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Recently I started to realize that I have some deep-seated biases, prejudices or beliefs about money, wealth and becoming rich. I realized that I have been avoiding the topic of money for a long time, and it is causing problems in my life. I want to unblock it.

This was my third hypnosis with McKing. In my first two hypnosis, I saw the Sea Turtle who laid eggs and the Dragon Turtle King in his magnificent underwater palace. They were not just bizarre visions; to me, they represent either something that my subconscious could not articulate in my normal state. It might also be the Holy Spirit speaking to me – I would not rule that out. Anyway, I am not an expert, and I only speak from personal experience.

After some chats about my beliefs about money and wealth, we went ahead with the hypnosis.

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At the start of the hypnotism, I was at a quiet, sunny beach of a cove. The beach was covered with fine white sand. Gentle waves lapped at the shore. There was a single beach sling chair, with blue and white striped canvas. The whole beach was quiet. I was the only one there. Yet I knew that somewhere nearby there were some shops, so I knew I was not stranded on an island. All was well, relaxed and serene.


I feel a sensation near my abdomen. As I paid attention to it, a spinning red orb with a pointed bottom started to emerge from my abdomen. It looked like a three dimensional version of the location pin on Google Maps. It was about the size of a bowling ball, and was hard and smooth. It spun, whirled and vibrated at a frenzy speed. There was a red glow from the translucent surface too. I felt that it had such a tremendous amount of energy within that it would take off into the sky if it spun any faster.

I knew that this spinning orb represented my desires, aspirations and passion. Even as it drove me and gave me direction in life, it also consumed a part of me.


After I got this message, the red spinning orb started to be covered with tiny scales. It became more organic in its look. Then the scales turn into soft, white feathers, like that of a bird. In fact, the entire red orb turns into a very adorable dove. It was no longer vibrating or spinning frantically. The dove was at ease. In its beak it carries a single tiny olive branch.

Then the dove merged into my abdomen. I felt no fear as that happened, only warmth. As it did so, it started to glow in a soft, cozy amber light. At the same time, rays of light shone from above my right side and fell on me. I know that it was a light that shone from heaven.

The olive branch held by the dove seemed to have grown bigger and somehow became my hands. It was a little like Groot in the Guardian of Galaxy. When I extended my hands, I felt that I was extending olive branches to people around me. I knew that it meant that I would make peace using the olive branches.


I searched within me to see if there were remnants of the red orb in me. I found some shards. I pressed the shards together into an egg-shaped oblong object that I could hold in my right hand. The egg-shaped object felt like a pebble and had some tribal patterns or designs on it.

That was when I started to have visions about my memory with money.


In the first vision, I was at a night market in a small town. It felt like I was in Taiwan, Penang, or Thailand. I felt happy, light-hearted, carefree, and I was with my wife. In that vision, the night was still young and there were many nice local delicacies to sample and interesting things to see. We were taking our time and strolling along.

I felt that I had enough to spend on anything I’d like to try, without having to worry about whether it was too expensive. Yet I didn’t feel the urge to overspend or to try everything. I felt that I could very well afford anything and everything, but I could also walk away with nothing if I chose to. I had total freedom with what I wanted to do.

That was the message: I want to feel that I could afford anything I want, but it does not mean I have to be enslaved to material things. The feeling I want is knowing that I can afford, and it is a good feeling.

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In the next vision, I saw a very simple money box, containing a note of $50 and several notes of $10. There may even be some coins. I knew that this was an incident from my university days. I was the treasurer for some clubs, and I had to collect money for events and tee shirts. Maybe I did not do my bookkeeping well enough, there were some leftovers and I did not know what to do with it or how to return them. In the end, I kept the money for myself. I felt guilt and shame when I recall that incident.

Soon I felt amused about the situation, rather than ashamed. I shook my head and a big smile appeared on my face. I knew it was an honest mistake. I did not intentionally steal the money. If I knew what to do with the money, I would have returned it. I knew that even at a young age, I valued my reputation more than money.

The message: I can be trusted with money. Forgive myself and let go of this episode. It was an honest mistake.


By now, the egg-shaped pebble in my hand had started to disintegrate into dust, in the same manner of what happened to people, when they got wiped out by Thanos’ snap in Avengers. What remained was a soft white clay or putty, which I pressed and kneaded in my right hand. It felt clean and cool to my touch, not clammy or messy.

The message to me was, I am malleable, flexible and moldable like the putty. I can learn new skills and mindset about wealth.

I kept the putty inside me as a resource for future use. I knew that I would use it often. There would be times when I would need to be malleable, flexible and moldable, like the putty.


At that point, my last vision came to me. It was somewhat of a surprise because all had been going well. All the messages had been positive so far, but this was different.

I saw a scene of infinite darkness, like how the underworld was like in the movie 倩女幽魂. The scene also reminded me of some Alien shows.

In this world of darkness, I saw a throne or an altar in the middle of it. All around it, there were pale, muscular humanoid figures which reminded me of the Engineers in the movie Prometheus. They were kneeling down and facing the throne or the altar, like they were all worshiping what was on it. They were all motionless, but I knew that they were alive. Yet I could not see what was on the throne or altar. I could only sense that it was something dark, powerful and faceless. There was a blood red glow emanating from it.

I was treading carefully across this minefield of worshippers. I did not want to disturb them because I knew it would spell trouble. They did not look friendly at all, more like zombies than humans. I saw a mighty hand reaching down from above to hold my hand and guide me as I tread. I knew that it was the hand of God or His angel. I gripped that mighty hand tightly like a little boy. It guided me to navigate my way through that minefield of worshippers.

I got the message: many worship wealth and riches and become lifeless slaves to it, with God’s constant guidance I can navigate through it.

With that final vision, I was done with the hypnotism. I came out of it. It felt good.

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This is a personal sharing from one of my clients and I must say it was such a surprise that he did this and allowed me to share with you as well!

I am humbled and appreciative that my clients want to share so they can help make a difference in the lives of other people

Feel free to share this with your friends as a case study and testimonial!

Testimonial received 7 March 2024

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