Updates Due To Covid 19

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Covid 19 has brought a drastic change to our lives, individually, as a society, and as a country

And of course the world too

At the time of this writing, the Singapore government has released a “Circuit Breaker” of measures, designed to stop and contain the spread

This is because while previous cases of Covid 19 started out small, the number of local cases rise quite a bit the past week or so

Currently as at 4th April 2020, there are 472 active cases, where 448 are stable in hospital while 24 are under critical condition

There are also 354 cases in isolation such as private hospitals or isolation facility

282 have been discharged thus far, and 6 have passed away

This makes a total of 1114 cases in Singapore

I took these numbers as at 4th April 2020 directly from gov.sg

Hence, taking everything into consideration, the government has decided to step up measures to contain Covid 19

One of those measures is to stop businesses and operations that are non-essential

And as luck would have it, hypnosis is considered non essential


But wait!

happy and free girl

There is hope!!

Because while it’s true that we cannot meet for a chat about your issues, or to do hypnosis

I’ve actually been preparing for this for some time hehehe

Because we can do hypnosis over Skype, Facebook video call, Zoom etc

I tend to prefer Skype though but hey, that means we can still do the necessary to resolve your issues and get stuff back on track 🙂

One of the things I was preparing is this video too

A lot of people are curious how hypnosis works and in order to share how it works, I decided to create a quick video to explainI also share how the mind works, and it may fascinate you as much as it did for meThis is just a simple video to explain, there are a lot more things about how the mind works that I have yet to shareThe blog of misconceptions: https://leemcking.sg/blog/7-misconceptions-about-hypnosis-true-or-false/Please subscribe, follow, like, comment or share with your friends to educate them too :)Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeeMcKingTheHypnotistInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/leemckingthehypnotistWebsite: https://leemcking.sg/Blog: https://leemcking.sg/blog/Other testimonials: https://leemcking.sg/testimonials/

Posted by Lee McKing The Hypnotist on Thursday, February 20, 2020

This video describes what hypnosis is all about, how the mind works, and provides (hopefully) a bit of insights into your issues

Naturally, the best insights might come after we have a proper chat

Because I might be able to see past your potential blindspots and pick up on certain patterns in your life

Now that shortens the time we have for a chat

What’s next?

You might be wondering whether hypnosis can work well via Skype

And that’s a great question

Yes, we do need to be aware of certain potential issues

  • Poor reception
  • Lag
  • Equipment (such as video or sound) issues
  • Environmental disturbances
  • Babies crying

And maybe other types of potential issues that I haven’t thought of yet


However, I can structure the hypnosis such that if the connection is totally lost and we got disconnected, you can come out of hypnosis by yourself

How cool is that?

Meaning we just got to ensure the other things like phone silent mode, no disturbances from family, in a nice room where environmental noises aren’t affecting you etc

Next, you might be wondering whether I have had experience doing hypnosis via a video call

Yes, I have

My most recent hypnosis was done through Facebook video call, with a lady in America

Before that, I did hypnosis via Skype with a guy in Europe (it was before his wedding too so that was amazing)

Over the years, I’ve done chats and hypnosis with people from Australia, Germany, America, Philippines, Singapore, India and even Egypt

One of my earliest and first international client was from Egypt and we did the hypnosis over Skype

The connection wasn’t good in the beginning and we took almost half an hour to set up a good call!

Not to mention the fact that we are hours apart, like, I was doing it at 3am in Singapore!

But it was so much fun

And that was about 4 years ago or so

So you can imagine what’s been happening

If you have any other questions, do ahead and ask me here on my Facebook

Lee McKing phone

You can decide whenever you want to start a chat with me

If you can tahan (or handle) your issues for now, you don’t have to PM me

But if you do find you need some help

Whether it’s to manage the anxiety that might have increased with Covid 19

Or to resolve the fear of catching this virus

Or releasing the sadness that comes with the idea of losing your loves ones

Perhaps you know someone who did panic buying, and needs some help to reduce the panic and remove the hoarding behaviours

You know you can contact me anytime you need to

If I haven’t slept yet haha I will reply promptly

And you know that through this digital space, we can still do something 🙂

Thank you for reading up to here

It’s not an easy time for all of us

And if you know someone that might benefit with this, please do share with your loved ones

I will also quickly take this moment to applaud the Singapore government for making this crucial step to contain and stop the spread

It has to happen at an appropriate time eventually

Just remember, stay calm and this will soon pass

Stay home, stay safe, everyone 🙂

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