Why Positive Affirmations Don’t Work

What Is Positive Affirmations slide with Lee McKing

If you are reading this, you probably already know about affirmations and how they can help you. But does it really work?

What are Positive Affirmations?

Affirmations by default are statements that are supposed to be positive and help you

Statements like the following:

“I am happy.”

“I am loved.”

“I am beautiful.”

Simple and straight forward aren’t they?

Generally speaking, affirmations are statements which affirm something about yourself

And you can say it to yourself starting with “I am…” or an alternative is to stand in front of a mirror and say “You are…”

Some examples of statements if you stand in front of a mirror:

“You are awesome.”

“You are confident.”

“You are happy.”

You get the picture

So why don’t they work?

You see, these statements may give you a boost, let’s say positive is +1 (plus one) while negative is -1 (minus one) to your emotional state

So the statements above can give you a +1 each time you say it right?

Which is why another teaching of saying positive affirmations is to say 50 times in front of a mirror or to say 100 times throughout the day

Gosh! That’s a lot of work

And if you miss it, that’s it

Why else don’t they work?

Here is the other reason that is far more important (in my honest opinion) than the above

Because of negative affirmations

Wait what McKing?! Are there negative affirmations?? I thought they are supposed to be positive??

Yea supposed

    the action or process of affirming something.
    “he nodded in affirmation”

This is taken from dictionary.com

So affirmations are actions (like saying statements to yourself) to affirm something

Do you realize something?

It’s a very neutral statement

So because it’s neutral, it’s possible to have negative affirmations, where we affirm something negative about ourselves or our lives or the world etc

The best part about negative affirmations? Do you know we are already using them daily?

Shocking isn’t it? Curious if you too are doing it? Then read on.

Standard negative affirmations are as follows:

“I am going to have a bad day today.”

“I hate my life.”


But it can get worse…

Here is a common statement that most of my friends are saying, “Every time I think about work, the more stressed I become.”

Seems harmless doesn’t it? Let’s break it down for a bit.

You see, assuming my friends go to a standard 9 to 6 job, that’s 8 to 9 hours easily, where they are working.

That’s every minute, every second in the standard 8 or 9 hours where they think about work

Heck, they might even think about work when they are home!!

Wait a minute?! Doesn’t that mean that statement they say can trigger deep in their unconscious mind??

That’s right!

Adding easily minus 60 minutes x 8 hours = 480 on their emotional state

Meaning you start the day with 50 positive affirmations and end the day with 480 counts of thoughts about work leading to stress

+50 -480 = -430 emotional state… no wonder it doesn’t work!!

And that’s an example of a negative affirmation that’s really cranked up. Where a negative statement (in this case of stress) is re-enforced.

How about ““Every time he/she texts me, I get afraid.”?

This is more evident in abusive relationships although it’s probably easier to break up and end the relationship, at least you know of such negative affirmations in your mind.

So let’s pause for a moment and think about other possible negative affirmations that you might be saying to yourself and write them down.

I’ll wait.






Ok are you done?

Now look at those statements that you say to yourself.

Of course, the first step is to stop saying those statements.

The next, is to recognize what’s happening?

Did you notice the difference between the above positive affirmations and the negative affirmations that everyone says?

Well, yes the negative one is longer but… what else?

What’s triggering it?

In the first negative affirmation, due to the words, “every time I think about work”, the whole statement is triggered every day the person goes to work and is working.

Worse still if the person talks about work until midnight eh?

So now that we know this, what can we do?


Take the cranked up method and apply to positive affirmations so that it triggers naturally!

Some examples are:

“Every time I sit at my office, I feel more motivated to complete my work.”

“The more I talk, the more happy I become.”

“Every time I breathe, I feel more confident.”

lee mcking new

And so on! 

So take the positive affirmations you want and apply some hypnotic language to it

Oh yea this is what I call, Hypnotic Positive Affirmations

Where such affirmations only need to be said once a day and poof

So go ahead, create your own hypnotic positive affirmations and comment below some of your favourites!

And don’t forget to like and share with your friends so they can benefit too!

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