The Story In Your Mind – The Golden Palace

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So the last hypnosis which I shared about a client’s experience was The Wolf

And if you have not read it yet, go check it out

It’s an amazing experience that enabled her to let go of an old emotional connection so she can finally move on

And today’s hypnotic experience is called, The Golden Palace

This client came to me feeling stuck in his career

Like there was some blockage that he could not overcome

And wanted to use hypnosis to overcome them since he tried everything he knew

Now I want to remind you again that everyone is unique

Which means even if you went through the same issue using the same technique

You might not experience the same thing

This is because every one of us have different Perceptions, Mindsets, And Beliefs

Thus how we view the world is unique to us

That’s how arguments can come about sometimes

So anyway, today we have James (his name was changed to keep his identity a secret) who wanted to get over his blockages in his career

We chat for a bit and very quickly did the hypnosis

Are you ready? Then let’s go!

James is talking to me under hypnosis

James found himself in an English cottage

He oriented himself and realized he had to leave the cottage

Once he stepped out, he saw a path

He walked down the path and came to the edge of a cliff

He shuddered as he peered down the cliff

I asked him, “What do you see?”

He replied, “McKing, I see flowing lava in front of me. And there is some kind of earthquake happening.”


I said, “Wow! Ok, do you still see the cottage?”

He replied, “No! The cottage is gone! I cannot go back. And there are 3 demon looking creatures now climbing up the cliff and pulling my leg, trying to pull me into the lava! What’s happening??”

To which I said, “Ok first of all, you must remember that you are safe and sound in the chair in my office. Ok? Next, I want you to know that your unconscious mind always wants what’s best for you. And we are doing this to resolve the blockage in your career right? The lava is all in your mind. However, if you feel like you need to get out, I will bring you out safe and sound. Otherwise, you can continue with the hypnosis. So, do you want to proceed or get out?”

He calmed down and replied, “Ok, I will jump into the lava.”

After a couple of seconds, he said, “You know what McKing, it’s actually quite warm and comfortable in the lava.”

“Great!” I replied, and asked, “So what happened to the demon looking creatures?”

“They’re gone!” He was shocked and happy at the same time

James continued to swim in the lava, following the flow and came to a waterfall

In fact, he went through many waterfalls at this time


I told him to let me know once he comes to another place 

And he updates me that he has arrived at the edge of a forest

“Ok cool, now what do you want to do?”, I asked him

“I want to explore the forest.”, He replied

“Great, now let me know when you see something interesting”, I said

“Oh, there was a crystal stuck in a tree.”, He shared

“Oh, where is it now?”, I asked

“I don’t know. I walked past it ages ago.”, James said as a matter of fact

I will like to pause here for a moment and share with you, that time is relative and it can go fast or slow in the person’s mind. In this case, James has travelled a long distance in his mind even when only minutes have passed in the real world. – Lee McKing

“Oh well”, I said, “Then let me know when you come across something interesting again.”

James comes across a huge canyon, and sees a golden palace on the other side

He shared that he wants to go there and will cross a bridge to get there

He sees 2 bridges and takes the right bridge because it’s nearer to him

After crossing it, he shivered, as he has entered a ghost town!

ice cream

He hurries through and crosses another smaller bridge 

At this point, he met an old man who gave him an ice cream, the kind like paddle pop, with an ice cream stick

He was eating the ice cream and he explored this tiny island, that only had a brick wall and was blocking his way

He shared how he was stuck with this wall

James was feeling the whole brick wall with his hands to no avail and there seem to be no door, no secret passageway, or button or anything 

“Hey, what happened to the ice cream?”, I asked

“Oh I finished it and threw the ice cream stick away.”, He replied

“Could you find it and pick it up?” And he did. “Now tell me what it says”

“It says, ‘Turn Left'”, James replied

“Well, do you know what that means?”, I asked

“Yeah! I got to go to the left bridge!”, He quickly replied

James went all the way back to the canyon and went over to the left bridge that was further away

And he came to a gate, and it was locked

If it’s locked, there must be a keyhole

“You know what? The keyhole looks exactly like the crystal stuck in the tree!”, He exclaimed

He rushed back through the forest to find the crystal

And put it in the gate, which unlocked

And he went up to the golden palace and was feeling amazing amounts of energy, happiness and freedom!

And then I brought him back from hypnosis and that’s that

James shared he felt lighter and more empowered, however to see whether it worked, we agreed that we had to give it some time for him to see the results

I am thankful to share that in the next few months, James won an award from his company for making breakthroughs in his sales and career and even got himself an expensive gift for his hard work!

Now that’s what I call a breakthrough!

Especially with just 1 session 😉

I don’t know about you but whenever my clients go through such an amazing experience with hypnosis and shares with me their joys after, I get this really cool sense of fulfilment you know?

unique key

The way hypnosis just so easily unlocks their issues and frees them so easily just amazes me each time! 

Truthfully though, your unique key lies in your mind

And hypnosis is one way to find it and unlock your potential 🙂

Now anyway, if you got comments or feedback, go ahead and comment below

However, if you have questions and wish to remain anonymous, go ahead and ask me a question here on

And I will see you again next time!

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