The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Presentation Lee McKing and dreams


Most people dream

Some people can remember what they dream when they wake up

Others can’t

In fact, do you know that some people dream in color, while some dream in black and white?

Comment below which are you!

Anyway, dream interpretation… is something that I don’t do

So why am I doing this?

Why am I sharing my thoughts about dreams if I don’t do dream interpretation?

Because dreaming is a pretty interesting topic that is multi-layered

Or multi-angled

Whatever you want to call it

Of course, this is more to open your mind

Expand your horizon

Or maybe just tickle your brain a little

So sit back (or stand in the train)

And have a good read~

Presentation Lee McKing and sleep issues

Is dreaming every night normal?


Contrary to popular belief, dreaming is normal and necessary for our minds!

A lot of people think that when you dream, you don’t get a good night’s rest

And that can’t be further from the truth

The truth is, our minds need to dream when we sleep and that constitutes to a healthy sleep pattern

Not only that, it improves our efficiency, learning, memory and more!

And because everyone can dream with the activation of different intensity of the senses

We can get a wide range of possibilities for the variations of dreams!!

Needless to say, that means that if we get 100 people who dream themselves at the beach

One might feel the heat at the beach, while another feel the cold sea breeze

Or someone perhaps feel the sand beneath their feet, but the next person is more like watching the television or video or it

And because of such uniqueness of each dream, you might understand why I think dream interpretation can’t really be possible

Wouldn’t there be a difference between a green or red snake?

Or even if the snake was sleeping, alive or dead?

Was it poised to strike you, or was it begging for alms?

Did it speak or just hiss?

Maybe it was a guide bringing you to a place, or it was just following you from behind

In any case, each symbol in your dream can be uniquely constructed, which makes it harder for dream interpretation if you ask me

And of course… that is if you are dreaming normally…


What if your dreams… aren’t just dreams…?

Like perhaps they are windows (or cameras) to a different time~

Or even a different dimension~

In Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, they suggest the possibility that when we dream, we are looking through the eyes of ourselves in another universe

So if I dream of another me with the abilities of flight, it could be from a world or universe where super powers are real

Of course, it is just a movie and whether dreams really connect through the multiverse is unknown

Also, some people believe the multiverse is real, others don’t so that is another question

But what about dreams linking to a different time?

For this one we have to open up to the idea or possibility of psychic abilities being real

And so one might have the ability to dream and see the future

A variation will be to dream of what’s happening in another place at the moment of it happening

Some people might experience this as deja vu

Although whether it was a psychic vision or through a dream, both can apply the effect of deja vu when you eventually end up at the event at which you saw

And on the reverse end, if one were to dream of the past, one could make a good detective

Which may also bring into question past lives, as some people might think they are dreaming of their own past lives, or the past lives of a client

If one were a psychic helping people I suppose

Then of course, some people might believe that if you see a deceased loved one in your dream, it means that person has come to visit you

A variation is to dream of deceased people, but complete strangers, and that you have to help them or something

Presentation Broken Mind

Dreams are illogical

Truthfully, it is also possible that dreams are just dreams and there is no meaning

When we dream, our unconscious mind will take potentially random stuff to put together in the dream

And usually, we dream about the last few things on our minds before we sleep

So if you think about work, you dream about work

If you think about your lover, you dream about your lover

Of course, if you think about your lover but concerned about work, you might dream about work or your lover or your lover at work

Hahahaha you get the picture

I think that our unconscious minds are attempting to organize the experiences we had that day or that week

Or that last show you watched on Netflix

In doing so, it is possible that in order to put faces in the dream, the unconscious mind will find random faces that we have seen before

Whether we know it or not

So if I dream of dating the chicken rice aunty, it doesn’t mean that I like the chicken rice aunty, it could just be a random face selection of my unconscious mind so as to put a face on my mysterious unknown lover

This can also mean that if you dream of your ex, it might not mean that you miss your ex

It could be a random face selection of your unconscious mind for whatever reason

That also means you might get the feeling of missing your ex because you saw your ex in your dream (which was likely a random face selection)

Like if you have a fear of spiders, and see a spider, it will trigger that fear right?

Even if it was seen in a dream

It’s not like you want to dream of spiders isn’t it?

Presentation Lee McKing and lightning

What an interesting dream

That’s the way I see dreams

It’s interesting, but it is just a dream

So even if I dream of a monster or a ghost or what, I might feel some annoyance maybe *shrug*

Otherwise it’s just meh~

What a dream

Many years ago I had such an interesting dream

Ok fine I had quite a few interesting dreams but anyway

In this peculiar dream, I was in a group of adventurers and we had to travel to a designated place in a particular land

This old abandoned building (it was more of ruins really) had a giant of a coffin

And in this coffin, laid a vampire king

A dead vampire king

However, on a particular night, the night of the blood moon, the vampire king will resurrect itself and destroy the world!!

My group and I were tasked to bring this special dagger, in which to insert into the heart of the dead vampire king and it will stop the prophesied resurrection

We travelled through harsh terrain, lands of darkness and monsters alike, fighting our way through

Until we reached the goal!

But when we opened the coffin, we saw a giant skeleton!

No seriously, it was a giant coffin and a giant skeleton

And it had a red jewel embedded in the skull too

Like in the forehead

But now we were clueless… how do you stab the dagger into the heart… if there is no heart to speak of?

Little did we know, that very day we found the coffin, was the day of prophesy

As we were pondering and thinking, the blood red moon shone!

The land started quaking and we saw tendons and muscles started growing on the skeleton!!

Holy smokes it was resurrecting now!!?

But hey, there was a heart growing now so we quickly took the dagger and stabbed it into the heart!

The quakes stopped and the tendons and muscles slowly retracted

We sighed in relief

Yet not a moment too soon, because when the heart disappeared, the dagger fell off, and now the vampire king can resurrect again!!

It took us 5 tries going back and forth, growing retracting etc before we finally managed to put the dagger in the heart space and ensure it does not move

Then I woke up

It was a pretty vivid dream, and I could even feel the vibrations like an earthquake you know

Makes for a good story about dreams though

What’s yours?

Share it in the comments if you like

I’ll definitely like to read 😉

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