neck will turn red!

Hence, besides sensations, we… or I… get to observe physical experiences too

The more we test, the more we can conclude what is the next best course of action

Thus, trusting the process and the therapist is important

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6. You are desperate to see

This might seem like a funny thing

But desperation (or expectation) creates limitation

The more you want to see, ironically, the more you might not be able to see

I share with my clients that anything can happen

Clear or blur

With color or just black and white

Many things or just one or two things

There are all possible

But when you expect to see many things, you might get disappointed when nothing appears or only 1 or 2 appears

That disappointment can make less stuff appear

Hence, expectations can create limitations

One of my clients couldn’t see anything but she can feel the moist brick wall on her left

Following it, she came to some stairs and went down

But because she couldn’t see, she could only feel, she got upset and sat on the stairs intending to wait for her unconscious mind to “light up”

I brought her out of hypnosis and chat with her

‘Is it more important to see something under hypnosis or to resolve an issue?’

She replied it is more important to resolve an issue

So what is this “obsession” or “desire” to see something?

If you can feel stuff, you know you are in hypnosis and we can resolve whatever issues you want to resolve

She went to the toilet to have a thought and realized I was right

When she tried again, she could see herself on the beach

Feeling the sand in between her toes, the warmth of the sun

Smelling the salt in the air and hearing the crashing of waves

The moment she let go of the expectations, her mind was free to create

Ain’t that something~

Lee McKing chatting with a female client NLB

This are just the main few reasons

There are other smaller reasons for why someone might not be able to see something under hypnosis

If you are interested, I can share more next time

The main takeaway is this

Just because you can’t see anything, doesn’t mean you cannot be hypnotized or that you aren’t in hypnosis

And even if you aren’t ready to face the issues or something in the past

It’s ok

Sometimes you might just need a bit more time 🙂

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