The Story In Your Mind – Visiting The Underworld

Visiting the Underworld

So the last Story in Your Mind I shared was The Boy on The Bus where a guy developed an interesting fear of transportation after a spooky encounter as a child (which seem perfect for a little ghost story during the 7th Lunar Month or The Ghost Month)

Yes, I said it, a “little ghost” story – pun totally intended XD

Meanwhile, the last Encounter was With The Unknown Being where a girl went through a roller coaster ride through her past lives and eventually met something? someone?

If you have no time to read all, I might suggest reading The Unknown Being, my guess that it’s Loki the Norse God of Mischief

So go ahead, read it and tell me who you think the unknown being is~

Anyway, each client can experience different things under hypnosis

Because we all have unique Perceptions, Mindsets, And Beliefs

This create a type of personalized hypnosis experience for everyone!

And also how how they can resolve their issues in 1 session of hypnosis

Anyway, Stories are awesome experiences from my clients while Encounters are quite otherworldly!

And for today, this story is about Visiting The Underworld

Especially since it’s around the time of Halloween~

Quite an apt story to share I must say 😉

Client Ned (name changed to protect identity) came to me with an interesting issue to share

He feels like out of place somewhat

In a sense, sometimes, it feels like he isn’t in his own body, but out of his body

Interestingly enough, I had a couple of people with this issue and yes, they all required different hypnosis techniques to find their own solution to resolving the issue

Have you ever had that before?

Another lady for example, felt like she was looking at herself and time seem to slow down really drastically!

Now you must remember

Each person is unique

So even if you felt something similar in you as you read the stories and encounters I share in my blog, it’s still uniquely them

And thus you might experience different things even if I do the same technique to resolve the same issue

Like Ned end up visiting the underworld (As I’m calling it but you have your own thoughts where did he go later) while the other clients did not go there at all to resolve the similar issue of an “out of body” feeling

This is because we all have constructed a unique world within us

And why everyone is unique

With our different understandings and perceptions of the world around us

Anyway, shall we get started for today’s story?

As a recap, Ned has this odd issue of feeling like he is not in his own body at times

And perhaps you might be interested to know that we did this online, on Zoom in fact~

Once he was comfortable and safe

And also to check the laptop, mic and sound

We begin the hypnosis to enter his mind…

Presentation guy in an empty room

And he found himself in a room

It was a simple room, rather bare, with a sofa and a coffee table

Ned said he never been in this room before, but it feels safe

After looking around for bit, I asked him to find a pathway out

This is so we can explore the unconscious mind and the issue to resolve

He saw a brown door and once he steadied himself, he opened and walked through

Into darkness

Pure darkness…

He was confused…

Because he couldn’t see anything

I reassured him that everything is still ok

This is because just as there are different humans with varying degrees or powers of sight, hearing, touch sensitivity, smell, taste etc

Similarly, we can experience different and varying degrees of sight, hearing and so on

So if Ned cannot see anything at this time, then we check the other senses

He couldn’t hear anything either…

Interestingly enough, the lack of sound was deafening to him

Next is touch or the physical space


He realized it feels like an enclosed space… even trapped

After a couple of seconds to get his bearings, and feelings of the space

“It feels like I’m in a coffin…”

“Huh~ a coffin… interesting… so what are you doing now?”

“I feel trapped… like I shouldn’t be here… and I’m banging on the coffin but it feels like I’m deep underground now…”

“McKing, I feel scared, I’m panicking, is this normal?”, he added

“Ok remember that you are safe in the chair in front of the laptop, and just pause everything for a moment… are you the you today or another you?”, I asked him

“It feels like me… but not me at the same time…”

“Ok, then do you know what year is this?”

“Erm… I don’t know if you will laugh at me or find it weird… but I get the feeling its like in the 1600s…”, Ned replied even more confused

“Ah~ it’s ok, hopefully things will make more sense later as we go along”

“For now, I will ask you to rewind the events to see what happened prior to you being in this coffin… can you do that?”, I continued

Now he saw himself outside on a field of crops, and he’s a farmer raking the field

The clear sky however, soon turn into a crimson red, with sounds of rumbling thunder in the distance

The ground shook and trembled as something moved beneath the ground and broke free from the earth

He looked around in fright, but curious, he held his rake in front of him and approached the broken ground carefully

The farmer could see something through the broken ground, he peered even closer…

There was an explosion of sound!

It was a coffin and a skeleton jumped out and grabbed onto him, pulling him into the coffin!

He was suddenly falling through the darkness, flailing his arms as he fell deeper and deeper!!!

After some time, he was still falling!!

Now he is just confused…

This abyss seems to be endless

The ground appeared suddenly and was moving to his face!!

“Oof…”, he grunted as he hit the ground

Thankfully it wasn’t that painful…

Ned dusted himself as he raised himself up from the ground

“What…”, he mumbled to himself

“What is it?”, I had to know

“I’m… I don’t know how to explain this…”

“I’m underground… and this place is huge… it’s just a really dark place… the grass is black… and above me… I can see the hole… the coffin hole I just fell through… and I can glimpse the crimson sky too… through the hole…”, he explained

“Cool…”, I’m just amazed how the mind works

“Ah! McKing, there’s a skeleton here with me”

“A skeleton? What is it doing?”

“Erm… well it’s lying on the ground actually… but now it seems to get moving… and getting up…”

“Ok, ask the skeleton why did it bring you here?”

After some time, Ned shared what happened

Essentially, this skeleton (who happens to be female) is a part of him

The emotional part of himself that he has blocked off all these years

And by blocking his emotions for so long, it manifested into this skeleton with no flesh

Since it represented his emotions, and this is a separation, we need to reconnect

They started dancing with each other

Imagine the classic ballroom dancing type of thing

I waited for them to complete this dance as it was the opportunity for healing to take place

Alas! It seems that it wasn’t the right moment or time

This was because Ned needed to prove that he is ready to accept his emotions again

He blocked them off far too long!

He was given a mission – to reconnect with his loved ones in the physical world

The more he consciously does the behaviours to reconnect with his loved ones, the more the skeleton of emotions can merge back into him

“Alright then, if there is nothing else, perhaps it might be time to go”, I said

Upon hearing me, the female skeleton was sad… sad that Ned had to go…

However, she brought him back to the surface with the crimson sky, although when he reached the surface, the crimson sky was clearing up

She asked if he will visit her in the future, and he replied yes he will

And he made his way back to the room with the sofa and the coffee table

Just as he was about to close the door, a skeleton hand appeared and grabbed onto the door, preventing it from closing!

It was the female skeleton!

Ned didn’t want to close the door and break her bony fingers, so reminded her that she cannot come here and that he will visit, and only then did she remove her hand and he can close the door properly

Soon after, I brought him out of hypnosis

Lee McKing pondering about hypnosis

That was such a wild ride!!

And such an apt story for Halloween, don’t you think? 😉

Thankfully most people’s hypnosis experiences do not involve such odd and queer experiences

It a way, it is a reflection of what’s going on in their minds

You see, we can see it as a huge metaphor for Ned

Him blocking his emotions all his life is a big thing!

And if we account that logic and emotion can cover everything there is

It makes sense why the emotional part of the mind manifest into an essential body part

Literally half of the body – either the flesh or the bones!

Left and right will be particularly gruesome…

And in this, one of the rare outcomes

Where the client, Ned, has to consciously (or logically) do something, in this case, to reconnect with his loved ones first

Before his emotions can merge fully with him again

And this brings us back to the original issue

In case you were wondering

Think of it as since he blocked his emotions so much that it manifest into an alternate skeleton, that’s why he felt like he wasn’t in his own body in reality

His sense of self had split into 2 forms!

And for the record, last I chat with him, he is doing well!

Ned’s reconnecting and communicating with his loved ones on new levels that he never experienced before

And probably more importantly for him, he is experiencing the “out of body” thing less and less, maybe once a month now

So that’s a lot of progress!

Remember that everyone is a unique individual with their own set of ideas, values and beliefs so each hypnotic experience is so amazing~

Alright, comment below if you got any questions and I’ll see you next time! 😀

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