The Story In Your Mind – The Wolf

real wolf

So I decided to share some of my clients’ experiences under hypnosis

And I want to remind you that everyone is unique

Which means you will probably not get the same experience as what I will be sharing today

Even if the issue is the same

This is because when we explore a person’s mind

The world within is made up of the individual’s unique past experience

Perceptions, Mindsets, And Beliefs

And so much more

So anyway, here is the world revolving around the client (let’s call her Sarah to keep her identity a secret) who wanted to get over her ex-boyfriend

Sarah came to me, started talking about her ex, and cried

After she calmed down a fair bit, we started the hypnosis

And this, is her story in her mind

Sarah is talking to me under hypnosis

She is now in a pasture, a grassland, and she sees a path

real path through the unconscious mind

She walks down the path and sees a village in the distance

As she walks towards the village, an old lady appears and offers some bread

She refused the bread though, she wasn’t hungry

Sarah walks straight through the village and comes to a river

She sees some rocks and sits on one of them, just watching the sun rise

As the sun rises, she notices a forest across the river and wants to go there

She thought she will find a bridge, but sees a log instead and crosses

Sarah sees a pair of yellow demonic eyes and starts crying in fear

At this point, I say to her, “the sun is still rising so you will see who this pair of yellow demonic eyes belong to”

The sun rises and she sees a wolfreal sun through forest

She felt the wolf will protect her and wants to guide her through the forest

So Sarah follows the wolf through the forest and comes to a mountain

Again, she cries, and I asked “why are you crying?”

And she sobbed, “because I need to climb the mountain and I can’t bring the wolf with me”

So I asked her, “what do you want to do now?”

And she responded, “I want to hug the wolf and say sorry, I cannot bring you with me”

And she does so, physically, her arms move to hug the wolf in her mind, as she repeats those words until she calms down and is ready to continue

We climbed the mountain and she comes to a beach chair, sits in it, enjoys a cup of coffee while watching the sun set

Then she climbs down the other side of the mountain

And treks through a desert

Sarah finds a bench and wants to rest in it

bench in desert

After she rested enough, she asked to be taken out of hypnosis

And she asks me, “What does the wolf mean?”

I asked her back, “what do you think the wolf means?”

She paused and said, “I think its my ex-boyfriend”

“So now what happens when you think of your ex?”

She takes a breath, and says, “I am ready to move on”

And that was it

What do you think happened? Comment below! 😀

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