The Story In Your Mind – My Husband Is A Crocodile!

Presentation Lee McKing and crocodile

Welcome back to another interesting story of hypnosis where I share case studies and what my clients experience while under hypnosis!

Stories in the mind are seemingly normal yet unique experiences while encounters are where my clients get a visit from a higher being (usually it is their God!)

In the previous story in the mind, Beth entered a mirror world in her mind and she flew in this world looking for answers!

Did she find what she was looking for? Or did some realization halted her tracks?

You have to read in order to know!

On the other hand, the last encounter was with the Asgardian God of Thunder Thor Odinson!!

My client Paul met the Marvel Thor and wanted to borrow his strength to enhance his physical performance

You wouldn’t believe what he used it for and how he excelled!!

Way beyond belief!

Such amazing experiences that leaves an impression~

Of course, this is because we all have our own personalized Perspections, Mindsets and Beliefs

And that’s how we can have a unique worldview within us

That’s where we come to today’s hypnosis story

Today we have Kate (name changed to protect identity) coming to address anger issues

And we might understand anger as something which all of us have experienced in our lives

Kate’s anger however, was really bad

Arguments, heated conversations, shouting, between herself and her husband

To the point she was having high blood pressure as well!

And that’s why she is here today

In an attempt to reduce or resolve her anger so that she doesn’t blow up anymore (or as often as before anyway)

After a bit of a chat to calm her nerves, we got ready for the hypnosis…

Presentation Lee McKing and the dark forest

And she was now in a forest

Kate steadied herself, not knowing what to expect, or what she might find

So far, it looks like a normal forest to her

There was a path so she started walking

She came to a river, and she saw something!

Kate was confused and puzzled at first because… she was looking at a cartoon…

It was the strawberry shortcake girl!!

Both of us didn’t know her name so that was what we referred to her as haahaa

“What is she doing here? Why am I seeing her?”

“That’s a good question to ask her?”

As I guided her the questions and conversation, to Kate’s surprise, the strawberry shortcake girl was actually her daughter!

If that seems confusing, essentially, the people (or things as well) around us can be represented as different symbols in our minds

Not necessarily will we see them as their original real selves

In Kate’s case, the strawberry shortcake girl in her mind was actually representing her daughter!

As they were chatting with each other, something moved in the river beside them


A crocodile jumped out of the river and snapped at Kate and her daughter!

Due to how sudden it was, the crocodile managed to snatch her daughter out and into the river!!

Kate started crying, “What do I do? How do I save my daughter?!”

I calmed her down, reminding her that this is all in the mind and not her actual daughter in danger

As she calmed down, she realized that the strawberry shortcake girl was prefectly fine in the river with the crocodile too

The crocodile was looking at Kate angrily, with the strawberry shortcake girl behind it…

As if… it was protecting her?

Suddenly, the crocodile spoke

“Get away from my daughter!”

Kate was confused and stunned

Presentation Lee McKing and shocked

Before realizing the crocodile was her husband!!

“McKing, why is my husband a crocodile in my mind? Is it because he is sly and cunning?”, Kate jokingly asked

I didn’t know what to reply since I don’t know the husband at all, and also, sometimes the symbols that appear are random, sometimes there is a meaning to it

Whichever the case, what’s most important is to figure out what to do next to assist her in resolving the issues in her mind

Guiding her in the conversation with her husband the crocodile, it seems that her husband is jealous of the interaction she has with her daughter

The crocodile started crying…

In a sense, he is driven by his love of their daughter

Similarly, she love her daughter too

In the end, they managed to reconcile their differences, releasing a portion of her anger through a forgiving of each other for their mistakes

Suddenly, a shadow flew above them

Kate looked up and saw an eagle

“McKing, I think this eagle is my mother in law!”

“What makes you say that?”

“Because the eagle is fat, like my mother in law!”

“Don’t… jump to conclusions and assume so fast… ask the eagle ‘who or what do you represent?'”

“McKing, it is really my mother in law, the head of the eagle change to my mother in law”

So it appears that there is some tension between Kate and her mother in law as well

And something interesting happened

As I adjusted and tweaked my instructions for her hypnosis

The entire scene changed!

Kate was no longer in the forest with the strawberry shortcake girl, the crocodile, or the eagle with the head of her mother in law

real path through the unconscious mind

She was now in open grassland

But she was running away from something!

Or someone!

She turned around and saw an older man brandishing a sword attempting to slash at her!!

The man looked Korean although the sword looked like a Japanese samurai sword!

She knew some martial arts too and she attempted to defend herself, but the older man was better overall so she could only deflect before running away again

Kate also noticed some nearby buildings that look like traditional or ancient Japan or Korea

However, because of all the frantic running, it was hard for me to guide and assist her

So I told her to pause… and everything stopped in place

Then I asked her to centre herself and understand what is going on

Kate realized that her name was Nari and this older man was her father in ancient Korea, and she disobeyed him by marrying a guy he disapproved

Worse, she had a child with this guy

Her Korean father was so angry, that he wanted to take his hwando to kill the child!

I shall pause the story here to share a bit more about what’s happening so you can understand better

You see, right now Kate was in her past life as a Korean lady living in ancient Korea

And her past life’s father was angry at her for disobeying him and marrying someone he disapproved

However, it seems like her past life’s father reincarnated into her current mother in law!!

Hence the anger and tension between them!

It’s crazy I know

So how do we resolve such anger issues that trancends life?

We resolve it at its root – in this case, in this particular past life

I guided Kate to chat with her Korean father, to understand where he is coming from

Presentation a loving family

Long story short, the importance was on family and love

And from there, he started to let go of the anger and dropped his hwando, went to embrace his daughter, his son in law and his grandson, with tears in his eyes

Such a touching ending~

Once that was resolved, I brought her back to this life

That wasn’t all we did too

You see, I felt that forgiveness will be a good way for her to release any remaining anger

Whether it is to herself or to other people in her life

True enough, a blue chipmunk appeared!

The blue chipmunk was seen attempting to go through a closed door by banging its head on it until the door fell on it, then it repeats itself

Kate started crying because she realized this blue chipmunk is her brother!

Her brother is very stubborn and insist to do things his way, even though he know his way is either wrong or that it won’t work

He refused to find another way to handle things

Just like in this scene right now

Her brother will rather bang his head on the door and risk getting hurt, then to realize how to open the door properly

Kate had a chat with her brother and they resolved their differences, and the door slid open!

Something else appeared and it was a red monkey!

This time, she knew it was her sister in law, because of how her sister in law was temperamental and childish, just like what this red monkey was doing now!!

However, she wasn’t ready to forgive her sister in law because of something she did recently, and also cause they seldom meet these days so it doesn’t feel like it’s time yet

After we finished up the process, I brought her out of hypnosis

Naturally she asked again

“Why is everyone in my mind an animal?”

Because everyone have different perspectives, beliefs, mindsets

And even different possible interpretations of the same symbol

Or even the same thing being represented as different things in different people

And this creates a unique experience for each of my clients

As well as their methods for finding the solutions to resolve the issues within

So it doesn’t mean something is wrong or weird

That’s the unconscious mind for you!

Although if you are interested, here’s a story of someone who ended up in an alien past life!

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