Why Should I Look For A Hypnotist?

Talk to Lee McKing

I don’t know if you ever had this question but it’s a good question isn’t it?

Why should anyone look for a hypnotist?

You see, everyone has problems

Whether they admit it or not!

And humans in general cannot see the solution to their problem

Ok ok, some can and do! Some cannot and don’t

You probably know of at least one person who has a problem (because you or everyone else can see it)

But the person cannot!

Everyone has problems

Ironically, you probably went through something similar too! 

Where you didn’t see the problem while others said it was really obvious!

Now sometimes, the right questions can lead a person to understand themselves, their problems, and even their solutions

And such questions can come from anyone

Even your best friend! 😀

So yea, what makes a hypnotist so special?

Probably the skill to bring you into your unconscious mind

You see, one of the beliefs of a hypnotist is that the solution lies in your unconscious mind for almost every problem that is on your conscious mind

Well ok, a hypnotherapist

Those street and stage hypnotists may or may not hold such beliefs as they tend to use hypnosis for entertainment

Anyway, so when you get questions from a coach, a counsellor or a hypnotist

You can get different effects just because the hypnotist can bring you into your unconscious mind

On top of that, let me share one more thing

You see, when we focus on a problem, our minds cannot find a solution

It's How We Look At Things

Again, yes some do, but if it were that easy…

Anyway, a master hypnotist can help change your perspectives, refocus your mind from problem to solution and get you there fast in your unconscious mind

And yes, a coach or counsellor can probably do that too

Ultimately, it’s who you are most comfortable with 🙂

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