The Story in Your Mind – Reconnecting With The Deceased

Happy National Day Singapore! 😀

But well, I don’t have a National Day hypnosis experience to share so let’s link to the next upcoming event – the 7th Lunar month also known as the Ghost Month

Although yes, I do have quite a few ghost stories, this falls under a hypnotic experience

And while you might think ghosts are scary, today’s story is a bit more heartwarming~

Trust me on this 😉

The Stories that I share are hypnotic experiences of my clients that are unique to them, and the last Story was about Kate who saw her husband as a crocodile!

She had to deal with her perception of him, which relates to her anger issues as well

On the other hand, Encounters are experiences where my clients met with a higher spiritual being, like when Jacob met with Buddha in his hypnotic Encounter!

Jacob was seeking answers in particular to himself and what to do with his life, and you might be happy to know he is doing well now

Now because our perceptions, mindsets and beliefs are unique to us, we all have an internal world within that shapes our reality around us

Now today I want to share something which involves family

Especially since the 7th Lunar Month has a component of paying respects and reconnecting with our deceased loved ones

And although the National Day can be spend with family or friends and is celebrated as a country, we do usually spend it with our loved ones

Sofia (name was changed to protect her identity) came to me with a simple request

She wanted to resolve her issue of procrastination

That was pretty much it

So when we were ready, we begin the hypnosis…

And she suddenly burst into tears!

Now regardless of what happens under the hypnosis, I have to remain calm

Like, imagine you are panicky under hypnosis then you hear the hypnotist’s voice is also scared or not sure what to do


Yea exactly

So anyway I asked her to take her time to calm down and to share with me what is happening so I can assist if required

Sofia shared that she is now seeing her father

The issue is, her father had passed away a few months earlier

Hence, she broke down in tears upon seeing him because she missed him so much


I told her to spend some private time with him if she wants, share a few words for closure

Now you might be wondering, she came with issues of procrastination, what has her dad got to do with procrastination

Absolutely nothing actually

But here’s the thing

In some cases, you might see issue A whereas your unconscious mind finds issue B a greater issue

And this is what was happening

She was looking at procrastination as an issue, which is true

However in her unconscious mind, dealing with the loss and grief of her father’s passing was a greater emotional issue

And that is why her unconscious mind brought it up first 🙂

Anyway once she was done having her closure with her dad, he disappeared and that is how we know they are done

Then Sofia starts crying again!

Turns out her sister passed away shortly after their father’s passing!

Similarly, I allowed her some time to have a chat and closure with her sister~

Sharing any last thoughts or words can provide such closure

Well, there could be other stuff too but this is just a general guide for now

And then, she was also gone

Presentation a loving family

Now her husband appeared

Hold on her husband is still alive so don’t worry hahah

Rather, she had some issues with her husband and that tore up the relationship

So we did a forgiveness process instead

After that, her god appeared too!

She shared briefly that due to all the events that was happening, the passing of her family members, the failed marriage etc, she lost faith with her god

Now that her god has appeared, I suggested for her to reconcile and ask for forgiveness

Thankfully she was agreeable to that

After which, her two children appeared

Again, because of what was happening, her relationship with her children became more distant, more strained

Thus we also reconciled this

I told her she can share whatever she want to share with her kids in this time and space, without necessarily needing to share in reality

And this can help to heal her

After that was done, she found herself teleporting to a different place

Now she was at the beach with her kids and going snorkeling!

She went down and found an oyster that was open

And in the oyster was a pearl

The most beautiful pearl she had ever seen

“You know what McKing, I hate pearls”

Sofia suddenly said that and I was puzzled for a moment

Because if she hates pearls, why did it appear to her now?

She continued, “I hate pearls but I don’t know why I like this one”

“Oh you do?”

“Yes, I like this one… this is my pearl”

And now everything made sense to me!

You see, it doesn’t matter what form or symbol it takes in the unconscious mind

Most importantly is the representation or the meaning of it

She grabbed the pearl and grasped it close to her heart

Presentation sinking in water

As she began her ascension to the surface…

And also her ascension out of hypnosis

When she came out, Sofia was shocked!

“Why is my face wet?!”

She said hurriedly as she took a piece of tissue paper to wipe her face


To be honest this was one of my first cases when I started practicing and the only case where the client had amnesia after the hypnosis

I realized then, that the unconscious mind is so considerate and powerful

You see, her unconscious mind knew that her topmost pressing issues were to resolve emotional issues, such as grief over her family’s passing, handling the marriage issues, and so on

And yet, didn’t want her to feel embarrassed about it since she originally didn’t share with me

Which is why we went to resolve those issues, yet she cannot remember what happened under the hypnosis

For the record, she went on to start her own business in the next couple of months and doing pretty well thereafter!

Presentation Lee McKing and phone

Bringing this to a close…

Sofia meeting her deceased loved ones again and releasing her grief, having her closure, is probably what most of us will like to do if it can happen

Finding out things the deceased didn’t get to share with us, or us sharing our final thoughts with them, things we didn’t get to say before they passed

All of this is important for closure, especially when it was due to a sudden event

Of course, were they ghosts or were they just a figment of her imagination?

I will ask back, does it matter?

Regardless what is the answer, she got what she came for and came out better because of it

One last thing, if I might suggest

Instead of being afraid of the ghosts of deceased loved ones, why not spend some time with them while they are still alive

And say what you want to say now

That way, there are little regrets that will be left behind

Congrats for reaching the end of this blog!

Watch this if you want to have a sample of hypnosis and meet your deceased loved one

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