What All Entrepreneurs Need To Get Rid Of In Order To Succeed

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And I’m not joking

Well truthfully, it can be entrepreneurs, business owners, employees or the average Joe

Because there are 3 things that pretty much every human has to resolve for them to succeed in life

Unless they do not have one or two or all the things in the first place

That’s possible too

So you are probably wonder what these “things” are

And it’s actually pretty simple

Yet deadly

The broad “thing” is fear

lee mcking grey

Yup, I said it

It’s fear

What?? Fear? Are you being serious now McKing?

You bet I am

You see, fear in general stops many people in their tracks

I don’t mean the literal walking track

I mean the track of life

Or career

Or relationship

The fear of rejection might stop someone from getting the love of their love

Or that sale

The fear of flying can stop someone from flying and going on holidays

Ok fine he can go on a cruise

Now those are general overall fears

Which may or may not stop entrepreneurs from success ain’t it?

Or even employers or employees for that matter

So yup, I’m going to share in a moment the 3 fears that everyone needs to resolve in order to succeed

Although to be fair, a resolution (in my preference) means to resolve completely so it no longer exists in the mind

However it may be possible for a rare few to just whack and push through the fear

But the fear will persist and it might grow so it gets bigger over time

Read the bigger problem here

1. Fear of failure

Why God Why_

Everyone knows this fear!

The fear of failure is a fear which stops people from doing something because they are afraid they might fail at it

It’s a pretty simple straightforward fear

Yet so deadly

How many people wanted to start a business or be an entrepreneur?

And because of this fear of failure

They hold themselves back

Or find excuses to “research” and procrastinate?

Essentially they are stalling for time and delaying the inevitable

Well ok not as inevitable as it seems cause they can always find a reason not to start the business idea or find the next shiny new business idea to start on

And the process repeats

The fear of failure can stop people from starting or doing something

Generally speaking of course

2. Fear of success

Presentation ferrari

Wait what? Is there such a thing as a fear of success?

Actually yea

The fear of success is a fear of success and everything that comes with it

Perhaps it has a link to the fear of wealth or the fear of excess wealth

Perhaps it has a link to a fear of being famous especially if the person doesn’t like attention

Like an introvert

Or an extrovert that doesn’t like attention (if that makes sense, it’s possible actually come to think of it)

Or the fear of getting so successful that one might not be able to handle the business

And some other stuff linked to success

You get the idea

The fear of success might stop someone from starting something, but it can also stop someone halfway through a project, or create doubts

3. Fear of change

hypnotic hands slide red and blue

This is an interesting one

Cause change is truly inevitable

Your body cells change almost every day as a matter of fact

But anyway, the fear of change can affect any Tom, Dick or Harry

Whether it’s a change in relationship status, career title, or a way of life

Having a new baby, starting a new business etc

You get the picture

Generally, it’s about being in the comfort zone

Anything outside is scary, discomforting or worse

Hence the fear of change can prevent a lot of people in a lot of ways in terms of growth

Cause growing is change

But why?

You see, if you are an entrepreneur with such fears, what is going to happen?

With the fear of failure, you might get scared into not starting anything, or keep finding new ideas so you wouldn’t start

With the fear of success, you might do the same, or you might actually start on your business (woohoo) only to somehow unconsciously create problems in your business so that you wouldn’t succeed (wait what?)

With the fear of change, you might fear leaving your safe 9-5 or 8-6 job and doing something new with no backup or safety net (ok this has a bit of fear of failure too), and you do not know if you can cope with the new lifestyle change especially with no financial security among other things

The above are just examples and not completely everything that will happen

Imagine if an entrepreneur has only 1 such fear

It will already cause problems doesn’t it?

Imagine if you pick any 2 fears

Or if you have all 3 fears


Lee McKing with his 2 booksLee McKing with his 2 books

I think you are getting the picture why I say all entrepreneurs need to resolve these 3 things if they want to succeed in life

Whether they resolve by themselves or with some help from someone

Of course, you have the option to just whack and push through too

Now imagine this, what if the fear doesn’t go away if you just whack through?

So what’s going to happen?

For the fear of failure, one might keep harbouring thoughts of him or her failing the business and keep trying to make it work, losing sleep and health along the way

For the fear of success, one might finally be able to start but keep hitting the wall and roadblocks in their business, often finding themselves wondering where is their next client going to come (or hiring staff that create problems within the company and then blaming them for the business upset… hey it could happen)

The fear of change might be the most uncomfortable because the person has to leave the comfort zone, and if they make a wrong move in their business, they are more likely to stubbornly stick through even if it will cost them their business (because they fear change, they will resist change even if it’s good for them)

Boy was that a mouthful

Now first things first, regardless of what you are doing, do you have any of the above 3 fears?

Cause even if you are an employee, such fears can restrict you in other ways too

A fear of failure is similar to fear of rejection in asking a girl out and what if she says no?

A fear of success is like asking a girl out and what if she says yes?

A fear of change is like questioning what if our friendship is affected if I do ask her, regardless of yes or no?

Woah that’s like the best metaphor I have today

Anyway, you need to figure out which fear you have (if any)

Especially because it’s easy to mistake one fear for another (to me they are all distinct and different)

Ahh… I was thinking to give the method to resolve these fears but I’ve hit 1200 words in this article already

So how about this, if you read to this point, kudos to you!

And if you want me to share the technique to resolve the fears of failure, success and/or change in my future article

Do like and share this article with your friends and comment

If there is enough response, I will share the method next article

Either way, I hope at the very least, this was insightful for you! 😀

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