The Time I Allowed Myself To Be Conned By Con Men

Presentation Lee McKing and anger somewhat

A couple years ago, I encountered 2 con men on 2 separate occasions near my office in Bugis

And I allowed myself to be conned by them 

Well… not totally

And you might be wondering why I did that 

You see, I’m a hypnotist

And before you say I’m conning people into resolving their issues 

Hypnosis is real, and it’s a natural phenomena 

And trance occurs in every single human, at any point in time 

And while I use hypnosis techniques ethically to help my clients resolve their issues 

You can find pretty much anyone using similar techniques 

For sales, persuasion, influence, education, etc

Which means, it’s everywhere 

So perhaps you might want to be cautious around me just because I say I’m a hypnotist 

I will highlight that I rather you be cautious around people who use such techniques unethically, and never tell you they are using it

And what I’ll be sharing later, could help you be more aware if someone is doing something funny to you 

So read on if you are curious

Lee McKing shrug presentation

Especially how a con man does it  

First of all, going back to why I allowed myself to be conned in the first place

Largely, I was curious

I know how to use hypnosis to help people resolve issues like anxiety, depression, fears etc 

But how exactly does a con man do it? 

I could make a few guesses 

But remain none the wiser unless I had first hand experience 

I spent more time with con man 1 and not with con man 2, mainly due to time 

Here’s my experience with con man 1 

So i just had lunch one weekday afternoon

And my next client was like 2pm or 3pm, I cannot remember exactly now 

I was strolling back and an Indian man with a turban (Perhaps he was a Sikh, but on hindsight, that could be a disguise) was walking towards me

He saw me, smiled and said, “Nice suit”

Technically it’s a vest but I accepted the compliment with a smile and said, “Thank you!”

Then he reach out his hand and said, “You look friendly and I think it’s fate we meet, my friend. My name is <blank>. How do I address you?”

(I cannot recall his name shrug)

I shook his hand and said, “My name is McKing”

Then he said, “I’m a psychologist, counsellor, astrologer, doctor, numerologist, astrologist, and I see your face, it’s very friendly, and you have good luck my friend.”

“Oh thank you”, I said, now wary that he might be one of those con men types

“Shall we go over there to have a chat?”, he said, pointing to the nearby coffee shop

Well I had nothing on for a while so… “Sure” and we went 

Then he said, “I’m very thirsty, can you buy me a drink?”

“Ok”, and i went to buy a drink, however, I didn’t know what drink he will like, so turned back almost immediately and saw him quickly hiding his phone when I went back

“Erm… anything… tea will do”, he said, while hiding his phone behind him 

I noticed of course, and pretended not to care

I suspected he might be Googling my name but me turning back mess him up I guess

I returned with a tea and a coffee for myself and facing him 

Then he said a bunch of stuff

He said I have good luck shining on my face but I need to know how to maximise it 

He said the last 3 years hasn’t been very good for me 

He said some more stuff that I cannot remember 

And then he wrote something in piece of paper and folded it and asked for my left hand

He placed it inside and told me to clench my fist 

After which he starts talking some more 

Then he asked, “Name a flower”

(If you want, you can name a flower in your mind too, and we see what happens in a moment)

I said the first flower that came to mind, “Orchid”

Then he asked whether I have any siblings, I answered two

Then he said, “You have two siblings? Plus you is three?”

Well yea… it’s three…

“Now open that piece of paper in your left hand, and if the paper has orchid and 3 on it, you can pass me $100 or $200”

Huh? What is this? 

Puzzled, I opened the piece of paper in my left hand

Woah! It really was orchid and 3 on it (I’ll explain later)

What the heck??!

Ok that was entertaining, I will give him some cash to see more… opened my wallet and shit only $50 

Ok la nevermind pass to him see what else he can do 

Then he said some stuff like there are three particular years I need to watch out for 

27, 35, 45 years of age 

Cause they will have bad stuff happening 

And he wrote on another piece of paper, folded it, and put in my left hand again 

Then he said he will give me advice to counter the bad stuff 

And then he asked me, “Name a colour, not red or white”

(Again what’s your colour?)

Blue came to my mind! 

But I decided not to say it

I knew he wanted me to say blue (I’ll tell you why later)

So I said, “Yellow”

He frowned, “Another colour”


“Another colour”


“Another colour”


“Another colour”


“Another colour”


“Indigo is not a colour my friend”

“Indigo is a colour on the rainbow”

“Indigo isn’t a colour”


“Another colour”


“Another colour”

Ok I was running out of options, and I was getting bored so…


“Ok you said brown”, and he wrote brown on a piece of paper, as well as 2 more B below it


“Black” and he scribbled black below brown

Idiot forcing me to choose blue…


“Aha! Blue! Now open the piece of paper and if it’s blue, give me $100 or $200”, he smiled 

I smiled back, shook my head and let the paper drop from my hand without opening it 

He looked shocked, and asked, “My friend, don’t you want the solutions to your problems?”

I said, “Nah I’m good”

Then I walked away

Ok that was the first encounter and I’ll break it down for you now what is happening 

Firstly, with a smile, and a handshake, as well as with an introduction, this is a classic opening in sales 

Wait sales? I thought you said it was a con

presentation lee mcking thinking hard

Well yea but that doesn’t mean a con man doesn’t use sales techniques right?


After which he says he is a psychologist, blah blah blah and this is a way to stand out and above your prospect

Yes, it’s another sales technique 

Well, to me anyway 

Ever meet someone that says, “Hi, I’m a speaker, trainer, author etc etc” and you feel awe by them or something?


That’s what he is doing 

It’s meant to impress upon the prospect that he has more authority and if he wants to speak with you, you got to listen 

Next, he said I look friendly and have good luck 


It’s another sales technique… 

While the first two you might hear it in a group workshop thingamajig

This third bit is best for a face to face, one to one setting 

But in a group setting you might hear it too

For example, in a group setting, “Thank you for coming and I’m glad you are here, while everyone out there is spending time relaxing, you are spending time to learn from me how to etc etc”

Think of it as a potential ego boost

It’s a sales technique to drop the prospect’s guard against you 

Very classic sales opening so far, let’s see what’s next

He asked me whether we can go to the coffee shop to sit and chat 

This is a lead

It’s a somewhat sales technique, and somewhat persuasion technique 

In hypnosis, we have something similar which I can share with you

It’s call the Yes Set principle 

Basically, the idea is that if you can get the prospect to say yes 3 times or more, he will more likely say yes later on too 

It’s also widely used in sales 

Asking me to go to the coffee shop counts as 1st yes

He then ask me to buy a drink, which I agree

It’s the 2nd yes  Whether or not he was Googling me, I wouldn’t know 

But when I double back, I disrupted his thought pattern 

Of course, maybe I didn’t do anything to him either

Shrug… I wouldn’t know 

Later when we sat, he will be saying a few things here and there

Which are cold readings 

Cold readings is a mentalist or psychology thing 

It’s a general reading that fits at least 90% to 95% of the human population 

For example, you, you are reading this, and I’m guessing you have relationship issues recently 

Well duh, most people have relationship issues 

Wait! I’m single, you might say that 

Well singlehood is a relationship issue too! 

That’s an example of a cold reading 

Another example is, I can see that you’ve been stressed lately 

Another duh 

Anyway, I digress 

After the 2 or 3 yeses he got from me, the cold readings will supposedly sound WAAA accurate from me in order to get more yeses 

But it doesn’t work on me cause I know about cold readings

Then the paper with the orchid and the number 3

That was pretty cool 

In my analysis, I have a guess of what happened 

Did you play the flower name too by the way? 

If you want, you can comment (truthfully) what was the first flower that came to your mind 

I asked a few friends and while the females pretty much guess every other flower other than orchid

The males have limited flower vocab (it’s true sadly)

My guy friends gave either orchid or rose, and surprisingly, a lot more orchids than roses 

Sorry this happened in 2017 or 2018 so I don’t have the exact number of responses now 

I was sharing the experience with my friends then 

Ok so that’s the mystery of the flower solved 

Lee McKing and more flowers
I know this aren’t orchids

I’m thinking cause we live in Singapore and our famous flowers are orchids 

Generally speaking 

This kind of means that he knows enough of Singapore culture to make such an accurate guess 

Other countries might think of other flowers after all 

What about the 3?

I think that’s a random thing 

If I have only 1 sibling, he might ask the age gap

If I’m the only child, he’ll say parents and you make 3

Or if how many girlfriends have I had before 

Or how long I’m single 

Or how many kids I have if I’m married 

Blah blah 

After all, he is making conversation and getting information from you to say stuff that you want to hear 

It’s… you guess it! 

Another sales technique 

Oh yea, forgot to define for you 

The flower thing is a type of cold reading too, but more related to one’s country or culture

While the number is another sales technique 

Then he blah blah attempts more cold reading stuff 

Then give 3 random ages but maybe they aren’t so random?

I’m thinking those are the general ages that someone experiences “bad stuff”

Like mid life crisis, or job crisis, or marriage crisis or what ever

What do you think? 

Lee McKing surrounded by darkness

I was older than 27 and younger than 35 so that’s why he can “give me advice”

But since he didn’t say I nearly died at age 20, I find him hard to believe la 

Then the colour thing 


Well it’s a mentalist trick too 

Why did I know he wanted me to say blue and I give all sorts of random colours instead?

Do you want to guess how I know? 

Give you time to think 




What was your guess?

To me, it’s cause he said, “not red or white” 

I don’t know if you watched America’s Funniest Home Videos 

“Whether it’s red, white or blue… the funniest thing you do…”

It’s the colours of the American flag

Catchy song too 

And since the song flows, “red, white or blue”

My first instinct was blue 

I tested on my friends and quite a few got blue first too 

But my amazement at this flower thing earlier plummeted 

Simply because… if it was a wrong answer, he kept asking for another colour! 

That was like OMG 

And i really thought of all those colours ok? 

He couldn’t tell I was playing with him lol 

Ok… So I got bored at the end 

While I did give him $50 for entertaining me with orchid (that was all I had)

I obviously didn’t want to give him anymore with such a poor performance with blue 

So I left lor 

Now when you relook at the above

You would notice many sales techniques, a couple of mentalist tricks, a bunch of cold readings, and a hypnotic idea of yes 

That is what makes a con man a con man 

It’s a sale process guys 

He’s selling entertainment 


To me la 

To others… 

If he managed to convince you that you need his advice… 

Then yea, you might take out more cash instead of saying no and walking away

Con man 2 was another short but interesting one

Lee McKing The Hypnotist

I was waiting for a client in my office on the ground floor and saw this Indian man wearing a turban (again, it could be a disguise) peering into my building

It was on Saturday so the lights were off and it was a bit dim

I took a couple of steps and he jumped!

He smiled, came up the stairs and apologise to me for peering it

He thought it was empty

I smiled and said the building is closed but I’m waiting for a client

He asked if he could chat with me for 5 minutes

I asked, what about?

He said he is a psychologist, mentalist, numerologist, astrologer, face reader, and intuitive psychic and that he saw something on my face

I smiled, thinking to myself, oh another one

I shook my head no, and said my client will be here in 5 minutes

He said he will be quick

I sighed and said ok, go ahead

He gestured to the nearby chairs and said, let’s have a seat

We sat and he said that i have a very friendly face however, i have a black mark on my face

I raised an eyebrow, and asked, “What do you mean?”

He smiled, “You have a very friendly face, but this opens you to being back-stabbed and betrayed by people around you, my friend”

He also said I’m currently in a better place compared to 3 to 4 years ago, but if I’m not careful, I will be in deep trouble

He continued talking and wrote something in a piece of paper

He asked me to name a color, to which, I smiled and shook no

He said he will give me good luck through this to counter my bad luck

And I said, “I’m actually a hypnotist”

Immediately, he had a sheepish grin, and quickly took back the paper and put in his pocket

I continued talking, “So I know what you have been doing, I will suggest you stop and go back to where you came”

He said “Sorry friend” and hurriedly left

And that’s a quick sharing experience of my encounters with 2 con men

And you probably will have noticed how the second con man did similar things like the first con man

So I shan’t say more

Except highlight that the second was using the angle of fear to sell

While the first used good luck and how to maximise the luck

Now I hope you manage to learn a couple of things and able to use this information to spot when someone is trying something funny with you

Til then, stay safe!

And don’t get conned

PS With reference to the recent incident of a con man, we can only guess what happened, and I’m going to guess the con man managed to get a few cold readings about the person which either he is not inclined to mention or he forgot about it, and that’s why there isn’t much details about the incident, but that’s my guess only 🙂

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