Understanding Ourselves In “A Lockdown”

If you are like me, you’ve been stuck at home for the longest time

Well, if you did go out and exercise, that’s all great and all

I haven’t left the house since April 7 where Singapore initiated the Circuit Breaker

And to be honest, things have been a bit rough

I binged read my manga (yea I like to read manga) until I can only wait for the updates to come up

And I also read my light novels until, again, I got to wait for updates

I have to admit though, I thoroughly enjoyed doing that

Chilling, relaxing, having fun

But well, I don’t know about you, but I got bored of it

Now as a hypnotist, I do get the occasional person ranting and complaining about stuff

They need someone to talk to you know

I get that

And I lend a listening ear when I can

And a common thing I heard was about kids

Like how the kids aren’t listening to the parents

How the schools shutting down is causing the whole family some additional stress and chaos

Presentation client chat
Picture from long long ago

Which is understandable and normal

Everyone is different, with different stress levels, coping mechanisms etc

So I decided to do a Facebook Live for parents

And gave tips on how to use certain linguistic patterns to talk to their kids so they will do what you want

And the house can be less stressful


Do watch it if you need some extra tips on how to talk to your kids

And it’s great for parents and even teachers

It has about 1000 views now (at the time of this writing) so that’s a lot of people who will benefit from this video

Which is great!

So anyway, a friend of mine told me to do a Twitch live stream and share about how hypnosis is like and stuff

I was like… “hmm… I’m not sure…”

But heck you know what, I don’t have much else to do anyway while staying at home

Although I got to admit, my house at this point may not be the most conducive for live streaming

For one I need a better camera – the quality ain’t good cause this is about 10 years old now


I decided to do the Twitch and see how the response is like before I decide whether to invest into this or not

I ended up live streaming for 2 hours and 20 minutes!!

That’s crazy!!

And I have to admit, it’s pretty cool

Although again, and I know it, I need to get better equipment if I want to continue doing this kind of stuff eventually

And yea, if you have Twitch, do follow me here for more weird stuff

This is perfect to describe how I feel now

Now is a really weird time to be in if you ask me

And while it’s true that Covid 19 is affecting both physical and mental health

We also got to understand other factors

I’ll share briefly with you

Long ago, there was something called the Great Depression

Where the economy was affected, people lost their jobs, livelihoods were disrupted

Which sounds like now actually

Only difference is the governments of various countries are better equipped to respond as compared to The Great Depression

Anyway, back then, people could still go too so that’s another difference

One particular industry boomed

And I mean that in a good way

They flourished

Well there were a few that flourished, but I’m thinking of just one particular one right now


Yes, that’s right

You might be wondering why did the movie industry flourished during the The Great Depression?

Let me break it down for you

You can probably imagine from their point of view that since everything is affected, that you feel sad, depressed, sucky, etc

And what happens is that these people need some way to cope with these negative buildup of emotions

Movies was pretty new (roughly 30 years or so back then) and that’s one thing

But what was more crucial was the fact that movies was a story

It was another world

Another place

That was not here

Not now

Not me

This means that the people watching it wanted a way to cope with themselves and their negative buildup of emotions

And watching a movie, that was “not here”, “not now”, “not me” was an excellent disassociation method

Disassociation, to put simply, is a way to temporary remove oneself from one’s emotions

Hence, watching a movie made them feel good!

It distracted them from the stress, sadness and whatever of the Great Depression

Interesting huh?

Presentation Lee McKing and being away
Missing that vacation…

Now let’s look back to now

Because we will still apply the same or similar psychology

I read manga and light novels, stories

People binged watch Netflix series and movies, stories

People are also looking into educational content in the form of webinars or digital courses, partly because seeking improvement is also a way to dissociate from the negative feelings

People also game more, whether it’s mobile, PC, Play Station, XBox etc

There is also a sub-category

Where people watch live streams of other people gaming

Because that’s a way to dissociate

Even me doing live streaming on Facebook and Twitch is a kind of dissociation

The focus on work, or doing something completely different in this case

What about you?

How have you been dissociating?

How have you been coping?

And what does all this means?

Well, it might help you understand yourself or your family better

Like why you binged on webinars and digital content

And why maybe your family play games

And maybe, this might help you to find new ways to cope too

Share with me if you are doing what I mentioned here or something else entirely!

*Those still working essentially may not apply


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