What’s Going To Happen After CB?


Hey there so if you have been living in Singapore during this time, you will know that Circuit Breaker (otherwise known as CB for short) is going to end on 1 June 2020

Certain essential businesses can return to work (Yay!) but strongly encouraged to continue telecommunication

So… what does this mean for us?

Like especially if you were considering to see me for hypnosis

And yes, there were a few clients who were considering hypnosis but preferred face to face instead of online

Unfortunately… I probably have to continue telecommunication and to continue doing hypnosis via Skype, Zoom, Facebook or Whatsapp video calls…

This is for the safety of Singapore

But well, I am asking the government if I could get an update so stay tuned (hope they answer)

So yea now what?

Well if we still continue, to do chats and hypnosis via online, we could so it’s fine

Just that some people might feel they prefer to see me face to face so yea we got to wait for the official updates

Anyway, for now, since you are here, let’s watch these videos where a girl explains hypnosis in Mandarin

Part 1 Explanation of Hypnosis by Grace Vesta

In this video, Grace Vesta found my website and decided to explain hypnosis based from my website

She’s a Malaysian Chinese and I thought this is perfect to help the Chinese speaking market in Malaysia and Singapore understand a bit better what is hypnosis all about

Here she explained how most people can be hypnotised and resistance towards hypnosis is a choice

She also shared how some people (like uncles and aunties) in Malaysia may have gotten conned before by con-men and people seem to link such con jobs to hypnosis

You can read how I allowed myself to be conned to order to decipher how they do it so you don’t have to be conned to know what they do

Anyway, I think there was so much information in my blog that Grace had to split the information into two parts!

Here’s part 2

Part 2 Explanation of Hypnosis Grace Vesta

So Grace explains the difference between the conscious and unconscious mind as well as some of its functions

She also shares about how there is a difference between traditional hypnosis and modern hypnosis

And yes, I’m a modern style hypnotist 🙂

Anyway, I thought it was good to share how she explained hypnosis in Mandarin because there are Chinese speaking people who approach me and sometimes it is a bit challenging for me to explain how the mind works

So I’m extremely honoured and thankful that Grace decided to feature me for her vlog 😀

Do subscribe to her Youtube here for other great content from her!

And you know, the last couple of months have been interesting for me

Being featured like that hahaha

But all jokes aside, what if the rest of the year, the circuit breaker was extended?

Hypothetically, what would you do?

I want to know so share with me either by commenting below or PM me

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