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Ok so a lot of things have been happening especially with 2020 bringing in Covid 19 and all

And now that it’s 2021, I thought it might be crucial to update you about some of the recent changes in my practice

As you probably know by now, Covid 19 caused a number of businesses to drop in sales, and I’m not any different

Especially in Singapore where people generally think hypnosis can only be done face to face and that fear of getting Covid 19 can reduce my clients from arranging an appointment with me

And let’s be frank, you probably share a similar sentiment, that hypnosis can only be done face to face

That massive drop caused me to have a joke for the first half of 2020, where the monthly rental is like the 7th Ghost Month every month

Literally burning money!

So obviously I need to change something, whether it’s my business, or the perception of my clients of hypnosis

That’s my first update to you

Presentation Lee McKing and laptop call

1. Hypnosis can be done online

Truthfully, I’ve been doing hypnosis online such as Skype, Facebook video call, Whatsapp video call ever since I started my practice in 2015

I didn’t know of Zoom, so I didn’t Zoom haha

These online sessions were for clients from overseas

One of my first few clients was a guy from Egypt, Cairo and another was a lady from India

Over the years, I’ve done hypnosis through the internet with people from Australia, Hong Kong, Europe, America, just to name a few

And that’s why I had to release this idea that hey, hypnosis can be done online

So local Singaporeans can feel safe that they can still seek help for their mental health issues

Although that brings up another question I had to toggle with in 2020

What do I do about my office?

I mean, when Circuit Breaker in Singapore opened up again, some clients who prefer face to face chats and hypnosis wanted to see me

So I still got to have an office

Yet… we also got to implement the 50% work from home when possible as suggested by the government

Because doing all this is for the safety of the country’s well-being

In addition, my lease for my office in Bugis was ending soon in Nov 2020

I’ve been there for 4 years!

Time just flew you know what I’m saying

Toggling between staying on, moving out, totally working from home, I drew a conclusion

Which is the 2nd update you must know

Ok fine this is Japan XD

2. I moved out of Bugis and to Aljunied

Yes, I decided to move out of my little office space in Bugis to Aljunied

I’ll give you the exact address if you need help and PM me on my Facebook page

So yea, I’m no longer working in Bugis, but I’m still pretty close

It wasn’t an easy decision to make and truthfully, I took a couple of months (maybe more, my friends might know better haha) to think and plan and contemplate

Thankfully, it’s more spacious so it’s easer to help you!

If you decide you want to seek help from me of course

Or if you want to accompany a loved one who is coming to see me

Of course, we can also chat on Zoom

Which to be honest is still happening hahaha

That’s the 3rd update for you

3. We can schedule any timing that is good

You see, with the current situation, ok I don’t know about you, but based from what I hear from my clients

Work life balance is trickier now

I’m not sure if everyone gets this, but probably some people do

Where they were “forced” to take leave or clear leave and later on they cannot use it when they want to

Which means, they are unable to take leave or spare the time on the weekend to see me

So what happens is that I’m sort of running a 24/7 practice now

For the record, I’m not, I still need my sleep hahahah

However if there isn’t much choice left, and you are in need of someone to chat with or to do hypnosis to help with someone

I’ll be ok with it, ok?

While writing this blog post, the past week alone (that’s Monday to Sunday), I had 2 clients at 7pm, 1 client at 9.30pm and another at 10pm

Each client took a different day of course so they don’t clash and they have ample time

Which I give 2 hours for

And during CB itself, I even had clients at midnight, 1am etc

So I want to let you know

If you really need it, just reach out, and we can arrange something

While the chats are complimentary up to 2 hours, if something can help you in one way or another, I’ll be for it

The last update I have for today is this

4. The price of a hypnosis session will increase

With the increase in rent, I will need to increase my price for my hypnosis session

For the record, I’ve kept my price the same since I started back in 2015

And the fact that many of my clients resolve their issues in 1 session, they even told me to increase my price since early on!

Because my main motivation is to help the people who need it and do the best we can

I’ll share a case study

A mother brought her 21 year old son, he had depression and was suicidal, and after the chat, a couple days later, the son told the mom he wants to resolve his issues, and so we arrange a hypnosis session

After the session, the mom was surprised to see her son finally smiling again, I don’t know how long she hasn’t seen him smile and it was good

Couple weeks later, I checked in on her and her son, and she updated me how pleasantly surprised she was to see him no longer in depression and finally happy and free from suffering

And she shared this in private

“You know when you were sharing how you can help people cure such issues in 1 session, I was honestly expecting at least $500 for it, yet when you said it’s only $350, I was shocked that it was so cheap!”

She added on, “In fact, my son changed so much in just 1 session, so $350 to change your life is really nothing, because sometimes you cannot put a price on your life and mental well-being. Thank you McKing for entering our lives.”

It wasn’t easy the past few months yet I do realize it’s also because I want to help you better, and hence I need to implement all these things

Anyway, here’s the breakdown

Chat sessions are for you to share your issues more in depth and for me to share how hypnosis works, and is still complimentary up to 2 hours

Hypnosis online, such as Zoom, Facebook video call, Skype etc, will remain at $350

Hypnosis face to face will increase to $425 in February 2021 onwards

For example, aligned with the direction of the government to ensure we reduce chances of Covid 19 spreading, I’m sanitizing the seats before and after each client

Which is similar to restaurants (to a certain extent)

Anyway, there are a couple other things I implement too but I don’t want to bore you with some of the basic necessities to prevent Covid 19 hahah

I do want to share one more add on, I have some books for sale, so if you want to resolve some issues and happen to see the books, do enquire about them

Because I’m not a salesperson so I won’t be talking about the books to every client hahahaha

One book is pretty good for budding entrepreneurs, people wanting to improve their business, start-ups etc

The other book is good for people who enjoy self-help, or people who want additional tools for use in their coaching or therapy practice

And~ I think that’s about it for now

I don’t want to drag too long on this haha

So you take care and stay safe, alright?

And send this to anyone who you think might benefit with a chat


  1. Hypnosis can be done online
  2. I moved out of Bugis and now in Aljunied
  3. Ask me anything anytime, if I’m awake and available, I’ll respond
  4. Face to face hypnosis has increased in cost

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