The Story in Your Mind – Talking With The Dead

Presentation Lee McKing and a medium shaman

The Lunar 7th Month (also known as the Hungry Ghost Month) is round the corner and what better way to prepare for it with a ghost story~

Ok ok not a real ghost story

A hypnotic ghost story

And no, it does not mean I hypnotize you to see ghosts


But we will talk about today’s story later~

Previously I shared a story about a mythical rat sage who appeared during a lady’s hypnosis and gave a cryptic message which resolved her issues!

Ok well, the rat sage couldn’t speak actually, but you can read about it here

And the last encounter was of a man who travelled to the sun and met 2 highly respected lords, Lord Buddha and Lord Shiva

Here he sought to find a greater life purpose and how to achieve it!

Now of course, since everyone has their own set of Perceptions, Beliefs and Mindsets, this also means each hypnosis will be different and unique to them

In fact, that is also what makes my job so fun~

Helping each client to discover the unique world within themselves!

Navigating through the different realms within, going on an adventure with them, to resolve the issues on that deep unconscious level~

Although some people don’t get to go on much of an adventure, it was just finding the problem construct and deconstructing them at the source

Presentation Lee McKing and break free from ice

What I share are the adventures that some of my clients go through

Stories might be a normal or unbelievable experience while Encounters are when they meet unique beings from a possibly higher realm!

And today we got Kelvin (name changed to protect identity) to resolve his depression

He has been plagued by nightmares of spirits and ghosts and is now suffering from depression as there seems to be no way to get rid of them!

For the record, Kelvin has sought out multiple mediums, psychic healers, and priests to no avail!

And the moment he shared this, I knew what was up

The ghosts aren’t real!!

But because he believed they are real (or told they are real by the mediums or psychics), he continued to seek them out for relief

The funny question is, if they are real, why haven’t those ghosts disappeared?

So that’s how he ended up finding me

For another record, no I don’t exorcisms

Remember, he is dealing with psychological spirits, a fake ghost if you will

That’s why hypnosis is a viable method

And also why I thought this was a good story to share for the 7th Lunar Month


Don’t worry it’s not scary

But if you want to scare someone (maybe) you can share this with them~

Ok I digress

Back to Kelvin

Kelvin also had a couple of interesting patterns going on in his life

Well, to me it is interesting, to him it is devastating

One of which was his relationships, as he seemed to always get involved with women who are explosive or temperamental

The other was a series of chanting and praying OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) tendencies as an attempt to chase away the ghosts so he won’t have nightmares

Once he was comfortable and we were ready to begin the hypnosis…

He saw himself in a park

It was bright and sunny and there were people?!

Some were jogging, some were cycling, some were walking etc

He was standing in an area between the path and a lake

He walked down until he saw a lady on a bench

She looked kinda familiar

Kelvin realized she was his ex girlfriend, who, in her explosive rage, left him quite traumatized

Now he is stuck cause he doesn’t know if he dare to talk to her or not

Since we are here to resolve issues, I asked him to focus on that “stuck” feeling and allow it to come out of him

And a ghost?! appeared?!

I asked him to describe this… ghost?

She was a lady in white, with long hair tied in a pig tail (and now he noticed his ex girlfriend had a pig tail too) and wearing traditional Chinese cheongsam

However she had a scary angry look! Her mouth opened with sharp teeth and her fingers ended in claws!

Kelvin was shivering at this point, physically in front of me

I reminded him that this “ghost” cannot hurt him in his own mind, and asked him to ask the ghost a question

“Who or what do you represent?”

“I represent all the women who were hurt before!”

“What is the reason you are here?”

“I am here to cause you pain! For the women!”

Eh… by that logic, this “ghost” is representing all women in the past and present who were hurt by other men (or other women) and now come to hurt this one man?

Presentation Lee McKing and the female ghost in 7th lunar month

You can see why I know it is not a real ghost…

I asked him to ask the “ghost” to bring him to the time when she first entered in his life

From her body appeared a whirlpool and while Kelvin was initially afraid to enter, with my encouragement, he allowed himself to be sucked in

He reappeared in his past!

Kelvin was a young child about 10 years old and it was a family gathering of sorts

There was a buffet spread and he went to take some food then went to find a place to sit and eat


He turned around to see what happened behind him!

It was his aunt, she had an episode and her plate of food crashed to the floor

The interesting background of this aunt was that she was a medium and was diagnosed with schizophrenia

Which begs the question… did she have both schizophrenia and mediumship abilities?

Or is she an actual medium but wrongly diagnosed as having schizophrenia?

Or perhaps she had schizophrenia and is not a medium at all?

In case you are not sure, a medium is one who supposedly can connect with the dead for communication, etc etc

Anyway, she was now having an episode and causing a scene at the house

However to Kelvin, this aunt has been having such episodes for the longest time, and need every family member to drop everything and come attend to her

He found it irritating

He also shared that she had her hair in a pig tail, which to me was an interesting detail

Since there were no other details to note, I guided him to resolve this memory

And we found ourselves in a room

Who was in front of him but his aunt

Lee McKing shrug presentation

Actually it doesn’t seem that scary yet right?

Kelvin shared with me that his aunt now looks like a ghost!

And in fact, she passed away some years back

Back then when he was a teen, he was “cursing” her because of all the drama she was intentionally causing

And when she really passed away, he felt like he caused it

His aunt is now a ghost and screaming at him!

“You caused me to die!”

“You owe me!”

“I will make you suffer!”

And Kelvin is now shivering in his chair while she continued to wail and scream at him

Was the ghost real?

Honestly, I don’t know!

But it could be a fake ghost, it could be a manifestation of his guilt

Which means I can guide him to resolve it

I guided him to communicate with his aunt and reasoned with her certain details

His aunt calmed down, and not as angry as before

However now she started sobbing, saying that she did a lot of “bad things” and owe the King of Hell a lot of debt, so she is afraid to leave and enter Hell


Now I need to think again to help her move on

We succeeded after some time and her soul started disintegrating~


Once she was completely gone, completely moved on, I brought him back to the park

His ex girlfriend was still there but this time, she was smiling and she didn’t have a pig tail

Kelvin made peace with her too before I brought him out of hypnosis proper

He was shocked, amazed, etc but…

I really had to ask him one question

“Did you have a crush on your aunt when you were young?”

He opened his eyes in shock before stuttering…

“Yea… yea… I did find her quite attractive when I was younger… but… how did you know??”

“The pig tail”


“It was the pig tails that gave me a clue, and it all makes sense now… if you had a crush on your aunt when you were young, patterns repeat themselves remember? And she had such episodes which gave you ‘hell’, then you will find a girlfriend who will give you similar ‘hell’… and you did!”

“OMG You are right! Like all of them!”, while still in disbelief that he didn’t see it earlier

Now to recap

His guilt took the form of his aunt’s spirit as a way to “haunt” him and this was what continued to create issues for him in order to suffer for his “sin”

Unfortunately, life, and the human mind, is quite often like this

Our minds might take a “sin” or an “issue” in a particular form in your mind and this can create sometimes illogical issues or patterns

Another example was when this lady’s egg allergy was an issue that took the form of an egg in her mind

When we resolved that issue, she miraculously cured her egg allergy too!

She had an egg for lunch that day and was fine… and continued to eat eggs for the next 2 months every day and still fine!

How bizarre!

I will end off with this

The more you are aware of yourself, the more likely you will be able to be free from your past

Especially from the things that might still be haunting you today 🙂

Stay safe during this Ghost Month!~

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