Waa!! Come Again!! CB~

presentation waa!! come again!! CB_

Today is the start of the new Enhanced Covid 19 Measures for Singapore and it runs from 16 May 2021 to 13 Jun 2021

I think most people will say… CB~

Even though it is not exactly Circuit Breaker

Same same but different

And of course, we see a repeat of what happened last year

People rushing to buy groceries, toilet paper, and stuff

Honestly, what else am I expecting?

Some might feel safer

Some might feel trapped or enclosed again

Mental health issues to also start to go up again (as if it wasn’t already rising before)

Relationships may or may be be tested again (cause there is a difference now, you can go out in 2s)

Everyone is back to default work from home

Planned events such as weddings have to be postponed or cancelled

And because I started seeing clients again and now receive this piece of news

Which is a funny story

Cause I was hypnotising a client when some past clients text me the link to the news article about the enhanced Covid 19 Measures

And they were concerned with how I can meet and help people

To quote a client, “Can you still help people? Since the rules have changed?”

To which I reply, “Yes”

Of course we got to change a few things

As much as possible, I will be checking with each client if they ok to zoom

Now, some of you might be thinking…

Huh… hypnosis can zoom meh?

Yes… yes we can do zoom haha

You see, hypnosis isn’t some magic power that I shoot from my hands to put you to sleep

It’s more about you consciously entering your unconscious mind to do stuff

Of course, with me it’s to resolve the issues you want to resolve

And I am more of a guide to aid you in navigating your mind to resolve your issues

Which is why hypnosis can work through an online presence

In fact, I have done hypnosis through Skype, Facebook and Whatsapp video call, and of course on Zoom since 6 years ago when I started out

I had some overseas clients back then and we did on Skype

And in fact, if you don’t already know this

I use a modern style of hypnosis called Conversational Hypnotherapy to assist with my clients in resolving their issues

And this works fantastically well even through online means

You see, this method of modern hypnosis allows you to be consciously aware while you enter into the unconscious mind

And this increases the effectiveness of the hypnosis instead, in terms of finding the issues and resolving them with the right solutions

On top of that, why this works so well on an online platform, is because you are still conscious!

Imagine we were doing hypnosis online and your laptop died because it ran out of battery

Or the internet got cut cause Singtel or Starhub (Singapore internet providers) suddenly went unstable or poor reception for a minute

Or your house caught fire *shrug*

What will happen is that because you are still conscious, it means you can pick up on the signals and respond accordingly

I share with my clients over Zoom, if you suddenly do not hear my voice for whatever reason, whether the laptop died (it could be mine too) or the internet connection got cut or lost, because you are still aware, you can notice my voice is gone and you can call out

“McKing, McKing, are you still there?”

And if you still don’t hear my voice, you can open your eyes and come out of hypnosis to fix the laptop, connection or whatever

And this allows us to reestablish and continue without losing too much time! 😀

Isn’t that fantastic?

So yes, we can still chat online, and even do hypnosis when you are ready for it

You won’t get “stuck” in hypnosis, nor need to fear something might go wrong

Pretty cool right?

But wait, McKing, what if I prefer to do hypnosis face to face?

Or because my family is too close and I want privacy?

Can I still meet you face to face?

Yes actually, although I will recommend and prefer online via Zoom during this time, I can do face to face too

BUT I will limit to 2 people a day

Yea, I will follow the social gathering guideline (although this is work related haha)

Until I get more clearer details regarding work meetings or therapy sessions

Anyway, for now I will follow the guidelines of meeting 2 people a day

So if you have read to this point and wish to meet me face to face

Please tell me whether you are coming alone or coming with someone!

Although I will also need to clarify on this, whether meeting at my office plus me is 3 is ok or not ok *groan*

And likely once I meet you, I cannot meet any more clients for the day so yea scheduling very important now haha

Please book in advance~

So do take note yea?

If you ok to Zoom or do online, I can do pretty much any day or time

If you want face to face, I will need to check and find an available day

It’s not time slot, it’s day ahahaha


Ok la

Today is relatively short

I’ve had back to back clients for a while now so if you are new, you can text me on my Facebook here or send me a message using the message function in my website itself

I may not be able to respond to the chat function if I’m with another client so please bear with me if I take a while to respond

Til then, stay safe and stay home as much as possible!

We can do it 😀

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