What Can I Expect From Hypnosis?

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Ok first up

a) Hypnotherapy can only be done with the client’s permission

So what does this mean?

Well if you are a client, and you want to resolve your issues with hypnosis

Then I can only do it with your permission

Usually, I will ask if you are ready to go into hypnosis or before we start

If you decline and say you want to wait a while OR even change your mind

Then sure, I won’t be able to do anything

Here’s the other more important thing about this point

Lee McKing parent child

If you are a parent bringing a child to resolve the child’s issues

Or if you are a concerned loved one bringing someone else to resolve their issues

Then that client will need to give permission or consent before we can use hypnosis to resolve the issues

AKA, it’s not mind control guys

In a way this kind of links to a misconception that hypnosis is mind control

And some people did actually think that by bringing a child or loved one (with or without their permission or consent) to me, that I can magically “poof” the issue away

It really doesn’t work like that hahahah

The link here to the misconceptions article will also say that you will not leak out any secrets because you won’t want to

So read that article too if you feel like it 🙂

b) Anything can happen

I mean seriously, like anything

Some clients do have very good imagination and imagery

And some clients do not

So it’s ok

I have put the hypnosis from the clients who have good imagery or visualization here

So what about clients who do not have very good imagery?

I’ll share a couple now

Client M1 has an issue about feedback, he gets all defensive about it and wants to change it, he wants to be open to receive feedback. Once he went into hypnosis, he was in a dark place and a symbol appeared. It was a blue square. We tried a few things to communicate but nothing worked, until the last question. From this, the blue square gradually turned purple. That was it. And yet, interestingly enough, his issue was resolved. He found himself more open to feedback and accepting of criticism.

Client F1 shared how she thinks she has a fear of success. I asked where is this fear in her body and she couldn’t respond. So I asked if she had a fear of failure and she said yes, it’s in her heart. So I asked where is the fear and success and she said she cannot find it, however, success feels out of reach. I asked where is it then, and she gestured to a space in front of her, stating that success is out of reach because it is not in her body. So I asked her to use her right hand, to grab success and put it in her body. When she did that, tears immediately fell from her eyes. I asked her what’s happening now? And she replied that she finally feel like she can achieve success, cause success is within her now. I said congratulations! And she replied that the fear of failure was also gone. I said congratulations once more!

The above 2 are 2 examples of clients who did not get a “full blown hypnotic experience” and yet, solved their issues anyway

To add on, this also applies to the other senses of hearing, feeling or sensations, and not just visualization

So don’t have expectations of the hypnosis or you create limitations

Hence, regardless of what happens in the hypnosis, it’s more important to note and get the solutions, isn’t it? 🙂

c) Sometimes, it’s the questions that matter

Lee McKing with a female client going through the hypnosis session layout

If you looked at Client M1 case above, we didn’t get a response from the symbol of the blue square until the last question was asked

Hence, it’s the questions that matter

It is possible for a symbol to not communicate with the client until

  • the right question is asked
  • the client is open and willing to listen
  • the client wants to change

I want to mention this because I had a couple of clients who felt that the hypnosis “wasn’t deep enough” for communication and it’s not the case

Here is a case study

Client F2 was in a good hypnotic state, however, she felt that she wasn’t relaxed (hypnosis isn’t about relaxation) and requested to be out of hypnosis. So I said, ok you can open your eyes and come out of hypnosis since you feel you are not in hypnosis. A moment later, I said, you can open your eyes already haha. She replied, I know, I’m trying but I cannot open my eyes. Oh! That means you are in hypnosis hahaha! Once the client accepted that and listened, she started to communicate better with her unconscious mind.

Client F3 saw herself in a dark place and she was upset that she couldn’t see much imagery. After realizing she was focusing on “seeing” (or curiosity), rather than “solutions”, the imagery and she saw a beach, with the sea and she was able to continue.

Being open, without expectations, does help the client to find their solutions through hypnosis much more easily

As well as realizing it’s far more important to resolve the issues regardless how we do it rather than to see cool stuff 😉

d) You are willing to change

This is so so so so important (and kind of ties in with the above points)

You (or the client) must be willing to change for the better

Willing to seek help and find solutions

For example, if you come to see me cause your partner or parent force you to come and see me, the hypnosis wouldn’t be effective

Whether it’s because you tell me a different problem or you don’t see it as a problem

Here’s a case study

Client F4 brought her daughter to see me and wanted her daughter to resolve the issue of not wanting to go to school. In the session, I asked what the problem was and the daughter said that she is fearful of horses. She wanted me to help her overcome that fear so she can go horse riding.

In the above case, the mum saw problem A which was the daughter didn’t want to go to school, however, the daughter didn’t see it as a problem, she probably saw school as a problem (or maybe the mum was forceful was a problem)

Regardless of her reasons, you can see how forcing someone else (or if you were forced) can hinder the hypnosis session

e) You are the driver

You see, the thing about hypnotherapy with me is that I’m just the guide

Because you choose what issues you want to solve, as well as find the exact right solutions to each issue

So I don’t dictate the solutions, or even tell you whether you are right or wrong

Lee McKing surrounded by darkness

There is no right or wrong

I’m just the guide

A navigator

You are the driver

You choose where you want to go

Or sometimes it’s your unconscious mind choosing (but not me see?)

Thus you have complete free will and control over your choices and decisions

Over what you want to say or do in hypnosis

Although the imagery may come from your unconscious mind

And this is not something we can fully control (depending on what technique we do)

So this has been quite a long article and I’m still not done XD

I’ll share more when we meet for a chit chat 🙂

There is so much behind how the mind works and it cannot be summed up so easily

Otherwise… everyone will know what to do already haahahah

Lee McKing phone

I hope at least this article has help you in understanding certain things

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