The Story In Your Mind – The Wand Of Light

Presentation Lee McKing and the wand of light

So the last Story in Your Mind I shared was about Meeting The Avengers where a girl had a trip in the Avengers Spaceship as a way to resolve her internal issues and conflict with her mum

And the last Encounter was With The God of Hope where another woman healed her depression and anxieties through an encounter with the God of Hope!

Such unique experiences!

Yet that’s how they are able to resolve their issues in just 1 session

Anyway, Stories are amazing experiences from my clients while Encounters are astonishingly out of this world!

And for today, this story is called, The Wand of Light

Today’s story is really cool and takes me back

You see, this client has a job related to speaking or training and has a fear of public speaking!

She was sharing with me how she read multiple self help books to resolve her fear of public speaking and yet, she still has it

It totally confused her how she has been training and speaking for years and yet she could not overcome this fear

You might be surprised to know, and I shared with her the same thing, that she isn’t alone

There are many people in a job and yet they have a fear about it!

This might be funny to you yet it’s an surprising and interesting fact

Quite a lot of people take up a job or role in an attempt to overcome the fear through it

Like I had a rock climbing instructor with a fear of heights, lawyers, speakers and trainers with fear of public speaking, singers and performers with stage fright, etc

And I bet you were thinking I’ll say that it’s common to have a fear of public speaking cause it’s the number one fear right?


Anyway, everyone is different and unique

So each of you might have a different problem construct with regards to the same term of a problem

And especially since we all have different Perceptions, Mindsets, And Beliefs

And thus we all have a unique world within us

So anyway, today we have Sharon (not her real name of course) who wanted to resolve her fear of public speaking

Once she was ready, she closed her eyes and we begun the hypnosis…

Presentation Lee McKing and the dark forest

And she saw herself in a dark forest

Sharon is talking to me under hypnosis

“McKing, it’s quite dark here in the forest”

“Ok, let’s give it a moment for your eyes to adjust so you can see around you more clearly”

A minute went by and she could see better in the dark forest

She described how the forest was mainly consisting of those Christmas trees

And she noticed a box slightly away in front of her

She walked towards it and saw that it was an old looking box

I asked her what she wants to do with it

“I want to open it”, she replied

And when she opened it, she saw a wand inside

“A wand?”, I asked


Sharon took the wand out of the box and when she wiggled it, a smile lit up her face

“Ok what’s happening?”, I was curious

“McKing, it’s so beautiful… when I wiggle the wand, sparks of light will come out and light up the area around me… I wish you can see this beautiful imagery…”

“Wow… that does sound beautiful”, I smiled

“Oh, I just saw a path leading out of the forest”, she shared with me

“That’s awesome!”

“Hahaha so funny I need to keep wiggling this wand in order to see in the dark”, Sharon laughed

I shrugged to myself, “The unconscious mind is funny like that hahaha”

Sharon walked along the path out of the forest and onto a plain

And she continued walking until she came to a pile of gold coins!

“Erm McKing, I came across a pile of gold coins”

“Wow seriously? Where is it? What are you going to do?”, I asked

“The pile of gold coins is by the path that I’m walking on… hmm… I think I’ll just take a coin”, she replied

“Just a coin? Really?”

“Yup, a coin is enough I feel”

“Alright then”

Sharon kept a single gold coin in a pocket and continued walking down the path, wiggling her wand of light in order to see in the darkness of the night

After what seemed like a long walk, she could start to see something in the distance at the end of the path

It looked like a castle!

As she got closer, she realized, it was a castle!

She finally reached the front of the castle and she noticed an old man standing at the entrance

The old man stared back at her nonchalantly as Sharon approached him

The two of them just looked at each other, before the old man raised an eyebrow and stretched out his right hand

“Do you know what he wants?”, I asked her

“Yes! Payment!”, she replied me while taking the gold coin from earlier and putting it into his open palm

The old man looked at the gold coin in his right palm, closed it and looked at Sharon with a smile, then kept the coin in his pocket and opened the door of the castle while gesturing to her to enter

When she entered the castle, she stopped wiggling her wand… cause there was no need to anymore

The entire castle was beautifully lit!

It was spacious and there was a party going on too!

The people at the party welcomed Sharon and danced with her!

There was food, drink and music!

She was dancing with this guy, then that guy, and this lady, and soon she found herself in the middle of the party and everyone was celebrating her arrival~

Hours passed (in her hypnosis, not in reality) and it was nearing the end of the party

She felt something weird, before she realized that the crowd of people were making a path for her towards the front of the castle

As Sharon walked towards it, she saw a throne there

Puzzled, she looked around her

The smiling faces of the crowd, and some gestures, told her what she needed to know

She hesitantly climbed the stairs up to the throne and sat in it

A bishop came out with a crown on a cushion, and brought it to her before placing her crown ever so gently on her head

The silence broke into applause, cheers and laughter!

Filled with awe, Sharon’s heart fluttered with joy when suddenly she felt compelled by a power

Turns out the crown and the wand were a pair, a set, that complements and supports each other!

And returning to her allowed her access to a new power!

She flew out of the castle and around the dark forest, wiggling her wand which now shot beams of light all over, lighting up the forest permanently!

Sharon flew all over the world and chased the darkness out with her Wand of Light!

She returned to the castle after completing her task and stood there in front of the party

Everyone was happy and delighted and they said in unison to her…

“Now get back to the real world and do the same”

And Sharon came out of hypnosis just like that

Lee McKing shrug

You might be wondering what was all that about?!

You might remember that Sharon came to me with a fear of pubic speaking

And I think metaphorically, finding the crown and the wand of light enabled her to spread light to chase away the darkness, is her way to resolve her fear of public speaking

Another way to look at it is, that if she has a powerful message to share with the world, and that message can share the light with at least one person, that’s good enough

And that’s why her unconscious mind, through the people in the castle, said to her, to go to the real world and do the same

To share the light with the world~

And who knows, maybe you have such a mission too!

I’ll chat with you next time 😉

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