The Story In Your Mind – The Reindeer And Santa Claus

Presentation Santa Claus

So the last Story in Your Mind I shared was The Ship where a lady met an angel on a ship

And the last Encounter was With Lord Shiva where a man led an army to fight another army of demons

And it was such an epic battle scene!

Anyway, Stories are really cool experiences from my clients while Encounters seem to have divine or religious connections

And today’s hypnotic experience is called, The Reindeer And Santa Claus

This client came to me feeling blocked and stuck in general

As well as felt limited in certain areas

In work, studies and more

And was curious how hypnosis will work

As a reminder

Everyone is unique

So you might experience different things for the same technique with the same issue

Especially since we all have different Perceptions, Mindsets, And Beliefs

And thus all of us have a unique world inside us

That’s why everyone is unique

In their problems, solutions and life

So anyway, today we have Michael (his name was changed to keep his identity a secret) who wanted to clear through his blockages and limitations

We chat for a bit and very quickly did the hypnosis

We started in a chapel

Michael is talking to me under hypnosis 

Lee McKing in a chapel

It was a beautiful chapel and it felt peaceful 

We begin the journey by looking for a doorway of sorts

And he saw a door that had a staircase

He went down the stairs and came to a field

It was an empty yet beautiful field, with a path straight through

Michael noticed a horse carriage with no driver

And the horse said to him, “Get on”

He got on the carriage and just admired the scenery as the horse trotted on the path

And the horse brought him to a giant cave in a mountain

He got off the carriage and was a bit confused so I asked him to ask the horse which told him to explore

He explored the cave, and found a lake, and said he wants to enter this underground lake

So Michael took a deep long breathe and submerged himself into the underground lake

Swimming and swimming and a turtle appeared to guide him to where he needed to go

And he reached the bottom where there was a huge Rafflesia flower with a flame above it

I asked him to ask the Rafflesia flower, “What is your message for me?”

And the flame turned to a laser, shooting through the water, and he heard a voice, “Go to the surface”

Michael started swimming upwardsPresentation sinking in water

And now found himself outside in the sea, where there was an island in front of him

He swam to the island and found a coconut tree

He grabbed a coconut, cracked it open to have a drink as well as to eat the flesh

Replenished with energy, he ventured deeper into the island and came to a garden of sorts

This garden had a huge fat bonbon tree in the middle, and two palm trees wearing hats near the entrance where he just entered

However, both palm trees had sad faces…

Michael asked one of the palm trees wearing a hat, “Why are you sad?”

The palm tree replied, “Because we are thirsty and have no water to drink”

Michael asked, “How can I help you?”

The palm tree with a hat said, “In the centre of this garden, there is a huge bonbon tree. It’s trunk is filled with water. Go and cut it open and give us a drink of that water.”

Michael walked to the centre of the garden and saw that the bonbon tree was huge!

He wondered how could he cut it open when he found a pocket knife in his pocket

“How convenient”, he thought to himself as he cut the bonbon tree

There was a lot of water!

Michael used his hands to carry the water to one of the palm trees with a hat

And he repeatedly did it

Back and forth

Carrying water with his hands

Bit by bit

Until finally, both palm trees with hats were smiling and happy again!

Michael smiled to himself as he felt good to have helped these two palm trees

Suddenly both palm trees started glowing!

He stared in surprise

Their glowing white forms started to change too!

“What’s happening??”

Lee McKing and the reindeer

They look like they are changing into… into… reindeer??

Michael was stunned for a moment at this strange scene

Both palm trees have completely changed into reindeer

Wearing hats!

One of the reindeer turned and ran off

“What… he didn’t even say thanks?”, Michael thought to himself…

The other reindeer with a hat said, “Thank you for helping us! As thanks, I will help you on your journey”

And poof!

The carriage from earlier appeared strapped to the reindeer (without the horse of course)

Michael was at a lost for words as he didn’t know what to say or do

And decided to board the carriage since the reindeer was looking at him with a smile

The reindeer started moving and Michael just observed and admired the rest of the journey up the mountain

They continued like this until they came to the edge of a cliff

The reindeer with a hat said, “Hmm… it appears we are stuck”

Michael asked me, “Now what?”

“Hmm…”, I pondered, and asked, “Maybe you could search your pockets for something that could help?”

He searched his pockets and found his iPhone

Michael looked at it for a while, wondering how it could help, and decided it didn’t

So he threw it over the cliff

The reindeer was in shock, “What was that for?!”

Michael replied, “It was useless! It couldn’t help!”

The reindeer replied, “Well, you didn’t have to throw it anyway!”

While the two were bickering for a bit, Michael noticed something strange

“Hey McKing, I think I see something in the distance… coming from the sky…”

“Oh, can you recognize what it is? Or what it looks like?”

“Well I think so… but I don’t believe it…”, Michael replied slowly…

“Ok, take your time and tell me once you confirm what it is”

“Erm yea it really is, I cannot believe it, but it really is… Santa Claus”, Michael replied

“Huh?! Santa Claus?!”, I exclaimed, holding back a laugh

“Yea, hahahah it’s Santa Claus! Via parachute”, Michael said as he laughed

“Ho ho ho! That’s right, I’m here to save the day!”, said Santa Claus as he manoeuvred his parachute and landed snugly in the seat beside Michael

“Erm, hi… this is weird”, Michael couldn’t believe what was happening

“Nothing’s weird! Come on, give me the reins to the reindeer”, said Santa Claus as he reached for the reins in Michael’s hands

The reindeer was looking at Santa Claus in disbelief, “No, I don’t trust you”

“What?! I’m Santa Claus! Don’t you believe in me?”Lee McKing and Santa

“Nope I don’t”, said the reindeer wearing a hat, “Don’t hand the reins to him, Michael”

Michael was at a bit of a dilemma and after thinking for a while, decided to give the reins to Santa Claus

After all, there wasn’t anywhere else he could go anyway

“Great! Now giddy up!”, said Santa Claus and he gave the reins a jerk

“Hey, I’m a reindeer! I can’t fly!”

“Do you trust me?”


“Oh boy…”, Michael shook his head while listening to the two of them

Eventually, the reindeer moved towards the edge and Michael was waiting for the drop but no!

The carriage started flying while the reindeer ran and ran!!

“Ho ho ho!!”

“Holy sh*t I’m flying!!”, Michael was ecstatic

The continued flying above the clouds and Michael reached to grab the clouds

“Wow it really feels like cotton”

After a while, Michael asked Santa Claus where they were going


“Well guess that’s wasn’t a surprise to me…”, said Michael and he looked back at the sky and clouds

Soon, the North Pole was in sight

Santa Claus skilfully landed the carriage and the reindeer was panting once he came to a stop

Santa Claus got off and approach his home, an igloo

“Well come on in”, he said as he opened the door

Michael and the reindeer looked at his other, shrugged, and entered the igloo

“Wow!”, Michael was surprised!

The igloo look normal on the outside but was huge and spacious on the inside!

“It’s like magic!”, Michael said to himself

A feast was already prepared on the dining table

Santa Claus looked at Michael and the reindeer and said, “Dig in”

Lee McKing and Santa eating

And the trio had a feast!

The most awesome feast they had in a while

After the feast, Santa Claus and the reindeer had a nap

Santa Claus in his chair while the reindeer just laid on the floor

Michael decided to have a look around the home of Santa Claus

There was a lot to see after all

However, a bookcase caught his eye

Michael walked over to the bookcase and scanned over the books

A white book seemed to glow, beckoning him to take it

It was a white book with a golden snowflake on the cover of the book

He felt something special emitting from the white book

Michael opened the book and it was empty

Then golden energy started spreading from the gold snowflake into the book

Like gold print forming

And this golden energy also entered into Michael’s body

Spreading everywhere

The white book merged into his body and he felt like he received a power up!

Michael realized the white book with the golden snowflake represented knowledge and the mind

And now he has opened up opportunities for learning and creativity

The power up energy died down eventually and now he has fully absorbed this new power!

Both Santa Claus and the reindeer woke up by this time

Michael went to the reindeer and used his new power to upgrade the reindeer

New golden symbols appeared on the reindeer, “Woah, something feels different”, said the reindeer in surprise

Michael turned to Santa Claus and said, “Thank you for your hospitality, it’s time for me to go”

The carriage from outside appeared in the home of Santa Claus and Michael got on the carriage

The reindeer has a new power to fly!

And they flew!!

Breaking through the igloo home of Santa Claus…

Santa Claus was froze in stunned silence while Michael and the reindeer flew up up and away!

“Cough, maybe I should have went outside before flying off”, Michael said to himself

The reindeer wearing a hat continued flying in the sky, and eventually brought Michael back to the island

However, it was the other side of the island

There was a magnificent city!

They landed outside the city and Michael went in by himself

He walked down the road and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the city people

It wasn’t a modern type of city yet it was technologically advanced

Lee McKing and Taj Mahal

Michael came to a temple that reminded him of the Taj Mahal

He entered and inside, he saw there were many treasures

Somewhat puzzled, he stood there for a moment, looking around the treasures

“Why? Why did half the island contained the technologically advanced city of people, while the other half was the beautiful peaceful of nature, the garden and mountain…”, Michael said out loud and reminded me

“It’s a good question, and one, where you will eventually find the answer by yourself”, I said to him and left him to his thoughts

“Oh! I got it.”, Michael had a moment of epiphany

The island had two halves, one of nature and one of technology

While it seemed that both might consume or hinder each other, they were actually at peace and could potentially help each other to grow

With this insight, Michael approached the main treasure of the temple and used his new found power of the white book to upgrade the treasure so that both sides of the coin, nature and technology, can benefit each other much more effectively

The treasure glowed and the golden energy spread to all the treasures

They turned into gold dust and floated into the air about the temple, and scattered all over the island

Covering the city and the forest with golden dust

It was a beautiful and magnificent sight…

Michael nodded in appreciation and went back to the reindeer

He got on the carriage and the reindeer started moving

This time, the reindeer brought him back to the cave in the mountain

The horse was still there, “I see you made a new friend”

Michael said, “Yea, a lot has happened”

The horse nodded, “Well, it just means you don’t need me anymore. Good luck with your future endeavours!”

The horse turned and trotted away

Michael went to the reindeer and they both travelled back to the fields and returned to the chapel

And I brought him out of hypnosis

That was quite an experience, isn’t it?

It has been several months since then and Michael has experience many positive things!

He felt more sure of his decisions and found an awesome mentor to learn from

He has unstuck from his previous situation (before the session) and has grown!

Honestly, it’s the first time a client of mine met with Santa Claus so I think it was definitely an awesome experience for him too!

And for some people, they might think that all the animals that appeared might be some sort of spirit animal

Spirit animals are like guardian animals for people

And this is a belief under shamanistic practice to some extent

Just some extra info!

So I won’t go into detail about spirit animals for now

We can really experience anything under hypnosis eh hahaahah

See you next time!

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much I did 😀

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