When Dreams Contain A Hidden Message Or Two

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Previously I shared about how dreams can just be random illogical creations of the unconscious mind

And for some people, dreams connect to a supernatural space~

Where one might have a deceased person visit, or dream of a future which creates deja vu

Although today I am sharing about hidden messages of dreams

I am not interpreting dreams!

I will not be sharing what it means if you dream of your tooth falling out

No, not like that

You must remember that not every dream has the same intention (unless it is a recurring dream)

So today you might dream of the future, tomorrow might be a random production of the unconscious mind

As long as you understand this ok?

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So what about recurring dreams?

Generally speaking, to me, any recurring dream is more likely a definite attempt by your unconscious mind to connect or communicate with you

It is very unlikely for a recurring dream to be completely random

Like you want to play a movie but the player jams and you can only play that one movie

You see, there aren’t many ways your unconscious mind can connect or communicate with you

Assuming you don’t pray, meditate, or have any connection with your unconscious mind

Then the only main way is through a dream or a gut feeling

So if you get a recurring dream, it means something!

What is it?

I have no idea

You have to look at the content of the dream, as well as the events that play out

For some people it might be something urgent you have to do

For others, the unconscious mind might want to highlight something important that you must know

One of my clients had a recurring dream of being all alone floating in a spaceship or an escape pod in space

In his dream, it seems the earth has been destroyed and he was the only survivor

That was all he could remember

He asked if I can hypnotize him and help him continue the dream, which will allow him to understand whatever the dream want to highlight to him

I will share his hypnotic experience here!

Remind me if there is no link!!

Cause I need to write it out first ha~

Anyway, recurring dreams usually highlight an important message or some details you must know

Then we get into recurring nightmares

Naturally, a recurring nightmare is related to an issue

And it could be an actual event, or a representation of that event

For example, one of my clients had a recurring nightmare of seeing his family getting beaten, shot and killed

And this was because when he was 8 years old, he saw his father getting beaten, shot and killed

My client had this recurring nightmare every single night until he was 33 when he flew over to see me to resolve his trauma

The very next morning was the first time he woke up from a peaceful sleep, instead of his usual screaming and yelling

Of course, this is more related to the actual trauma

What about a representation?

One of my clients had a recurring nightmare (or dream) of her boyfriend (later her husband) finding another woman

Conventionally, we might say she has low self esteem, insecurities, or worried of her partner cheating

Yet, when we did the hypnosis, we found that it was because her mom said she looked like a prostitute when she was 5 years old!!

And because most unconscious minds of children will assume the parents to be absolutely correct, her unconscious mind created a pattern that if she is a prostitute, then any man she is with will find another woman tomorrow

Which created the recurring nightmare (or dream) whenever she had a partner

Naturally we can resolve this issue and she has been free of it since the hypnosis

Some other recurring dreams might be metaphoric

For example, the classic dream of being chased by something, or running away from something

Even if you dream that you are running away from a zombie, in reality, it could be something else you are running away from, connection with parents, stress at work, whatever

Presentation Lee McKing and sleep issues

Last is on lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the ability to know you are dreaming while you are sleeping and sometimes, to be able to control the elements of the dream as well

Some people enjoy it, some people don’t

But then, so what if you can lucid dream?

The fun part is being able to control the dream as you like

Such as giving yourself the ability to fly, super strength, walk through walls etc

One time I dream I was a spy in a building looking for some information when the enemies started to come back into the room!

Because I was lucid dreaming, I gave myself the ability to phase through walls, like Shadow Cat in X-Men, and went into the wall

I thought that I can wait until they left the room to continue searching

However… I forgot my nose is pretty big… T_T

So they saw my nose poking through the wall!!!

Because I was standing in the wall, so now there is no choice and I needed to escape!

I went through the other side of the wall and found myself outside the building just standing on a ledge!

They opened a window, pointed and yelled at me

Then I gave myself the power of flight, like Superman, and flew off

Quite fun right~

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But there is another benefit to lucid dreaming

I will however, caution you against doing this part until you are fully aware and ready to face it

You see, you can use lucid dreaming to resolve issues in your unconscious mind

Remember, sometimes your unconscious mind creates a dream to highlight an issue

So if you can lucid dream, you can find out exactly what issue it is, and resolve it accordingly

Of course, that is provided you are ready to face the issue and resolve it

If it is too traumatic, there is a possibility you forget you are in a dream and you lose the ability to lucid dream

Which means, you end up dreaming of the trauma

Or reliving the trauma

Of course you might just get shocked into waking up too

Just that losing the ability to control it at the moment might be an unpleasant experience

Overall, I think the main thing in recognizing that you are dreaming, helps you to centre yourself (especially if you are in a bad dream)

In fact, the realization allows you to be calmer and have a more restful sleep

Like, I haven’t had a nightmare in ages, and even if I do dream of something “scary”

Somehow I do not feel afraid at all

Because I know it is just a dream

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