What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Presentation Lee McKing and whats love

It’s 2023 and Valentine’s Day is round the corner!!

How will you be spending it?

Will you be chilling at home because you don’t have a date? (Hey me too ok? No issue here)

Or perhaps you are going on a date and hoping things work out so you can get a relationship (Good luck there!!!)

Maybe you already have plans with your significant other, your partner in love, maybe going the next step (Or not, it is ok either way, have fun!~)

Whichever it is, there is no hard and fast rule on how you want to spend your Valentines

Seriously, what’s the point of being apart and unromantic the entire year only to celebrate your love for 1 day?

It makes more sense to me to have little celebrations of your love throughout the relationship

And it doesn’t have to be fancy schmancy too

Anyhoo, regardless whether you are attached or single, Valentines can help you understand a little better about love

In whichever aspect of love

First off, if you are single

You probably have a conscious type that you are looking for in a partner, but did you know there is also an unconscious type?

In some people, there is an alignment, so you know what you are looking for

However in other cases, there is a misalignment, and your unconscious and conscious types are different from each other

How does one know or realize this?

I did this hypnosis on Tiktok and it was a huge success!

The hypnosis was for people to see their future partner!!

This taps into the unconscious mind and allows certain traits to manifest from your unconscious mind so you can be consciously aware

Here’s the video hypnosis, have fun!

@leemckingthehypnotist Been a while since I recorded hypnosis, especially one to see your future partner #love #relationship #hypnosis #futurepartner #partner #lover #visualization #singapore #record ♬ Relaxing Japanese-style piano song inviting nostalgia – Akiko Akiyama

Now of course because it is done online, there will be certain lapses

Because some people might need it slower, others can do it faster

So a face to face or live hypnosis is always better as I can adjust and guide you more efficiently

Whereas for a video, where it is recorded at a fixed speed, inflection etc, then some people might need to do a couple of times to get the effect properly

On top of that, you might see the face of your future partner, or you might not

What’s more important is to be aware of their characteristics or personality, perhaps even their hobbies and interests

Some people (you can find in the comments) even reported smelling the other person’s perfume!

Or feeling their warm touch through a hug, a kiss or when holding hands~

Once you know their characteristics, or their hobbies, you can look out for them in real life!

I had a lady said her future partner look like he was wearing sports attire, holding a tennis racket, and so he looked like a tennis player

The funny thing is, that she was going to start playing tennis the following week!

A man said his ex wife appeared and he wondered why?

I asked if among all his past relationships, which was the best for him and it was with his ex wife

So in this case, it’s to find someone similar to the characteristics of his ex wife

If she was funny, find someone who is funny, if she was skilled in IT, find someone like that

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Considering he tried to date other girls who were so different and not only did it not work out, it crashed!

I originally did this hypnosis in a workshop after sharing about relationship values and one lady saw a man when she opened the door

The funny thing was that another man appeared and sort of kicked the first man away saying: “Get away. She’s mine”

A couple months later she saw me at a Halloween event at Asian Civilisations Museum

And she told me that second man she saw under hypnosis became her boyfriend!!

Somehow he really did appear and they got together!!!

And she asked me if hypnosis was a way to see into the future

But well, that’s a different perspective that we are probably not going to explore today

Anyway, the next video will be helpful whether you are single or attached

This video is to help to find out what are your top relationship values

@leemckingthehypnotist This activity has saved relationships especially with Valentines around the corner ❤ #valentinesday #valentine #love #lover #relationship #marriage #commitment #happiness #value #values #important #selflove #communication ♬ Relaxing Japanese-style piano song inviting nostalgia – Akiko Akiyama

You see, a lot of people don’t really know what are their true relationship values

Yes, maybe you have an idea of your conscious relationship values, but they might differ from your unconscious relationship values

A client I worked with some years ago put her number 1 relationship value as sex, and to her, as long as there is sex, everything is fine

She came to me wondering why her relationship has so many arguments and they often break up, patch up, break up again and so on

When we did this activity, she found that her top relationship value was actually communication

It was never about sex!

That was like ranked 15 or something

Because she was consciously looking at the wrong value, it created a lot of unconscious negative emotions and thus, they often argued

Another example will be a girl I matched with on a dating app recently

She can say that she values honesty and loyalty, and prefer someone knowledgable over someone tall, but in the end, she said she is waiting for this particular guy to ask her to be her boyfriend

However, she knows (and shared with me) that this guy is a playboy and is going to clubs often to f* with other girls (her words not mine)

So consciously she want a honest and loyal guy but unconsciously, she want something else, because otherwise she wouldn’t be ok with a guy who is dishonest and fools around right?

Of course, you might be thinking, maybe she is a liar herself, but well, I rather not think that someone has a negative trait straight off, maybe she just really don’t know herself that well

Lee McKing shrug presentation

Most people don’t

And it’s because there is a misalignment between their conscious and unconscious values, that’s why there are problems

Anyway, doing this particular activity to find your unconscious relationship values as well as putting them in order of importance will allow you to realize a few things in your relationship

Or in what you want out of a relationship

This will reduce a lot of issues when you realize the relationship fits your values well, or if you realize it doesn’t fit, you can discuss it with your partner, or even be more ok to let it go, if breaking up was an option

Of course, your partner can do this activity too and so both of you can be in greater alignment with each other in what you both want out of a relationship

So whether you are single or attached, you can benefit from knowing your relationship values

And of course, if you are single, seeing your future partner and knowing what traits he or she has will help you to find them much more easily

Cheers and have fun! 😀

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