Understanding The Art of Mindfulness

Presentation Lee McKing and mindfulness

Mindfulness is like the in thing now right?

But what does it mean to be mindful?

What is mindfulness?

Is it meditation?

Well today we are going to explore mindfulness and I will share with you later too how to achieve it much more easily

Of course, it is a really big and broad topic and I can’t cover everything fully

Otherwise that can be a book already lol

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First of all, mindfulness is not meditation!

But yes, there is something called mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness is a state of conscious awareness of what you are experiencing in totality

That will mean the sensations as you are sitting down in the chair or when you are eating, or perhaps the emotions you are feeling when you look to the sky or smell some food~

And so on and on

At any one given time, when you are mindful of what you are doing, you are working towards that state of conscious awareness

Of course, my definition might seem big, because that will mean when you are eating at home, you are consciously aware of everything that happening in your body!

The sensations, the emotions, the state


Not easy to achieve I know

That’s why people start small, just be conscious of the sensations as you eat

Or why there is mindfulness meditation, as you meditate, be aware of the thoughts and emotions that come

But why be mindful?

What’s the point of being consciously aware of how I am eating or how I am feeling?

Naturally, there are a lot of potential benefits to being mindful

One common thing people learn about mindfulness is to reduce or resolve their issues, like anxiety for example

Can it help? Sure

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Does it help? Well, it depends

Because when people are in that panic attack or the moment of fear, is it easy to be mindful and aware in an attempt to reduce or cope with the anxiety?

Some can, some cannot

That’s why I say it can help but whether it works or not in that specific moment when you need it is the other thing

The other “issue” is that people usually practice mindfulness during mindfulness meditation

Meaning to say, you are training yourself to be mindful when you are relaxed or calm

Which makes sense for sure

But then when you are in a moment of fear or anxiety, you are not calm

So then, how do you get into the state of mindfulness?

You need to calm down and relax first

And that is why it might not work that well

“Walao McKing then you say like machiam don’t say”

Cough cough before you go…

Obviously I will be sharing a different perspective on mindfulness


I don’t do minfulness meditation, but I practice mindfulness

How do I do that?

Presentation Lee McKing and positive
Volunteer Work in 2017

Essentially, I practice it on the go

Meaning as I am typing to you now, I am practicing mindfulness

I am consciously aware of the ache in my back, and the tension under the soles of my feet, how the fingertips feel as they type on my laptop, the taste of coffee lingering in my mouth after my last sip, the fullness of my stomach after breakfast

Emotions wise, there is calmness in my heart, knowing that I have enough time to type my thoughts here, when my clients will arrive in about 12 minutes time

When I am in this state of conscious awareness, and doing it constantly, what does that do?

It means I am aware when there is a new sensation in my body or mind, when my emotions shift, when some muscle tense up or relax

This allows me greater adaptability, or control, depending on how you look at it

I am also aware of how much time I need to do something, and at the same time, aware of how other people might be affecting me (if I am interacting with someone)

From outside point of view, if you met me before, what will you say about me?

Some people state that I am calm and patient, like nothing will rock me

Others claim that I am steady, giving an aura making them feel safe and comfortable

Whichever it is, how people see me is their perspective

Internally, maybe I am controlling myself due to a stomachache!!


Anyway, you don’t have to suddenly aim to be so mindful to that level

You can start small

Presentation Lee McKing and being away

How to practice mindfulness (by Lee McKing)

Choose a situation to start practicing mindfulness

And no, don’t choose meditation hahahaha

You can choose to be mindful when you are eating, or perhaps when you are driving

Essentially, when you make a habit to practice mindfulness in 1 daily activity, eventually you can begin to practice it in other daily activities too

In that situation, pick 1 thing to focus on and be mindful

So if you choose to be mindful during mealtime, there are so many things you can focus on

Don’t focus on everything

Again, starting small, focus on perhaps your chewing of the food and the sensations in the mouth

Or perhaps you might focus on your posture as you eat

Take your time and grow

Grow within the chosen situation in the state of awareness, or you might grow in the number of situations to focus on

As you learn and improve upon yourself, you might start to experience other changes

Now you might be wondering whether what I just shared can really work

So here is a little something from a client who asked me how to practice mindfulness and what she experienced in just a few days

Of course, this is just one of the possibilities for positive changes through mindfulness

Such as becoming from appreciative of our surrounding, being grateful for good things, and just be mindful of what we say to people around us!

As we get a handle of our state of mind (and body), we can also potentially shift ourselves to resolve or release negative emotions

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Share with me what you have practice and how was the experience for you?

I’m curious for all the possibly unique experiences you might have had!

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