The Story In Your Mind – The Boy On The Bus

Presentation the boy on the bus

It’s the 7th Lunar Month in 2021 and according to Chinese beliefs, the 7th Lunar Month is also known as the Hungry Ghost Month!

So that means I’m going to share a little hypnosis experience where there was a ghost encounter~

Although to be fair, it’s a small one 😛

But first, to recap, the previous Story in Your Mind was about a Cave To Another World where my client travelled through a cave to well… another world!

You will have to read it yourself to know who he met that not only gave him the answer to his issue, but blew his perspectives away~

Meanwhile, another client had An Encounter With the Norse God Thor Odinson to find a powerful resource that could help him to achieve his goals!

And you must read it to appreciate what adventures he went on in his mind!

As you might have read about it in my articles, each client will have unique experiences that is personalized to them

Which is how most of my clients are able to resolve their issues in 1 session of hypnosis

And I like to share how hypnosis can be through such wondrous Stories and astounding Encounters!

And for today, this story is called, The Boy On The Bus

Now of course, I already mentioned that this is a small ghost story

Heck I don’t even know if I can hit my usual word count today XD

Anyway, this client came to me with a fear of transportation

Patrick was fearful of MRTs, buses, cars and he didn’t know how he got it

Obviously, he decided enough was enough!

He came to see me for help

And just to remind you

That we all have different Perceptions, Mindsets, And Beliefs

Thus why everyone is unique and have their own personalized world within

With our different understandings and perceptions of the world around us

Each of our problems are thus constructed differently

And today it is Patrick’s story (named changed for privacy)

Patrick shared with me how when he was young something happened and he didn’t want to leave the house

It’s a form of agoraphobia – such as not wanting to leave the house cause it’s safe

At that young age, his parents didn’t know what to do

And whether it’s because of superstition, religion, or other beliefs

His parents got a number of priests, mediums, and doctors to help him

From medication by the doctors, to prayers by priests, and rituals by mediums

But he stayed the same

He didn’t want to leave the house

This was through preschool and finally when he had to go to primary school, Patrick started to be ok with leaving his home again

However of course, as you already know, he eventually developed a fear of transportation

Which held him back from many things, events, outings, for a number of years

Until he came to see me

Now that I understood how his mind works, we scheduled the hypnosis for another time

So a week later, he came to see me for the hypnosis

And after ensuring he was safe and comfortable, we started the hypnosis and…

real path through the unconscious mind

He saw himself on a road

Patrick is sharing with me his experience under hypnosis

“McKing, I see myself on a road, but the surrounding is empty”

“That’s ok, in that case, this road will bring you to the source of when the fear first started”

So he walked down the road, and the scenery blurred and flashed by

And he came to a floating black orb

It was just there, floating above the road at about his chest level

“What do I do now McKing?”, he asked

“Alright, this is a unique orb – a memory orb – and once you are ready, we will enter this black orb to find the source of where your fear started…”

“Like how? Do I touch it?”

“Yea that might work if you don’t just enter it automatically”

Patrick touched it and started to enter the black orb

When he finally arrived at this destination, he took a moment to orient himself

He found himself back in his childhood memories!

Patrick saw himself at the age of 3, maybe 4 years old

Here, he was out with his mom, happily strolling around a park

Eventually it was time to go home and they went to the bus stop

He loved buses so much!

When the bus came, he ran up the bus!

Now at this age, Patrick wasn’t sure whether it was the last bus, or what time it was

He only knew it was time to go home

As he ran up the bus, he ran down the length of the bus to the end

He was so happy~

But when he reach the end of the bus…

He stopped…

Patrick stood there confused…

He voiced out to me…

“McKing… there’s something wrong with this bus…”

“What do you mean?”, I had to clarify

“Like… there is this black wall covering the back of the bus… It’s not suppose to be here in my memories right?”

Oooohhh it seems we have found something interesting… I had to get more details from him

And eventually I found out from him that his black wall is only covering the last seat or two seats of the bus

Like, imagine an entire black wall blocking off that entire section of the bus

Now I have to explain something important before we continue his story

That black wall is a form of protection!

You see, when we are children, the unconscious mind is learning, adapting, and protecting us

Usually in a multitude of ways!

And one of its functions, well, I already mentioned, is to protect you when you are a child

Now you will understand that a child is but a child, and so the knowledge one has is limited

This also means that some problems, traumas, etc is not for a child to comprehend

A child for example, cannot understand the reasons for parents to divorce, whether or not the parents explain that it’s because they don’t love each other anymore, or because one parent is abusive or bad

Presentation a loving family

Such a child will naturally want the family to stay together

Of course, this is within a certain age, like below 9 for example

A 14 year old child might understand when there is love or no love between parents, and might even suggest to the parents to just divorce

Anyway, I digress but hope this helps you to understand that certain problems are not for a child to handle, and when they go through such situations, things will happen

Whatever those “things” are – ranging from weird or bad behaviours or habits, anxiety, depression etc – will depend on what the issue or problem was presented as well

Without going too in depth into other aspects (you can PM me though or read my other blogs for other insights) when something scary or violent or abusive occurs in a child’s life (again below age of 9 in particular)

One of the protection mechanisms that the unconscious mind might employ is to block off such a bad memory

For instance, a person might agree that his dad was abusive but he cannot remember what happened, or claimed he is forgetful

Another example might be when a girl was raped by a stranger, say when she was 5, and when she grew up, she cannot recall what happened between ages 4-6 at all

Something like that

So sometimes when someone tells me they are quite forgetful, I make a mental note that this person might have had something particularly traumatic which cause such a memory block

Of course to be fair not everyone will get this!

Some people might go through the trauma, and the unconscious mind did not block off the memories, but retain them or highlight them to an astonishingly degree, which in turns might create a form of PTSD, extreme phobia, OCD and so on

Literally, anything can happen

How I see it is a push or pull away, and then from there what can happen next – how did the original issue evolve in the person’s mind

Anyway, now that you understand Patrick’s situation a bit better

Let’s get back to the story

All the above went though my mind in a split second

And then I told Patrick to ask the black wall for the reason of it being there

This is because he doesn’t know what is it doing there

The black wall responded, “I’m here to protect you from what’s behind me”

Patrick enquired, “Am I ready to see what’s behind you?”

The black wall paused for a good minute, before replying, “I suppose you are…”

And then it started to disappear, to disintegrate

Patrick held his breath and the scene in front of him got clearer and clearer

And eventually he saw there was a boy, around his age, sitting on the last seat, in the middle seat

The boy grinned at him, showing sharp teeth, before disappearing into smoke~

Patrick felt fear, there was no doubt about it

This is because he felt this same fear when he was a child and encountering this entity

He realized now, he recalled, that he met this ghost of a child all those years ago

And back then, he ran away from it, crying and screaming

And this was the reason he was too afraid to leave the house

Although the reason why all the doctors, mediums and priests couldn’t help him

Was because encountering the ghost left a psychological impact

And thus, we need to utilize psychological means to resolve the issue

I guided him to release that old fear

Because hey, it happened in the past right?

After we resolved this traumatic episode, I brought him back to the present time

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And that’s how we brought it to a close

Just a simple ghost story from the past

And the truth is, if anyone were to encounter a ghost, it is high possible that it’s traumatic isn’t it?

Which makes sense on the psychological aspect of things

Speaking of which, here’s another ghost story that left a psychological impact on another client

Although if you want a non-ghost story (but scary still), here’s what happened when a client met a hell guard who wanted to help her through her issues

Of course, ultimately you will notice that hypnosis is just exploring what’s inside our minds

And if an issue takes the form of a “ghost”, like in the burning skull story, then we will find a way to resolve it too 😀

Til then, stay safe!

And if you want to share any of your own ghost stories with me, feel free to PM or email me 😉


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