What Is Hypnosis All About?

What is Hypnosis all about?

A lot of people have common misconceptions about hypnosis

  • It’s sleep!
  • Mind control
  • Fake BS
  • Trickster

And more!!

And you can read other misconceptions here

Anyway, so what is hypnosis?

Let’s look briefly at a bit of history~

You can skip this part if it’s not of your interest hahaha

We won’t go too far back to the time of when hypnotic trances were first used in human history

Just as far back as Franz Mesmer is good enough

Basically, he did something called “animal magnetism” and used it widely to cure people of their problems

Guess where the word “mesmerize” came from 😛

Anyway, James Braid comes into the picture to research “animal magnetism”

I told you it was a brief history, didn’t I?

And later called this phenomena he noticed, “hypnotism”

Yet later regretted because he realized hypnosis is not “sleep”

(In case you were wondering, Hypnos is the Greek God of Sleep! And that’s why people think hypnosis is sleep!)

Hypnotic Picture edited

He found out that hypnosis really is about focused attention

Or total focused concentration in a single thought

And his new term, “mono-ideoism” sadly didn’t catch on… 🙁

Hypnosis does sound more catchy that mono-ideoism after all~

Anyway, so we have a brief history and tada

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis isn’t a pocket watch

Nor a magical use of the wavy hands!

It’s actually psychological

Hypnosis is really about focused attention

A complete concentration

And when you are so focused on one thing

Magic can happen!

From completing tasks to actualizing your dreams

Even just understanding this concept of how hypnosis really is

You can begin to change your life


Well, change your focus from problem to solution 😉

That’s a form of self hypnosis

So hypnosis really is about focus and concentration

And that’s the main point I want to get across today

Comment below your thoughts and let’s chat! 😀

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